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    Sonlight instructors guide Language Arts advanced 3 Now called Readers D Advanced Includes Student work sheets (the first 4 are missing. Other 68 are still there.) $20 plus shipping


  2. My 3 year old decided that my 17month old was bored since he was crying in his high chair and gave him my all about spelling card box to hold. ( Because that makes sense...) He then completely unloaded two kids worth of cards and dividers onto the floor. I want to cry. Happy Wednesday

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    Horizon Math Grade 2 Teachers Manual $25 Activities for Al Abacus $15 Miquon- Lab Sheet Annotations and Orange Book Set - Never used $17 Shurley English Teacher Manual Level 2- Shelf wear and sticker residue on the front cover $20 All postage included and cross posted



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    All About Spelling cd-rom new in package,12 ppd First Language Lesson Level 1 $10 ppd Primary Mathematics standards edition workbook 2A $10 ppd Heritage Studies 2 Home teachers manual and student book $40 ppd



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    Galloping the Globe Like New-never used $15 ppd This is the previous edition that does not include a cd-rom. Cross Posted


  6. Thanks for the info on the no price break. If you end up with level three winning with writing for sale let me know. You can just pm me! :)
  7. Let it go! Let it go! Let it go! When I know I didn't like something, and don't plan on using it with my other kids I sell it or give it away. There isn't space in my house for all of the curriculum duds that we have tried. (We have 4 kids and one on the way) However before I get rid of it I do write down the things I didn't like. And when folk on the hive start talking about how great said curriculum is, I just walk the other way. Also the way I look at it, if I buy used, I can sell it at a discount and re-buy it later it I just "have" to have it.
  8. Do you know if Winning with Writing and Soaring with Spelling goes on sale? I can't find anywhere other than their website to order it from, and I don't want to order it now if there is going to be a big sale later. Thanks!
  9. We really enjoyed WinterPromise The World Around Me science at that age. A good balance of hands on and books. We also enjoy the God's Design For... Series which is put out by Answers in Genesis. The kids loves the Animals book.
  10. I totally agree. We love the DVD because we put it on the iPad and she can use it when ever I am too busy with the other kids. We switched to SS because we were just skipping spelling because the curriculum we were using was so teacher intensive. So it works for us. I like having the option.
  11. If you are doing the student pages, with the exception Of the new Primary level student pages, the student pages are self explanatory. When people talk about the blue three ring binder notebook, they are talking about a different method of doing the lessons. (We use it in our Wednesday night class at church.) It is great if you have a wide range of ages, or if you have kids that would be doing two different kinds of student pages, but you want to do them as a group.
  12. All you need is the teacher's book. I use a $0.50 composition book for my daughter to do her list and we do a page a day. You can get the first 8 days as a free sample on their website. I recommend trying those 8 days before buying the book. Then you will know if you like it enough to spend the money.
  13. Ok the link didn't work. Try this http://peacehillpress.com/the-ordinary-parent-s-guide-to-teaching-reading-paperback.html Go down the page until you see "a general guide to when your child will be prepared to read various beginner readers" or something like that. That I the list that really helped us. Hope the link works this time. :)
  14. One more thing. There is a list on the Peace Hill Press site that says what books from the library, or bookstore can be read after what lessons. That has been really helpful for us. I will try to add the link here and see if it works. http://wtm-pdfs.s3.amazonaws.com/2010GuidetoSupplementaryReaders(2).pdf
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