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  1. 1. They may not even have opened the email yet. I just realized I hadn't looked at emails in 4 days. Too busy. And OOPS there were a few really important ones that had come in. 2. If your message was super breezy it may not even be very clear to them that you ARE truly expecting some feedback and that you were hoping for something relatively quickly (I consider under a week for this sort of thing pretty darn quick; even teachers where it is part of their job can take weeks to return written material that includes feedback). 3. Huge hugs. I know how stressful it can be to put something
  2. Different people have different goals. Bottom line for me is whether, in using all these materials at home, the child is making progress and hopefully finding meaning and enjoyment in the process. It is not that relevant at all, IMHO, what the grade level is on the book. If this is where your child needs to be in the materials then that is where they need to be. These are being used to supplement and bolster and enhance. If they are doing those things, and your child is progressing, then kuddos. Double kuddos if they are also finding they enjoy math. The materials you are using are n
  3. CW: FWIW, I doubt it was a whole bunch of "dumb kids" taking Earth Science. I am hoping you just meant that maybe that was the unfortunate assumption by some, not that you actually believe all students who took Earth Science in your school were "dumb". I also hope you are not implying that any student who finds an interest in Earth Science and would like to take that as their 9th grade Science is dumb. Gil: Since math requirements don't seem to be an issue for your situation I agree with others, do whatever sequence makes the most sense to you and yours. There are tons of resources out
  4. I'm wondering, too. What are they doing to cheat in the U.S.? I thought these tests were pretty rigidly controlled and monitored here. And how often are they saying this is occurring? If this is so widespread that it is making news, that seems to imply there are a lot? How are all these students supposedly cheating? Or is it as mentioned up thread that they have implemented a poor algorithm for determining potential cheating based strictly on score discrepancies?
  5. Give the placement test, figure out where gaps are that might need to be filled in, then just try out the lessons for that level you are wanting to skip to. Much of TT is review in the first lessons so it could very well be doable. If they hit a snag, take a side step to fill in gaps through youtube videos and practice pages printed off the internet before resuming TT lessons....
  6. The original groups that were in existence when we first started ran the gamut. One had no admissions forms to fill out. One had a rigid SOF and an 8 page document to fill in. One required contact information and a brief outline of which family members were homeschooling (ages mainly). All of them morphed over time and then most restructured/became defunct/spun off other groups. What became really apparent in watching these groups function and change was that it was really paramount to have some sort of policy in place for removing families that were causing harm to others. Bullying (
  7. This can be soooo challenging. Staying organized, staying focused, keeping the kids occupied and on task or safely ensconced elsewhere doing something while you work with the other one can be very challenging, especially with 2e kids. Very challenging. It is hard on them, too. And it can be harder in a way with just two, especially with disparate ages, because there are not other siblings to pair with, other siblings to go play with, etc. while Mom works one on one with someone else. Build your arsenal. Gather your ideas and resources. Then implement those ideas in a way that provi
  8. I think the only additional things I would be trying to incorporate daily are some more interest driven/rabbit trails type learning where your 1st grader is the one driving the bus (not scheduled but just be willing to go off on tangents with her for however long her interest in something is peaked and encourage that kind of mindset; in other words facilitate a love of learning by letting her brain lead the way :) ). And more physical activity. More physical games, full body movement, problem solving through physical play, etc. But other than that, no I don't think you need to add in
  9. I thought about this again and frankly I would be helping him research right now (as others have mentioned) whether they are violating laws in your state. It certainly sounds like it. Management is trying to check boxes and circumvent labor laws in a pretty slippery, smarmy way it sounds like to me. What they are doing is dangerous and unethical, whether it is legal or not. They are putting people's lives at risk. I would consider, if I were him, going into that meeting with a letter of resignation and a clear explanation in writing of WHY this is an unsafe job that puts lives at risk, al
  10. 1. He is in a warm, moist, quiet, boring environment with very few people ever coming in to swim. 2. He is not allowed headsets, audio books, or anything else to keep him focused during the hours long stretches when there are no swimmers. 3. His shift is sometimes 8 hours long with no breaks, no lunch, no nothing to break up the monotony. 4. He is required to wear a shirt and pants NOT a swimsuit, so he can't even get in the pool and swim a lap or two for some physical exercise. 5. There is no other lifeguard on duty to even talk with. This job sounds mind numbingly boring and a s
  11. Things you might consider trying... MUS CLE Ronit Bird materials And the possibility of dyscalculia...
  12. My mom was told that her saliva has a poor Ph balance and that is why, despite METICULOUS tooth care all of her life she has had tons of dental issues. And definitely genetics and overall health play a big part. I don't know if there is anything besides continued care of the teeth that will really help but hopefully someone has a suggestion.
