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  1. I just found out Middlebury has an online program. They are supposed to be the best. I plan to use them in the future.
  2. Page 519, 11-11 Chapter review and test. #9. Does anyone have a solution to this problem? I have the book, no solution manual. It was not a problem until now. I don't need the written out solution (yet), I would just like the answer to compare. Thanks! (if you happen to have the solution handy though...it would be nice).
  3. The Matthew Effect is dumb. 3rd-5th grade seems to be a turning point where kids change in how they think. But this change can often cause a student who was not doing well to turn around and do well due to a different way of thinking and learning. I would never ever make a decision on a child's future based on 3rd grade.
  4. I may have typed the name of one of those wrong. But I would love to hear what virtual classes their children have tried, and reviews, descriptions, and opinions. Feel free to PM me if you have an opinion or info you do not wish to share publicly. Thank you! Also, if anyone has Landry Generic semesters for sale, I might be interested.
  5. I already Googled and read tons and tons of posts here. In the end, I came down to Jurgenson, Chalkerian, or Serra. I decided on Serra because Sue in St Pete used it and her views and goals on math closely fit mine. I found the book at the home school book store and purchased it already. I like it. I asked my husband and oldest what they thought of it and both thought it was too lacking in proofs, specifically 2 column proofs. Now I have read what a lot of people have posted with regards to the actual value of two column proofs and the long term need for it and I am kind of thinking they are not really that important. Great if you have time and desire, but your program won't really be lacking without it. We intend to do formal logic also, not in the geometry but on the side as a different subject. Here is another issue. My son has ASD. He also has a high-ish IQ (it is measured every time they redo his ASD testing which is every 3 years). It measured over 140 last time. However, he has a low frustration level. If he doesn't get something on his own, he shuts down. He hates being explained to and he does not like videos of classes. He LOVES Foerster's Algebra and has completed it mostly on his own, with me helping on occasion, and earned 100's usually, or close to. He does not like Jacob's Algebra at all. We own both. I am great at math and have no trouble explaining things to him, but will have 5 kids at home next year so time is limited, especially since the youngers are kindergarten and below. And the K'er is a little bit cognitively delayed at this point in time. I showed him sample video from Math without Borders and he said no, he does not want any videos. He really hated TT. He says he wants a textbook. He likes Serra's book. He will be in 8th grade next year. He has not seen any other books to compare. Should I just order the Jurgenson book to show him? I also thought it might be worth adding BJU Geometry to the list as Cathy Duffy's review makes it sound like it could be a middle ground? It is important whatever he uses can be done independently without a video or a parent micromanaging. Also, he plans to major in computer science in college. I am sure he will. He already does things like Java and C# and python. And he loves Latin and is studying it completely independent from First Form Latin (was doing Cambridge and liked that also). I hope I have painted an accurate thorough picture of what we need. My skills are up to par to teach geometry on my own, no trouble there. I have done it before with my olders. Just because of time and his preference, I need a book that is inclusive enough he can do on his own. As in, doesn't require extensive teaching involvement. But, he is good at math and I don't want to short change him. I actually do like this Discovering Math book. Oh, and on my husband, he wants me to do whatever I want. He only gave his opinion because I asked. Thanks!
  6. Yes..but then she went to a different room..and got in to fights with her roommate and some of the other girls on the floor. She left willingly, but they told her she could not come back until she got mental health help. I do not tend to post every single detail. Just what is pertinent to the actual question at hand. I already have posted too much and the more I post, the more people who have something against people with bipolar disorder tend to give me a hard time about it.
  7. The college rep did not give a description. It is UTDallas. We toured in her senior year. She was offered this same scholarship last year and turned it down. She re-applied this year before everything went downhill. http://www.utdallas.edu/housing/uc/
  8. Just because she has mental health issues does not mean she could not do well academically. She had high SAT scores. Her meltdown happened after she left for college and discontinued her medications. When she lived with us and was under 18, she had a very stable environment where we largely controlled a lot. Like, she went to bed at night, took her meds, had music lessons and exercise type classes and tutoring, and whatever else. I did volunteer work at school and was always there to encourage her, gauge her mood, help her. She also had a social group thing to help her with social skills when in high school. Then she went off to college and everything went downhill. Mental health issues do not keep people from getting in to college. It is not a tier one university. She had good SAT scores and PSAT.
