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  1. A cup of hot tea is a good idea. Or broth, if that's more your speed. But it's pretty hot where I live. I'd rather brush my teeth when the urge hits. Nothing tastes good after you brush LOL. Pearly whites, great breath ... bonuses :D. My kids are older so our meal times are staggered. If we ate at the same time, I'd portion out a serving for myself. Then I'd put it aside and keep snacking - raw veggies, salad, soup, etc. If I got hungry later, I'd have a reasonable portion already set aside to eat. I'd probably be too lazy to go warm it up though. Voila, no mindless calories consumed ;).
  2. It sounds like plenty. And very delicious! What a lot for one person to take on. I agree with the more finger foods thing. Fruits, crackers/pretzels, mini muffins. If you're like me, all the reassurance in the world won't matter. But tomorrow it'll all work out as it's supposed to, as it usually does!
  3. All day long I've been trying to squash my inner frat boy. (he wants the carpet that matches the drapes.) :leaving:
  4. How about cabbage salad? A head of cabbage, shredded. A bunch of green onions, chopped. A few carrots, shredded. A package of chicken ramen noodles, uncooked and crushed. (Sprinkle the packet of seasoning atop the final mixture.) Toast 1/2-3/4 cups of almonds, slivered. Or buy toasted. Maybe also toast 1/4-1/2 cup of sesame seeds w/ the almonds. Or buy toasted. Mix it all together and there you go. You can top it with a standard vinaigrette. But the one most common for this recipe mixes oil, vinegar, sugar and pepper. I'd hold off on the dressing until arriving at the potluck. I can't link for some reason or I'd help you out there. If you google any of these, you'll find a version: Chinese cabbage salad, fumi salad, Asian coleslaw It's always a hit. But people always say that, don't they? :D When I'm pressed for time I use all pre-packaged ingredients - (including pre-shredded cabbage and green onions). And still it costs me under $10 for a sizeable bowl.
  5. I retired last year and moved a few blocks over. It was unrelated to retirement, I just wanted a different layout :D. I'm in my 30s and still have 20-30 years before "retirement age." I have no real plans for next month, much less decades from now. My goal is to remain an active participant in the daily life of my family. I'll do whatever, move wherever, I need to ensure I'm able to do so. I'm going to need a ride to Bingo, after all.
  6. I don't initiate hand-shaking with others. It wasn't common in the culture I grew up in. (You don't touch at all or you hug; there isn't an in-between!) But we do shake hands during Mass. And my boys did shake through cub and boy scouts. So opportunities presented themselves, to give and to receive. I didn't teach my kids, per se, but I did tweak their technique. And I stressed the importance of a firm handshake and eye contact. We shake the same hands at Mass so I had good and poor examples as illustration. My boys and girl all have strong handshakes. Weekly Mass = weekly practice LOL. They've gotten immediate feedback on their handshakes, which supports my stance. (They think I'm "antiquated" - that what I want them to learn is outdated and dumb.) (And maybe it is, but I don't care :D) I think it's a great, important skill to teach. It doesn't matter who is doing the teaching :)
  7. I think both names are lovely. Congratulations on your daughter! Three syllable names beginning with a vowel, and which aren't Elizabeth: Brooke Isabelle Brooke Emerson Brooke Olivia Brooke Analise Lila Evangeline has one too many syllables for you, but I love that combination!
