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  1. There have been attempts to create a coronavirus vaccine in the past and it caused immune enhancement -- meaning a small percentage of people who were vaccinated got really sick when exposed to the actual virus. There is not a successful coronavirus vaccine on the market. So even if they use elements from other successful vaccines, a lot of this is new. Which is why it really concerns me that it is being fast-tracked and they are skipping animal trials. Even more concerning is the fact that vaccine manufacturers have already been freed from liability should their fast-tracked vaccines turn out to be problematic and cause injury or death to some people. I understand why the government has done this given this worldwide pandemic-- they want a vaccine available and they want it fast -- but I fear it will not compel vaccine manufacturers to make the safest product possible.
  2. I have fat babies that get fat really fast. My last baby transitioned to size 4 at 7 months, and he'll probably stay in size 4 until he potty trains. 😄 I would definitely go for the bigger sizes! At least size 3 and up.
  3. I think it needs to be clarified that these are not deaths due to COVID, but deaths due to the response that governments had to COVID.
  4. I totally understand why you're annoyed by it, given the circumstances. I also think there's a good chance she'd be shocked to find out you were upset. I am with you on people not cleaning up after themselves. We get a fair amount of foot traffic in front of our house, a lot of it being from school kids. We are halfway between a school and a convenience store and a surprising number of people just drop their trash.
  5. Like I said, our trash collection is different. I don't think anyone is pulling bags out of a bottom of a can, ever. It's dumped by a truck and they are really good about getting everything out.
  6. Which is why I am curious about the people in my own neighborhood where no one has to dig bags out of the garbage, they are dumped with a truck and most people keep their bins outside, not in a garage. It seems most people who are bothered by it have different trash services.
  7. I'm seriously tempted to take a poll on our neighborhood facebook page because the number of people annoyed by this astounds me.
  8. For those of you who feel this is an unpardonable sin, how would you feel if you had been outside and the offender asked if if was okay if they used your trash? Would you tell them no?
  9. I know you're not asking me... but we occasionally find dead birds or dead rats that need to be disposed of. Occasionally a chicken dies. It's always a blessing when an untimely death happens right before trash day, but there is no way I'd be putting any of the aforementioned things in the freezer to wait. And we also have poopy diapers and our dog poop from 2 dogs. You never ever breathe in while opening the garbage lid.
  10. From my perspective, I'm honestly happy to lend my garbage can so they don't have to keep carrying it. But I also realize my perspective is different because our garbage cans are dumped by trucks. It just doesn't seem like anything to get worked up over.
  11. So, I am really bad at walking my dog. I'd rather get his energy out with fetch. It's only happened a few times and I live in a neighborhood with lot of houses so I never used the same can twice. Though twice I have forgotten to bring bags (maybe before realizing he pooped on walks) and went back to pick it up. So I'm not actually trying to be the neighborhood menace with my dog poop.
  12. How often do people put dog crap in your garbage? Is this a regular thing?
  13. I suppose in that instance, yes. But I am confused about why you have to fish it out at all? The garbage guy won't? What the policy on the kinds of things that can go in the can? Does it all have to be in large bags?
  14. I know. My own dogs' walks seem to trigger their bowels. I am guilty of bagging it and putting it in the next convenient garbage can. The thought of carrying it around for another mile is kinda gross. Our city waste management is different than the OP, and the cans are dumped by trucks. But it never occurred to me that anyone would be bothered by it. It certainly would not even cross my mind to be upset if I saw someone use my can for that reason.
  15. If the garbage collector has to pull the bags out by hand, I suppose that's gross. But in my unpopular opinion, I would be happy to let a person use my garbage can so they don't have to carry a steaming bag of sh!t around for the duration of their walk.
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