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  1. My last baby was a home birth and I wish I had done it with the others. It was so peaceful and amazing! The other ladies have given you alot of great advice, I just wanted to say you will love having your baby at home!
  2. Math: BJU 5 Science: BJU 5 English: BJU 5 Spelling: SWR Writing: BJU & TOG History: TOG year 1 redesign Latin: LC II Greek: Elementary Greek I Logic: Mind Benders Art: Atelier Music: Music Ace
  3. Math: BJU 3 Science: somethign simple-either CGC, Abeka or just library books English: Rod & Staff 3 probably mostly orally Spelling/reading: SWR ( we spend a lot of time with this) Penmanship: HWT & Copywork ETC 2 & 3 History: TOG year 1 redesign Art: Atelier Music: Music Ace
  4. I just looked at the sample pages and it does look good. More to decide on LOL
  5. I looked at this site and I am unsure what is needed for the program. Would the program consist of all these? the Phonemic Awareness, little books, fluencey builders, and decorders ? Thanks!
  6. Kelli, We had some kind of problem when we first tired it. There was a # to call if you are having trouble and they had to release something?? in order for it to work on our system. I have no idea LOL, but it worked instantly after I called.
  7. Thanks for the nice reviews! I have a friend who has this so maybe I will borrow it to see if it would be a good fit for us. It would be nice to save some $ from what TOG is looking to cost us.
  8. Thanks! I am planing on TOG, but am looking at cheaper options too.
  9. Does each volume have literature suggestions? Is there a list online ( like TOG has)? Any must have spines? Is this able to be used by multi-ages like TOG? I'd love to hear a review of this program. Thanks!
  10. Over 19 years so far, but my youngest is almost 3 and should train soon.
  11. The first year is the hardest and it's hard to get back on track after a baby. I would drop any non-core subjects for the rest of the year and jus concentrate on readng, writing, english and math.
  12. I was blessed today with being able to borrow this program, but it looks like it is meant for kids who are reading some? My son is 8 and is probably at a K-1st grade reading level. He can sound out words such as other, school, obey, school etc, but is having trouble when those words are used in a sentence. I am looking into having him tested for a LD, but would like to see if this program would work if I could. If you have experience with this program I'd love to hear your thoughts. Thanks!
  13. Thanks for looking! I'd love to read some reviews of it. I can't remember exactly why some said they didn't like it, but I think it is going to be a good switch for us.
  14. My older teens and DH all play. I haven't found anything that's off. My one complaint is they want to be on their computer 24/7 :D
  15. BJU Pre-Alg BJU Space and Earth Science BJU Grammar & Writing 8 Apples II Spelling TOG Year 1 redesign & Writing Aids Latina Christiana II Elementary Greek I The Thinking Tolbox Piano Theater CAP
  16. Oh, wow! I'd love to have them! I am not sure how to email you LOL. Mine is Quiver0f10@yahoo.com Thank you! Edited: I sent you pm
  17. My 11th grader has completed TT Alg 1 and will finish TT Alg 2 and Geometry this year. I was planning on TT Pre-calc next year, but we are using homesat so I thought of just using BJU with him. I know I have heard mixed reviews of BJU's pre-calc, but I was still curious how the transiition would be from TT to BJU? I think BJU is more rigorous, so would it be too much of a leap? Thanks
  18. I want to roast some garlic but have no idea how to do it. Could someone be kind enough to explain the process to me. Thanks!
  19. I am making ministrone and rolls for lunch tomorrow, but I have no idea for tonight. Maybe chicken strips and mashed for them.
  20. This is my son to a "T"! I am really looking forward to his eval and what we learn. Now, I wish I hadn't waited so long though. I kept thinking that soon it would click, just a little more time etc. *sigh*
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