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  1. Get as many tools in your arsenal ahead of time as you can. Things you can pull out when needed and things that can be done together and things that can be done in a car, etc. Create a resource binder to stockpile ideas and resources for you to sort through and try out. You could put a spiral notebook in there for jotting stuff down plus pockets to shove stuff into plus tabs to divide up by subject/skill. Let ideas kind of flow over you for a bit as you gather ideas and potential resources. As you are setting up your resource notebook maybe you could look at where your son is first, a
  2. In that case, has she had an evaluation for Auditory Processing Disorder? You would need an audiologist trained in this type of assessment and who uses an audio booth for the testing. Hearing can be just fine and still have APD.
  3. Agree, a music therapist might be more useful. I will say that Simply Music is awesome but no it does not "hear" what the student is playing. You could do Simply Music with her and listen, be her ears. Let her know when things sound correct. It is usually on sale through Homeschool Buyer's Co-op...
  4. Welcome! There are many here who might help but it would probably help us to have more information. I will share a few questions. If you don't feel comfortable answering I understand. These are just to try and get us info so we can get you information that might actually help your particular child. 1. What have you used to help with writing? And are you talking the physical act or getting thoughts onto paper or both? (There are two main forms of dysgraphia.) 2. Some people with dysgraphia are not able to improve physical handwriting so they do better shifting to typing/speech to te
  5. Ah, o.k. Again, not to argue but to clarify...who did the evaluations? Was it through a school? Neuropsych? Someone else? And what tests were they running for math LDs specifically? Did they have training in Math LDs specifically? I ask because DD was evaluated 3 times. The first two evaluators said no math LD. They were unequivocally wrong and that became screamingly apparent as we tried to move forward in 6th grade. 3rd eval was through a neuropsychologist that did have some actual training in discovering math LDs (apparently, unfortunately, many don't) and that evaluation
  6. Not to argue but just to clarify, why are you certain there is no math LD?
  7. I won't lie, this could be really, really hard on all of you. There will be days... But it is doable. Suggestions and things to keep in mind: 1. Perfect won't exist but that's o.k. Perfect is overrated. :) 2. If you can be prepared ahead of time, really, really KNOW the material you are going to be teaching, then when something gets wonky you will be better able to find another way to handle it. 3. Have some good review materials available to easily grab on days when new material just isn't going to happen. Maybe even have some stuff like MindBenders or something else along
  8. CLE coupled with Beast Academy on the side might work best. Spiral coupled with stuff to figure out. Run Beast behind CLE regarding level and give the placement test for CLE. No worries if testing below expected level. Easy to accelerate once acclimated (as long as no underlying learning challenges). Free placement test (look under Diagnostic tests). Start with lower level test and keep moving until hit major snags. May need to break up over a couple of days. Can be a long test. Be sure your kiddo is rested and not in a distracting environment so the results will be more accurate. Th
  9. :grouphug: Are there any positives to this school? Your post seems to indicate only negatives, in which case I would just pull her. I have to go out for a bit but I do have some suggestions. I will try to post later today when I have more time. Good luck.
  10. As Tanaqui mentioned, what have you tried before? Any other fine/gross motor issues? Have you tried a consistent cursive program? What type of paper are you using? Have they always struggled with writing? What is your definition of terrible handwriting? Can you break down the details? Are the letters legible/illegible? Is the handwriting poor when writing freehand but o.k. if copying? How about spacing between words? Letters? Is the sizing relatively consistent for letters in the same word? Sentence? If they had to copy just one short sentence could they do it with decen
  11. First, are you taking her out of Kinder for the remainder of the year or are you planning to bring her home for this coming school year, when she would be entering 1st? How bad is the fit in the kindergarten class and what are the things you are seeing that make it a bad fit?
  12. Been following. I am very glad that the service went well and you were able to name the baby. Huge, mega hugs
  13. :grouphug: :grouphug: :grouphug: :grouphug: :grouphug: :grouphug: :grouphug:
  14. I am bumping in hopes someone who has used it will respond...
  15. :grouphug: :grouphug: :grouphug: Good luck.
  16. Thanks so much for continuing to make suggestions and showing such awesome support! I am implementing various things and do feel better. I sounded awful yesterday with all the coughing, sneezing and weird voice (and constantly tearing eyes) but honestly I was a lot more functional yesterday and those things did not feel nearly as bad as the day before. I guess it looked worse from the outside looking in. LOL
  17. Which one? Blue Tent? The Co-op? Something else? Sorry if I'm being dense. I'm just really curious. LOL
  18. Sending more hugs of sympathy to all you fellow allergy sufferers out there... :grouphug:
  19. Thanks for the update! I think getting an evaluation will absolutely be helpful. It may show strengths you didn't know he had that you can tap into. It may give you a clearer picture of any challenge areas he is dealing with. You will theoretically have a clearer picture of your child. He is still your wonderful little boy. You will just hopefully understand him better. As for him not wanting to do things that are way below his ability, FWIW, if I were asked to sit and do low level clerical work well below my intellectual ability, and required to do it daily, I'd get pretty dar
  20. :grouphug: I'm sorry you are so worried about this decision. Break down as I understand it: Pros of an on-line biology class: 1. Your daughter has been very frustrated with the poor fit at co-op and has not been able to flourish as she might have. 2. Your daughter would potentially only be surviving the co-op biology class this next year, not thriving and excelling, whereas she might really thrive with the on-line version. 2. There are many great on-line options out there and you have already found one that pairs well schedule wise with another on-line class she will be taking
  21. Are the kids wanting to do this? If they are fighting you on this I would be afraid it would fail and undermine all of you. If they are o.k. with it or even interested I would try it for a year. Make a commitment, though, to yourself and to the kids. Talk it through and make it clear that there might be days where they are frustrated or got into an argument with a friend or got really confused in class or you are really aggravated by the limits of the school schedule or unhappy with one particular teacher's organizational skills or whatever else might be causing stress and frustration
  22. It really CAN be anxiety provoking. And harmful for us AND our kids. Trust your gut. Earlier is not inherently better and can absolutely be worse. Go at the pace of your child. Teach the child in front of you, not the unknown faceless masses out there... :grouphug:
  23. Can you measure the plug with a ruler and take a picture? You could then take it to a local store and see if they could help with a plug adapter. Or try to look the model up on-line and see if there are recommendations... (And maybe you might also really appreciate a pair of noise canceling headsets of your own for...well...enjoying some quiet? LOL :) )
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