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  1. We've had a couple of recent bad experiences with RWT too. I like the online format for my daughter and am currently looking for a different one for next fall. Are you going to continue with RWT or move onto something else?
  2. My daughter just started the General Science online class through Red Wagon Tutorials. I have read through everything and cannot find where it explains the parent notebook report. Has anyone else's child taken courses from RWT? What is the parent notebook report consist of & how do you turn it in? Also, did you turn in the Module Study Guide? Thank you!
  3. I have been wondering about this curriculum too! :confused1:
  4. I am currently using DGP Grammar with my 6th grader. It suggest daily mini lessons before each lesson. I am wanting to use DGP with the free Daily Grammar online. I was wondering if anyone does this combination? Do you go in the order Daily Grammar online suggest or do you pull from it, to go along with what the DGP suggest for mini lesson topics? If you don't use this combination what do you use for the mini lessons? http://www.dailygrammar.com/archive.html http://www.dgppublishing.com/overview.htm Thank you! :)
  5. I have been using it with my almost 12 year old. She is in 6th grade & was needing a fun writing program. She really hadn't had any structured writing from being in public school & private school. When I pulled her out to homeschool last January, the only writing she had done was journal writing & that was about it. She is a natural writer, but hadn't had any structure with her writing. I was reluctant at first since it said for 3-4 grade. But, we love it! It is our favorite part of the day! I think it is challenging enough and it is helping me to have a guide for writing. I am scared to death to teach writing. We are really enjoying the fables & discussing them in depth. I also like the dictation & that is something she had never done before. I would recommend it for an older child. In my opinion, it is easy to make adjustments to make it more challenging if you need too. At this point, I just want her writing more then journal writing. Plus, she is enjoying it! :)
  6. Thank you for your reviews! :) I borrowed the ABC from our speech therapist & have been using it with my daughter for a week now. It is working and she is enjoying it, but I have made a lot of adjustments to make it more appealing to her. I'm going to continue using ABC and I've decided to order LOE too. I really liked the fact that it had speech included and it had a lot of activities for wiggly kids. I think I might use both and mix it up a bit for her. I will have to post an update after I get the LOE in this week! I'm excited to try it out too. :)
  7. Thank you! I would love to read your review about each one. :)
  8. I am trying to decide on a reading curriculum for my 6 year old daughter. She has apraxia of speech and reading might be difficult for her. But, she is ready to learn and excited about reading. I am currently looking at ABeCeDarian and The Logic of English Foundations Level A. I was wondering if anyone has had any experience with either of these reading programs? Thank you! :)
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