  9. All the rooms at this university are suite style. So she would have her own room. There are three rooms, connected to a living area and bathroom. They called to follow up to make sure she got their letter. They asked to speak to her first and then asked if I were the parent. I said yes. I am not telling anyone she is out for mental health reasons. That is hers to share if she decides to. We did not receive the letter. But when she first took off, she forwarded all her mail to my birth parents. My birth parents are not good people. She left them recently. So, the letter likely went there. They would not bother to pass it on. They were just toying with her. As far as the adoptive grandparents go..there is just the adoptive grandma (grandpa had a stroke). And adoptive grandma has set her up for these things. But she also, I don't think understands things. Like, we told her daughter needed to see this type of person..and that type. We showed her records. But it was clear grandma had not even heard of bipolar disorder before. And grandma never went to college herself. She seemed confused, but also eager to get daughter help. This is really our best hope right now.
  10. My concern has been if she were contacted right now, that in her state of mind (just starting treatment) it will not go well. She has until May 1, so maybe I should wait a few weeks. But then again, maybe knowing she got it back will encourage her. But maybe it will make things worse. I think I will hold off.
  11. Daughter moved on from the bad birth grandparents and now is with the adoptive grandparents. This is a good thing. Just today, she started with a new psychologist and she already started with a new counselor. I am hopeful. She is still not in communication with us. I am really hoping and praying for improvement before she takes off on them. We got a call from the local state university that she got the full tuition and fees plus stipend back for the fall. This would be the best thing for her. She would have access to continue care she is getting now. She would also have a single room in the dorm (she really cannot live with anyone). You get the idea? Fall is still 6 months off so she can get on track in that time, enough to start college. I am afraid if I communicate this to her now, since she is only just now starting back in to possible treatment, that because of the nature of her issues, she might fly off the handle and say or do something with regards to the college that will make her lose it. On the other hand, I am afraid if I wait too long, she won't make all the arrangements and paperwork she needs to do accept the scholarship and such. This is such a tricky situation! She is still not doing that well, but she seems to have been coming off manic phase and is starting to fall in to a depressive phase. She is still having issues, but has gotten more control over herself. She is not living with us (and will not return, we decided that) and her grandparent has been making the arrangements for mental health. We have stayed on the outside of things because, it is hard to explain, but basically, we were the targets of this last meltdown and we felt it was best if we took a step back so she could focus on herself and her life instead of us. But her grandparent knows very little about anything college related and I am not even positive the grandparent grasps the severity of daughter's issues. We are just doing the best we can. She seems to have her in with all the right people, so I am hoping that those "right people" will do right by her now. Would you call the grandparent and tell them? Would you call the new counselor and tell them? What would you do now? I know that there is nothing that says she should be heading off to college this fall. I just hate to see this bridge burned when by fall, she might be ready. Also..I do not buy in to the idea that no one with mental illness should ever go to any sort of college, ever, so, if that is all you have to say in an answer, save your typing.
  12. It would be illegal to take tax education dollars and use it to make a massive, close-to-NFL level football team. Tax dollars can only be used for education. If there are sports paid for by tax payers, they will be everyone gets to play stuff, for educational and health purposes. Not to inflate the egos.
  13. Early grades would be hands on, go at your own pace, no standardized tests.
  14. I has never cried during this before. My husband has. Then yesterday, I did. I was so embarrassed. It was just this one song. I don't really cry in movies either. Any cry at shows? Symphony, ballet, movies, etc?
  15. You do not notice my positive posts. You did not notice my thousands of posts in the year prior to my first negative post. And you only notice what you perceive to be negatives posts. But then you think I need counseling based on being 9 months pregnant and possessive of my food and ticked about it? Why would you not notice people's positive posts? Why do you only focus on the negative? Why can't you see the good and the bad in someone?
  16. I think I will go with that! I will say, I do not even like the Quinoa and Kale, but...I am desperate and couldn't put it down! It did not even taste that good and I kept right on eating it! My tastes are getting rather irrational lately.
