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  1. I'm so glad the OP asked this question! We chose Saxon based exclusively on TWTM recommendation, and while I've been pleased and DS6 has been pleased (but not challenged), these boards have made me wonder if I'm doing him a disservice by not switching to another program. It's such a relief to have reassurrance from some of you truly mathy people! I'm reluctant to try conceptual math because I fear I might not understand it well enough to teach it...
  2. This is one of those rare threads where I find myself agreeing with practically everybody, even the posters who are disagreeing with each other. I concur with both the viewpoint that fluency in foreign languages is very worthwhile and with the idea that it is difficult to acquire here because it is not practical. Oh, AND with the opinion that even though foreign language is important, it's maybe not the best bang for the PS tax dollar bucks (guess that would be the American in me?). As I am not relying on the education provided by PS tax dollars for my children, however, I hope to give my kids a better foreign language experience than the one I had. In two years of HS French and a minor in college, I never had a native speaker as a teacher -- and I can recognize a few French words in print, at best. Actually, this thread has illustrated for me how inadequate my own ideas of foreign language requirements may be in comparison to the global standard. Thanks for the eye-opener. I may not be able to raise my children to that standard, but now I can feel guilt because I'll know what they're missing!
  3. What do you do post-BA? Many people philosophize and discuss the humanities with their fellow Bachelors of Arts while cleaning the Frosty machines at Wendy's. Others pursue an exciting and lucrative career in homeschooling.
  4. How Can I Fall in Love? Well, a lot of people are meeting up online now, but you shouldn't discount traditional places like churches and bars (see other thread). NOT trying to be political . . . does something like this exist? Why, yes. It's called being apolitical.
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