  8. I'm not known for my Donna Reed -like parenting skills. I'm no Roseanne Barr, either, but I definitely fall somewhere between. Example 1: I can't blame the kid for being excited. I get the same way, still LOL. So I'd give him a few annoying requests before I shut him down. I have patience, until I don't. My kids know this by now, fortunately, which makes ALL of our lives much more pleasant. If I didn't need my phone, I'd let him check it at his leisure. I'd probably have to move it out of my immediate area so I didn't feel the need to deck him for checking every 90 seconds ... but I'd be fine putting it on a counter somewhere and letting him know he could check as often as he wanted to. BUT! My terms would be that I wouldn't want to know, hear, answer, or explain anything related to the skates until there was a message from the seller. And if I had to know, hear, answer or explain anything related to the sakes BEFORE there was a message from the seller I'd just go ahead and contact the seller to say we had changed our minds. If I did need my phone, I'd tell my son that even though my phone is smart enough to alert me when the seller returns contact ... I'm willing to indulge his excitement by agreeing to check the phone every 30 minutes. Not a second sooner, nor a minute later - seems fair to both sides. And I'd do just that. Because I used to be 8 and get excited about stuff like new skates. Or maybe because I'm in my mid-30s and envy that I no longer get excited about stuff like that. Example 2: If I knew it'd be about an hour I'd try to make a game of it. If I were doing chores, I'd answer "I don't know. Let's bet - do you think it'll be BEFORE I finish making dinner or AFTER?" and that would hopefully buy me a however long I drew out making dinner ;) and if Dad still wasn't home I'd say, "Okay. next bet - do you think it'll be BEFORE you set the table or AFTER?" and hope his being distracted would buy a bit more time as well. Or I might re-direct from the get-go. "I'm not sure, Honey. I bet you have time to / make a welcome home sign / or /get showered now so you can play chess with him after dinner / or / build a Lego creation to show him when he gets home / or / I vote 20 minutes, see what everyone else in the house guesses, write it all down, and we'll see who has the best guess" etc. If he can be redirected. Not all kids can! Or I might just say, "OH MY HEAVENS I SAID I DON'T KNOW! That hasn't changed in the past 45 seconds! And if I get any new information YOU'RE THE FIRST I WILL LET KNOW!!! I have an idea, why don't you count the seconds until he gets home. Ready-set-go" :tongue_smilie:or "Like I said, I have no idea. Here's a timer. Here's how you set it. You keep watching it and when daddy gets home, here's how you stop it. Sit here [walk him to the other side of the house LOL] and keep an eye on the timer so you can tell me what time he gets home!" Like you, I often give explanations. Like yours, my kids often needed more than that. So I tried to be pro-active in distracting them or giving them distracting tasks. It worked a good portion of the time. But sometimes, they're too excited. And sometimes, yelling is the only thing that will stun them enough to stop. (Or keep us from eating them like moms in the wild sometimes do!)
  9. I used to feel this was the case, too. Then about 16 years ago I tried to make the switch to a dSLR. I was an avid hobbyist photographer; learned from an uncle in the profession. No issue using the (standard) SLR. Had used one since turning 10. Yet I couldn't translate the skills from the standard to the digital camera. Both cameras used identical wording and required identical skills. Yet I've never been able to manually use a dSLR. I can only use it in auto mode, to point and shoot. But I prefer to manually control my shots. So I still use an old SLR 95% of the time I take pictures. I have no idea why I can do it on one camera, but not the other - despite no changing of words, skills needed, or formatting used. (In general I'm digitally challenged but this should've been easy for me.) Ten years ago I looked outdated and stupid. These days kids come up and "LOVE" my "vintage" cameras. I have garden variety Nikons from the 70s and 80s LOL. I'm an old dog who is highly motivated to learn THIS new trick. But can't seem to. :svengo: So I've conveniently changed my stance on this issue :D. Many times it's motivation, but sometimes it's not.
  10. Contessa, you had great posts. I liked them. I appreciated your attempts to understand the mindset. I'm in my mid-30s. I don't like change, it throws me off. But my husband's career, my career, parenthood and LIFE kept throwing it at me. And when I had to, I dove in and did what had to be done. I spent years as an army wife, then years as a divorced and single parent. I had a career with required travel up until my early retirement in 2013. My entire teens, 20s and first half of 30s were about juggling, adapting, learning, doing. However I felt about change was irrelevant. It was a necessary, real, BIG part of my life. But in the year since I've retired I've had to do none of that. Life is calm, easy, boring even. I feel complete control over 99% of my day to day. Maybe it's my perception only, maybe I really do have that much control. Who knows. Nothing to juggle - no work schedules, no young children to parent, no in-laws to ... sigh, manage ... And now the slightest change will throw me WAY off. I guess predictability, age and general limited-use of my brain all play a role. On top of general personality, I reckon. Since I've never liked change. I was paralyzed last month when my son switched our cable carriers. I just didn't watch anything until he taped up a chart of how to find "my" shows. And a flow chart telling me how to access the cable box, the dvd and the Apple tv boxes. I never update my IOS stuff on my phone. Half of my apps aren't even usable anymore because whatever IOS I'm on is so outdated. I can't figure out iTunes, despite motivation to. I struggle with digital things especially - calendars, banking, all of that is difficult for me. When starbucks changed it's app, I stopped using it. When grocery stores change their layout, I stop going. I go instead to my second-tier choices. It's been much worse since retirement. I am not going to have a pleasant old age. Or, at least the kid I'm living with won't LOL. Dementia runs in my family. I have seven aunties and uncles who have it. They range in age from 88 to 97.