  17. I should describe this in better details. So there I was...so huge with baby. I knew I could not have chocolate of any sort, unless I bought extra. So Sunday, I got the kids pizza, and chocolate Easter Bunnies, and 3 bags of Cadbury Mini-eggs. The deal was, ONE bag was mine, the other two could be split between the 4 children. However, this was foiled right away. I sat the bunnies out for each to pick one. I opened one for littlest one and 10 yr old got one. I called for other two. But before they could show, littlest one opened all the rest of the bunnies and played with them like dolls. :crying: Oh well, we still had 2 bags for the children to split and one for me to hide. I hid my bag in oldest son's bed as his room is right inside the door and I did not want to get caught. I gave one bag to the children. They split it according to color. Pink to littlest one, blue to 5 yr old, and so on. Fine. Going to the store was not a big deal to get a special meal for 10 yr old. We had to go anyway. The point of that is, he is such a complainer about food, and it bothers me that even when he is getting exactly what he wants, he still finds something to complain about. However, on the way out the door to the grocery, husband sits on the bed, playing on his phone, waiting for something. I walk in and ask what is he doing. The room has French Doors which is why the bed was right there. And sitting on the bed, right next to husband, were two small children, divvying up the eggs. They had gotten in to my secret stash! And my husband was so busy on his phone that he didn't notice. They were little touching my husband they were so close. My husband got the bag and stuck it in the drawer when no one was looking and headed to the store. He gets back, we start dinner. And 10 yr old starts talking about wanting chocolate. I tell him, no, you are getting exactly what you want for dinner, now please stop talking about it, you will set off your little siblings. But he is hopping around the kitchen, giggling about it and saying he just wants chocolate. He thinks he is being funny and he gets goofy like this and pesters after being told to stop. As this is going on, I am searching for a check book. I open the drawer where the chocolates are, and despite having been told just two minutes earlier..NO chocolate..he acts all excited and says "oh! chocolate!" and grabs for it. Which leads to littlest one running in to the room wanting it. I had to stop everything I was doing to grab the partially eaten bag out (because the littles had been eating them earlier) and run them upstairs and hide them. So realize, in the course of 24 hrs, he already had a chocolate Easter Bunny, and split 2 bags of the mini eggs with his little siblings. He was told that last bag was mine. He thought he was so funny grabbing at it like that. But I am starting to get really ticked over my food. I can never just bring home a little snack and let each person have one. The 10 yr old will come out and search all cupboards and drawers and talk openly about it despite my telling him not to, he is setting off the littles. I AM irritated he found my secret stash. But I really thought that by telling him NO, and giving him his own before that would taper this. To top it off, After I got littles girl calmed down over it, I went to get my Quinoa and Kale dip that I had gotten for myself. He had his tortillini. All I had was Quinoa and Kale dip. Apparently, he thought the chips that came with the dip were good so he ate them. I had to eat the dip straight with a spoon. Maybe I am getting possessive about the food. But this child gets in to everything. He thinks he is funny and will be giggling. And I have nothing safe in the house. I feel like I should make no more meals of his choosing since he is going to steal whatever I have for me. He gets to pick the meal about two times a week. Probably more on a regular basis. If something is being served for dinner that I can't eat or won't eat, all because it is for him, the least he can do is let me have my food. I know..I am whining. I am just so hungry right now and food is starting to become a big issue. So much makes me feel icky and I feel like when something is fine, he is right in there taking it or something. And I should be able to have 3 mini-eggs in a sitting without feeling obligated to give him 3 bags to compensate. I guess it is this feeling that no matter what I give him, he wants more more more more and does not seem to get that I matter too.
  18. You have had a lot going on lately!!! (((hugs))) It sounds like things are going to start getting better now though.
  19. I generally cannot have any snacks or treats at all because as soon as the children see it, they want it, and they want it all, and they want it NOW. I think that is normal for the small children. But the 10 yr old? Tonight, 10 yr old wanted Tortellini for dinner. Fine. Husband goes to store and buys it. WHILE it is cooking, I am looking for the check book. 10 yr old sees hidden Cadbury Minieggs in the drawer where I am looking for the check book. So right away, he gets excited and starts grabbing at it. He has NO special needs. But of course, because he did this, his little sister saw. Now she is sitting on the floor crying for the candy. I am ticked that he did this! He is getting the dinner he wants. And while it was cooking, he did this. Maybe I am overreacting. But I am tired of this. He is such a picky eater that most nights, we deal with his complaints about what we are cooking. Then, while cooking a meal he wanted that I hated, he has to grab at this bag, which led to his little sister seeing it. Would you give a grounding or consequence for this? Or would you call it normal behavior? Or what?
  20. Quinoa and Kale dip. I cannot put it down!! But..it is not like it tastes super good!
  21. Have you considered stained concrete? I have seen that and it looks nice. Google the term stained concrete floors. I was going to post a link to show you, but when I googled it, there were lots of nice pictures so just google it to see it. I have hardwood floors that I love. But I do worry about having all these children running through there and water and everything else.
  22. I have settled well in to being pregnant. As miserable as it can be physically...I no longer cook or anything else really. It has been relaxing! I am afraid to give birth! I will have to clean something again then. I won't be able to sit back and say "wow, I wish I could have a roast for dinner, because, you know, the BABY wants roast and I am pregnant and all so I can't cook....." Yeah...I think I am on my last days of that and it will never happen again.
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