  13. I have taught in a classroom. There are a lot of things going on in a classroom besides just academics. And it takes a lot of time to teach multiple kids. Picture trying to move through those same lessons you listed, but with 18-25 children. Maybe you start with circle time but a student or two shows up late and disrupts what you were doing. You have to get the late students settled but other kids are now distracted. Takes a few minutes to get everyone settled and focused again. Now it is time to get them into their seats for maybe an Explode the Code lesson. You have to explain
  14. I understand what you are saying and I agree with you in general. FWIW, though, this is not always possible. And just sitting on math fact memorization ad nauseum can really kill any and all interest in or desire to learn math. I am a middle aged woman who has tried every technique I could think of to memorize my math facts. No dice. Some stick for a while. Some have genuinely stuck long term. Some never have. I seriously doubt at this point they ever will. DD has never been able to memorize all of her math facts despite years of trying. Just like me, some stick, some stick for a
  15. Oh, and I just noticed that further down the list there is an Acting 201 for more advanced students. Perhaps that would work better? The acting classes don't seem to start until Winter or Spring session, though...
  16. You might consider contacting OTA and asking if there is a range of instruction available based on the skills of the individual student. I know that DD is taking a couple of classes from OTA and the instructors have been able to teach to a range of abilities of the various students. She also takes a class through Excelsior where the instructor builds expectations and assignment expectations based on the individual student. This will depend on the instructor but you might try.
  17. I absolutely would not be spouting about shooting some official for coming into my home. Not at all. Murder is wrong and I wouldn't even joke like that. BUT, even if it weren't against the Constitution, I also would absolutely NOT be o.k. with state legislation REQUIRING a government official come into my home and observe me teaching my children, especially if they had ANY authority to force me to change what I was doing or even worse potentially accuse me of neglect based on one afternoon's observation. Why? Because as stated up thread by me and by others there are a whole heck of a
  18. I will say up front I am not automatically opposed to some sort of accountability. I am willing to consider that as long as it is from a support and assist point of view, not strictly to catch the ne'er do well evil homeschoolers out there, because frankly I am betting those numbers are really, really tiny compared to the number of kids getting an education. I do feel it is unfair to target homeschoolers when there are many times many kids being abused/neglected that are not being homeschooled and quite a number fly under the radar (including the Turpin kids, a few of whom were IN SCHOOL for
  19. Just walk her through possibilities and make absolutely certain she is comfortable saying NO and has practiced a few ways of handling various scenarios. Practicing a bit can really help her come up with responses in the moment, when she might otherwise get flustered and forget.
  20. Well, along the Barney Song options,... My DH hates political discussions, religious discussions, and talk about fashion. If he gets too frustrated, the conversation is going on and on and on, or if someone else breaks into a song he doesn't like and they won't stop singing after a few rounds through then he likes to sing this...rather loudly...lol.
  21. Yes Open Tent Academy is offering acting courses for this coming school year (2018/2019). Is that what you are seeking? There are three that I know of: Introduction to Theater/Acting for the Camera/Acting 101 Scroll down and see if any of these might work. There is a discount right now but it ends 3//15/2018 I believe. http://www.opententacademy.com/courses/?cat=artmusic
  22. What about using periodic review from the Barton materials? Extra practice pages, spelling lists, Spelling Success card games, word/spelling games based on Barton rules? Hopefully someone else will have suggestions. I just didn't find a lot of useful material for spelling lessons after Barton but I will be honest I didn't work that hard at it. I spent so much on Barton and had had such bad experiences with other spelling programs that I just kept using Barton material for the most part. And agree with PeterPan, kuddos for reaching Barton Level 8!!!
  23. Various things we have used the Workboxes for and what may have been in the box: 1. Art project: art supplies/paper/examples 2. History project: DVDs/questions/books (originally more picture based with limited text); used in prep for discussion and additional research/rabbit trails 3. Set of math worksheets as review to be worked on independently that also include reminder explanation sheets (in color) to help them remember the process if they forget. 4. Science project: Workbook/science supplies/writing utencil 5. Math (Geometry) combined with Art: protractor/compass/paper/writin
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