  11. I don't hide things because I've found the most awesome product ever. It's at Container Store - the Fridge Locker. My links don't work, but search for it. They have a three digit lock. I have a few around the house. The living room one keeps remotes locked up (I get sick of hunting them down). The office one keeps e-toys locked up, including phones every night. The school one keeps my Prismacolors locked up. I don't like to share! And the one in my dressing area keeps the make-up and perfumes locked up. (My nine year old thinks she's the next blog/YouTube sensation :glare:.) Only one of my kids has tried to solve the combination. He's my carb-addict who wants to liberate the cookies from my pantry locker. And I have to laugh because when I saw him trying, I changed it to 000. Because either he started with it, or he'll end with it. I can't decide if his persistence is admirable or tragic. I did the same, except I used those metal rim tags. And instead of each person having his own, each ROOM has its own pair. The kitchen has two pair - one for me, one for those who don't mind sticky scissors. This has really helped the scissors from walking away and getting lost! I rarely find scissors in the wrong room, but when it DOES happen - I make everyone stop what they're doing until it's fixed. It's pretty annoying (for them, and highly entertaining for me). I don't care who's guilty, or why, I just like to be a butt. Because I can LOL.
  12. I'm having a yuck day, and this thread has helped lift the clouds. Even the ones I'm too dumb to understand, (and have to pretend laugh to because even the kids seem to get them.) :thumbup1: I hope this thread never dies. Again. My nephew's science teacher isn't overly fond of him. He talks a lot and comes off as a know-it all in her class. But he's been trying to simmer down and be less obnoxious. ("Passionate" is his euphemism of choice.) He passed her a note after class today, with this joke written on it. She came over to him at lunch, smiled, and said she LIKED the joke. So he thanks you, MiMi & Kiana (OP) - this thread, and joke, moved him down a spot on her Poo List. :D
  13. My girlfriend has done it for about a month. She is up to $38. She and her roommate do the bulk of their shopping at Walmart. I don't shop there enough to make it worth my while, so I gave her mine. I know she asked other friends for their receipts, too, if they weren't using them. I need one specific school item that is made just for Walmart. I hit up about 9 Walmarts in my somewhat-vicinity searching (in vain) for this one item. And wouldn't you know it, but I can't get out of there without buying a ton of junk LOL. Even though not a single one of those stores had the one item I was specifically there for! What IS it about that place and Target?! I had four receipts for her. Now I wonder how much of that $38 could have been mine .... :coolgleamA: but then I think of how much those "savings" will cost me in the long run ... best just let her have the receipts and I go back to not going into Walmart at all :lol:. Earlier this week I saw a Craigslist's ad asking for receipts.
  14. Behold. My super curse power is the ability to CONNECT THE DOTS. Just yesterday I connected these dots during my shower: ... 8" standing water around my shins ... giant hairball in shower drain REMOVE HAIRBALL = WATER DRAINS AGAIN! It wouldn't have been that bad, except the comments that followed. "Hey! The shower works again! I wonder what happened ..." <-- age 15 "Mom? I think there's something wrong in the shower." <-- age 9 (from shower) "NOOOOOO!!!!!" <-- age 17, wants warm water around his ankles On second thought, maybe my super power is the ability to stay sane.
  15. Graduation seems so far away to me. It's at least two years away, right? At 19? (My last sibling went in at 17 and graduated at 21. I think most go in at 18 and graduate at 22+ .) So I think it's a bit mean to put life on hold for that long. Especially on a what-if ... what if he never graduates? What if he does graduate and moves away? What if he stays and goes straight into a master's program? What if he changes his major and spends an extra year earning a bachelor's? So many what-ifs, especially at the 19 year old's age and stage. I think it's fair to make the home work best for those fully living there. And fair again to re-evaluate in a few years if that number changes. It's not necessary to hold a room hostage for an infrequent guest, who may or may not eventually move back in. And frankly, who may or may not be coming home for holidays and breaks much longer. He may start getting more settled with school "family," internships/jobs, etc. We all did around our sophomore/junior years. Seemed our friends did, too. I come from a big family. I always shared a room. There were so many of us, requests weren't an option LOL. And there were definitely more than two of us per room, with bigger age spans than your kids, OP :) (You do have quite a challenging age span!) It's life. Our options were to deal with it, or make other arrangements. We were never made to feel unwelcome at home, ... but we were also not given a "say" disproportionate to our "stay" IYKWIM. And I come from a very hierarchical culture Seniority matter, as did gender. And yet this was one area my parents didn't follow those lines. Maybe they feared a mutiny :D.
  16. I give priority to people who live there (more). I can understand the 19 year old being upset at you changing your mind, ... but I can better understand a 10 year old's upset at losing to a part-time live-in. If he's made good arguments for this case, agree to a 3 month trial. That gives the 10 year old through Thanksgiving ... and the 19 year old a shot at the longer Christmas break if the trial goes bust. Either way the 19 year old can have his wish honored, too - instead of sharing with the 13 year old, he shares with the 5 year old. The middle two get their own rooms, the bookend kids share one, when necessary. Seems reasonable to me! I have a dark bedroom, so I understand that concern. Buy a great lightbulb - the spectrum kind. It can go in a new-to-him desk lamp, or a floor lamp by his bed. Not perfect, but a fair solution to your reasonable concern.
