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  1. Hi. They expect me to actually do stuff here to get paid so I am busy with all that. Humph.
  2. Yes;yes;yes;no;no. I would assume that this flows from the relationship. If you have a good relationship and are very shary and open, you'll probably hear about it. If not, well, you got invited to the wedding so enjoy it. I am not of the mind that parents own their adult kids' lives. Being a part of that is a blessing, not a right.
  3. Well yeah, that's totally the hard part. I taught for a couple years. Not my calling. It is hard to direct other people. I don't like it. It takes a ton of effort. On the other hand, conform millions of rows of data and find relationships? That's a day at Disneyland for me. The point is that "hard" depends in natural talent, habit and practice; when someone says homeschooling would be ahrd for them, believe them. It probably would be.
  4. They have been steadily decreasing as the population ages. We expected a slight uptick with Millennials but this is not an up and down thing. The data shows a long term downward trend nearly everywhere in the west. Unless you are over 60 (the Baby Boom hit adolescence about 50 years ago, 1965) it is really unlikely that you would be seeing crime higher now. If you are over 60, rest assured that demographics are on the side of decreasing crime in the west.
  5. Why would this statistic be different for college kids? Is there any evidence that they are more likely to be raped or killed by strangers?
  6. Mine did. Never hesitate. Follow your gut and call if you feel uneasy. They would rather prevent violence than follow up on it. The campus may also have a self defense course she can take with her coursework. If she can't do that it's worth enrolling in one elsewhere. This has always been a risk for women. I think the sooner girls learn to trust their instincts and fight, the better.
  7. That's interesting. Here they are two distinct things...icing is harder because it has more sugar. Do you have a term for the decoration stuff that describes more sugary, glazy decor on a cake or is that just different icing? Can you have buttercream icing?
  8. It would be incredibly difficult for me to homeschool my kids because of temperamental differences on top of parent-child dynamics. I think for many people homeschool is very hard work. Though I am happy for you that it is your vocation. That is a blessing.
  9. I have never heard anyone with educated children suggest that homeschooling could be done in a fraction of the time you can do public school. The kid spends less time in transition but the parent will ALWAYS spend more because of prep time. I think the rule is 2:1 prep to instruction right? I would tell people to plan for that. So for a kindergartener with 30 minutes of reading and 30 minutes of math,. You have two hours of prep (choosing books, understanding literacy, creating the environment, learning to cope with opposition). You're already exceeding 95% of public school time expectations.
  10. I do not think the homeschool community is responsible for lazy people any more than public school is responsible. When you get a critical mass of anything, you attract hangers on who are looking for shortcuts. Our society in general promotes laziness not because of social programs (many countries with social programs are only able to do so because of the strong culture of self reliance), and not because we encourage people to try. I think our commitment to rights based language gets us into a lot of conversations about what we think we should get. We need a bill of duties. But Americans reject that. A duty to speak respectfully? OMG orwellian political correctness. A duty to pay taxes even though I don't like the schools superintendent? Someone shoot me, I'm no longer free. A duty to vote? A duty to speak up when you see violence? A duty to wear a seat belt? Educate your child? To learn to drive correctly to a high standard? Nope, people are too worried about being oppressed. Our culture is very selfish and lazy period, and it does make it hard to implement anything on a large scale (public, private or homeschool) because we don't have a structured way to deal with the children of the bottom 10% of any given category. Not talking about the extreme poor necessarily--we we're poor but that wasn't an excuse. I mean the folks you all are talking about. The 10% most lazy.
  11. I can't really get over the fact that these individuals are missing the fact that people like them, who want something for nothing, who want an easy out, are not just those who need public schools, but are the exact reason public schools do fail. In areas where you do have free, excellent education with self-guided learning opportunities and choice, it is because homeowners pay tons of property taxes AND they volunteer and donate to the schools. Lots. Like, an average of $200/kid in our area, on top of a couple hours a week per family with much more from some families. It is hard work to educate children!
  12. I was so glad I had USAA when our teen driver got into an accident. It was well worth every penny. Teen drivers are expensive to insure for a reason
  13. I had Farmer's and my complaint was that their billing system was archaic, so at one point even though (a) I was no longer a customer and (b) they had my credit card on file, they actually sent me to collections! It took months to resolve. Never had a problem with USAA. It is totally worth the extra $ in my opinion. Excellent customer service.
  14. I didn't think icing could be tall. I thought that only frosting could be tall. Icing is just a step up from glaze in my vocabulary. Also, I like frosting and icing in moderation, as it should be, maybe 1/10th of the total cupcake volume, no more. It is too sweet to eat more of.
  15. Misbehaving is one thing. Following rules in a pool is another. In this case I would speak to the mom directly and ask that she stop the behavior. Specifically, "your son is playing in a way that is dangerous. Please find a way to stop him from dunking the other children." If she continues to put him and the other kids in danger I would contact the pool administrator / manager. It more about chances for the mom and life guard in this case. A four year old cannot comprehend the consequences of these actions. It is a crowd management issue. I would expect to see many four year olds facing consequences through the day. I would not expect them to stop if they were not managed directly, immediately and formly by an authority followed up by the parent. The life guard needs to be empowered to do that by management, and if the mom doesn't respond the pool needs to kick them out. It is a liability to all her kids as well as the rest of the pool.
  16. Nicotine is a known medication for ADD and depression and it works great. It just doesn't have a patent to make it attractive to pharmaceuticals. Also it doesn't cure anything long term. The effects are temporary and highly addictive. More addictive than alcohol. Basically like most other treatments for ADD. I don't distinguish between drugs pharmaceuticals sell and those we buy at the grocery store personally. I don't do illegal drugs because The Law, but I'm not going to quit wine and coffee for the privilege of taking something a doctor gives me. That said, yeah, nicotine is ultra addictive and effective. I was able to quit because I wanted a baby. Still think about it.
  17. We are home from our vacation!!! We live in such a gorgeous area. It is a home sweet home booyah! ❤️
  18. Lavender reminds me of mosquito bites. I don't like the smell. And it is everywhere. Yay!!!
  19. Mine would never suspect the milk man. He knows I can't get up that early.
  20. This lady is clinically insane. What CHURCH says your family is too big? I mean who does that, period? It is something I could imagine a fancy country club saying to maybe a kid of a member, if that adult kid wasn't a member themselves and brought 8 kids to the annual catered picnic? Possibly? But not even then, really... Like it would still be unexpectedly obnoxious. And you only have three kids which, while greater than average, is well within the range of normal for a family around here. The low average is mainly due to people with no kids at all. We have four. And we are mixed race and blended. I need to take this lady on.
  21. I miss blogs. Subreddits just don't cut it. Blogrings need to come back. This blog needs to be right in between Cakewrecks and some kind of House hunters criticism blog.
  22. It was more like Ceaucescu's summer cottage if they knew Liberace was paying a visit. But earth tones, because Seattle.
  23. Okay, must Google it. I know one house that would have to be on there. It was a house that everyone looked at and said "Russians... Sigh." Like someone imported Russians from Perm in 1999 and gave them a $50,000 redecoration budget and a phone book and let them at it. But actually the travesty of decor occurred in approximately 2014 and they surely had access to the Internet so there was absolutely no excuse for decorating a mid-century rambler like Ceaucescu's summer cottage. Ugh. We have a severe housing shortage in this area and that thing stayed on the market for months.
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