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  1. Most people I interact with on social media are posting about their social isolation and coping fairly well. I understand that some people don't think this is a big deal. But when you have to get permission from your government to leave the house.... it's mind blowing. And really, it ought to bother people that the government is asking people to turn each other in.
  2. Personally, I think encouraging people to turn each other in for being in groups is every bit as scary as this pandemic.
  3. We were pretty desperate to get out yesterday so we drove 45 minutes to go play in a river. All public access areas were closed. We were 20 minutes outside city limits. I was kinda pissed, TBH.
  4. Just ordered some frisbees for my son who is teaching his puppy to catch them. They arrived quickly.
  5. I am paying my kids inflated wages to do deep cleaning chores around the house. 😄
  6. My otherwise healthy brother was hospitalized for 3 days with pneumonia. His first COVID test from 10 days ago is not back. I think they either lost it or lied about testing him. The hospital did another one 3 days ago but we have not heard results. The strangest thing to me is that they are saying it is not COVID based on his xrays. Two different doctors in 2 different hospitals who looked at them said COVID pneumonia presents differently than regular pneumonia. I haven't seen that anywhere online though. I am seriously questioning the numbers that being published about our state though.
  7. I don't know. But I made a grocery store run yesterday and was a little freaked out to see that life was going on a normal. I think maybe I expected zombies or something.
  8. I do sympathize with the working moms who are now working from home who are expected to simultaneously teach their kids with the extra time they don't really have. It would be a difficult transition especially when it's not something you wanted to ever do.
  9. I have offered some unsolicited advice. A friend of mine was lamenting over the packets sent home for her kindergartner and the tears that ensued. I told her school at home shouldn't suck and to ditch the packets and just read and play. I would not neccesarily suggest the same thing for upper elementary kids and beyond, but that would definitely be my plan for kindergarteners who hate packets.
  11. Being asymptomatic happens more often than you think. I have read that some 90-95% of people with the polio virus had no symptoms. Something like 20-30% of kids with mumps have no symptoms. And up to 70% of children with Hepatitis A are asymptomatic. It doesn't surprise me at at all that they would say kids aren't getting COVID at the same rate adults are but I would assume they are, they are just handling it so well they don't have symptoms. That is problematic though because that means that can be spreading it unknowingly.
  12. I don't know why you assume that someone who who has concerns about school lunch programs doesn't also have issues with corporate welfare. I think if we're gonna feed the poor kids at school (which seems to be a large percentage in a lot of schools) let's just feed all the kids. Let's make it part of the regular school system budget that everyone is served a free hot lunch at school unless you prefer your homemade lunch. And make it a good lunch, dang it. I think I would prefer that over these programs where kids who don't actually "need" the snacks and meals are practically begged to participate so that their schools continue to get special funding. It concerns me that when parents can't or won't do something for their kids, the solution is for the government to take over the responsibility and do it for them. We should be doing something to lift the whole family and help the parents to become more self-sufficient. I will admit that I don't know what that is or how that would look though on a community wide scale. But I worry about encouraging a sense of dependence upon the government.
  13. I feel the same way you do. And it's all made worse when I feel like the government does a poor and inefficient job at solving it. When DH was teaching in an inner-city school they wanted him to encourage all kids to take food items during snack time, even if they didn't eat them, so that the school could get their funding. What kind of message does that send to kids when we tell them to take it and just throw it away?
  14. Wait, what? I must be doing #1 wrong because I definitely need TP. And if you're implying we should airdry..... ain't nobody got time for that.
  15. He is getting admitted to the hospital after all. Chest xray shows he has pneumonia. But the doctor says the covid19 pneumonia displays differently than what his xrays show so it's probably not. He does not have asthma. I think he may take something for HBP but otherwise he is healthy. It seems like his family got more than their fair share of respiratory illnesses this winter though. They have been sick a lot.
  16. My brother was tested for COVID last Tuesday I believe. He has still not heard results. He did go to the ER tonight because he can't breathe. He doesn't think he will be admitted. But according to the news our state has only tested about 500 people. Only 87 tests are still pending. Is it normal for the test to take nearly a week for results? To me it sounds like state numbers are only low because they haven't tested enough people.
  17. DH is in he National Guard and he says they are on stand-by orders, but it sounds like they will assisting with more logistical things. For example, our food banks used to have 200 volunteers per day. Now no one is coming out. Someone needs to be helping with that.
  18. My brother thinks he may have it, and because of his line of work (a lot of public exposure) he convinced the dr to test him. He is awaiting results. I saw him about 5 days ago so this is me right now.
  19. That Bill Gates, who has been warning of a pandemic eerily similar to exactly this, is somehow involved.
  20. My dad has been talking about wanting to die ever since my mom passed away several years ago. The only thing that brings him any joy anymore is his kids and grandkids. If everyone stopped visiting for fear of getting him sick, he would be absolutely miserable. Obviously anyone will symptoms will stay away, but so far there are no plans to isolate my dad. That being said, we are putting off any non-essential doctor visits because he's more likely to catch something awful in a waiting room than anywhere else. Otherwise, he doesn't leave the house anyway.
  21. And they sometimes can be the trigger for autoimmune diseases.
  22. I don't think I could give an exact number.... but I am surprised at the number of people saying "all of them." Not all vaccines are created equal. Their ingredients differ. Some have higher incidence of adverse reaction. Some of them are for diseases that relatively mild. Some are more effective than others. Some last for many years. Some lose effectiveness rather quickly. Some people are more likely to experience adverse reactions than others, which sometimes results in permanent injury or death. Nothing in medicine is "one size fits all" except supposedly the CDC's current recommended vaccine schedule. There is no way I'd give blanket approval to each and every vaccine that is or will some day be on the market. Research *each* vaccine. Look at your own personal and family medical history when making decisions. Don't buy into this idea that all vaccines are always worth the risk. Sometimes they aren't.
  23. I think it's funny. I also think this applies to introverts! You won't see me complaining about the cancelling of social gatherings!
  24. I mentioned it before, but the pertussis vaccine does not stop the spread of pertussis. It only keeps the vaccinated individual from having any symptoms, should they come in contact with the pertussis bacteria. Sick people usually know enough to stay away from babies. People who are asymptomatic don't.
  25. Just make sure any audible gasps or "OMGs" have to do with the tEa and not the storyline.
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