  17. It's not you, and it sure ain't me! I think they make them so long now because "everyone" is wearing them with heels. Everyone except for me. And maybe you LOL. I'm petite so I definitely wear heels. Lots of heels. TALL heels. Just not with jeans. I like to slouch when I wear jeans :D. Plus I'm in denial that I'm shrinking. I invite you to join me and my blame of The Man. Because a conspiracy story is always better than side effects of aging!
  18. I can't think of a more awesome job. Unfortunately my taste runs counter ... well, IMO cultural ;) in the minds of others, to good taste. And I'm not good at putting my own fabulous taste aside for the questionable preferences of the Unenlightened. :lol: What I need is a school or office to hire me to buy SUPPLIES. It wouldn't even feel like WORK!
  19. :lol: eeww! The environment will never win that one! I know it's more politically correct, dare I say COOL, to be green. I'm none of the above. I'm just incredibly cheap. And free of any house-roaming pets. :D
  20. We have a family plot. It's where I expect to be buried. My kids and my ex-husband know this. Better yet, my siblings and their kids know this ;). (And will ensure I make it there.) My family has always been cremated. My only request is that I don't get placed next to one particular aunt. Didn't like her in life, don't anticipate that'll change in death. Don't really trust my siblings on that part, though. Gotta do my best to out live a few of them LOL. Everyone in my family has gone, and plans to go, in the family plot. Even those who have moved away, no matter how little or how far. But we place a strong emphasis on maintaining the family plot. Because of that, distance isn't the factor it might be if we were buried here. Different cultures, different expectations.
  21. The first church I attended in the States was St. Michael's. I'm convinced seeing it so often is the only reason I'm able to keep it straight! I write both, and immediately see which one isn't correct. But I don't intuitively know; I have to write/type both LOL. I still think it's weird that she gets called Michael though. Writing I can see, but unless someone is reading super fast or skimming ... the two names seem differentiated enough IMO to not be confused. But I guess there are plenty of obvious things that I miss, so who am I to talk? :thumbup1: LOL
  22. I don't use paper towels, I use hot water and a plastic scraper. If those don't work I have a few dedicated, thin wash cloths for oiling and drying. I use flax oil as a base for dressing, but I oil my cast iron with coconut. Probably because that's the oil I use when cooking in cast iron. I oil as-needed, not every time. Where needed, no set rules on that. Some dishes are more dry, like pancakes, so I re-oil after those. Some are fatty enough, like meats, so I don't have to re-oil after those. But after I re-oil, I leave the cast iron on the (low lit) stove or in a (low heat) oven. It helps keep the oil from getting gunky or sticky. Rarely it's not 100% dry after that, and I'll have to take my dedicated cloths to wipe dry. My cast iron is used pretty much every day. So it's "stored" on the stovetop or in the oven, for convenience. It cools there, and pretty much stays there.
  23. My good friend's daughter is named Michelle. I can't tell you the number of times I've heard her called: Michael, Melissa, Melinda, Rachelle, and even Mitchell. It's not like it's an uncommon or oddly-spelled name ...? So that argument, for me, wouldn't be a deal-breaker. My name comes from a foreign language and is difficult for many to pronounce. Ripley was the last name of the roommate my (now ex-) husband had while we were dating. It's a weird story how it came about to be my name, too :ph34r: ... but that aside, it's never been mispronounced in the decades I've been called it. I think it's a pretty name, Talitha. I did mispronounce it initially (which I recognized only after reading this entire thread). But now I know, and I won't make that mistake again so it's all good :D. It's not like Michelle has been spared the misfortune, you know? And strangely enough, finding stuff with her name on it has been difficult at times. My friend is finding more and more Mikayla and related spellings, in place of Michelle.
  24. My 9 year old arts and craft girl really likes Boys' Life LOL. She stalks the mailbox for it. None of my boy scouts have ever liked it. I've always just subscribed to it in their name, for my daughter :). She also REALLY likes Family Fun. I originally got her a subscription to Highlights. She likes it well enough, but prefers Boys' Life. Oddly, my teens all get excited when the new Highlights arrives. I can't figure these kids out. They also like Games, which is sometimes challenging for my 12 year old. My kids all like Consumer Reports, too. I'm not sure why. I don't buy it, they all crowd around and read it at the library. Might be an option for your 12 year old? Lego Magazine is hit or miss for us. I wouldn't pay for it, but since it's free I keep ordering it LOL. The kids keep reading it, or at minimum flipping through it.
  25. What exciting news! So three years on the list, and you're bringing home three year old twins. The wait wasn't in vain, it was to be sure your twins wouldn't go to the wrong family! Best of luck on your transition, and beyond - congratulations to you all.
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