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  1. My 9 yo DD has a crush on a boy the same age in her class. It's a very small school they go to. She says she loves him and even told him that but he didn't say anything. I did explain about hormones and how things will start to change as puberty happens. Those who have been through this with their kids , please help me navigate this road and give advice.
  2. My kiddo had Low muscle tone/ loose joints. He has never been able to play with a nerf gun independently because he doesn't have the strength to pull the slide back or pull any part back. Is there a nerf gun type toy that doesn't require any pulling?
  3. Thanks everyone for the help and great suggestions. No one has bites and my husband isn't worried at all. I want to check our bed better and order a bed bug detection kit. It is very possible that we don't have bed bugs but his bed still had a lit of brown flakes. It's a new mattress we bought from Amazon last February. I feel better about it but I know I should keep an eye out.
  4. It says my file is too big to upload.
  5. The kids are in bed and I don't think I have any bites. I'll check them good tomorrow. I will figure out how to post the pic of the bug.
  6. I was washing my son's sheets today and noticed the top of the mattress had brown spots all over and some clear white tiny balls. I lifted up the mattress and found one obvious black bug. It's has a round head and skinny long body, it was dead. I looked up online and I'm not positive it's bed bugs. I feel sick to my stomach and seriously light headed when I think about it too much. I have not even checked our other mattresses yet. I put the bug and other egg like things in a bag to show my husband when he gets home. We do not have extra money for replacing mattresses. Haha, if it was dead if winter I would just stick our mattresses outside. Please, I hope there is something natural and cheap if we do have bed bugs.
  7. What are your tried and true ways for facial care? I'm in my early thirties and I have terrible skin. I have a lot of wrinkles and clogged pores. I was on prednisone for a long time and I think it really aged me. Any cheap suggestions? I tried coconut oil but it gave me terrible acne. For my birthday I hope to buy some good skin products.
  8. Yes, I believe that the King James only movement is wrong. It's fine to prefer the King James Version of the Bible but to say that a person can only be saved by that version is heresy. There are so many things wrong with that movement.....
  9. I would say a good middle ground is to allow the people who want to be armed, to be armed. Not every teacher should carry but if they want to be armed then they should be able to carry. There should be no gun free zones.
  10. We loved the homeopathic spray Walgreens sells and the comb that zap the adult lice. So sorry.
  11. I have read many studies where they check the carpet of classrooms who students have been infected with lice in there were no lice on the floor. I guess lice die if they do not find a host after 24 hours so they really do not travel on furniture bedding or carpet. When my daughter had lice we bought a zapping comb at Walgreens that kills the adult lice and also bought a Homeopathic spray at Walgreens that worked very well. We then just chose an hour every day to pick nits out of her hair .
  12. Thanks. I plan to tell the neurologist. I kind of worry that my brain fog is getting beyond what is normal.
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