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  1. Sounds like a virus, I would go get a fever reducer, just to make him more comfortable.
  2. For singing, I'd go with Barney. For entertainment and education you can't beat Blues Clues.
  3. Yep, I'm miffed with them today myself. Ds had been really getting in 'Beakman's World' and today it was gone. Poof. Vanished. You'd think they could give a warning.
  4. In the 90s I was told often that I looked like Elizabeth Perkins in the movie Big. But, I think it was just the hair cut/perm :001_cool:
  5. Bribery here too. If he doesn't fight it he gets to go get a toy(small) after. We have to do this for strep swabs and flu tests(the ol' bristly thing up the nose, ugh!) too.
  6. Interstitial Cystitis. Every time any thing comes near "that place" I'll have terrible bladder pain for weeks.
  7. We've only ever had miniature schnauzers. They were always the sweetest, most gentle dogs. Especially around little kids.
  8. I've only seen bits of the show with Farrah on it. One scene that particularly stood out to me: Sophia was with her Grandma(in Farrah's home) writing letters in a new journal her grandma had just given her. She was loving it, then Farrah came along and insisted Sophia stop what she was doing and pose for a selfie with her. Sophia kept saying no, she wanted to keep writing, and Farrah took her journal away and sent her to her room. That just seemed nuts to me. :confused1:
  9. Albeto, I wish I could like your post 10 times. Well said.
  10. I would let him have it. Listening to music or audio books can be done while moving :001_smile:
  11. My ds is severely allergic to peanuts and peas, both legumes. I assumed this situation was the same.
  12. Yeah, it sounds like you need more in depth bloodwork. You are correct that there is not always skin involvement(I have none). I was diagnosed with sclero. at the Cleveland Clinic where we were sent due to severe GI issues that my dr.s here in KY could not figure out.
  13. I've had the 4 hour radioactive egg test done 3 times now.(I have Scleroderma). It really is no big deal, just boring. Take a good book with you. You will eat the eggs and toast, get scanned, then wait an hour, scanned again, etc. I am actually having a gastric pacemaker implanted this week. So, there are meds and procedures out there for gastroparesis. Good luck on your test!
  14. Well, this thread has made me feel way less guilty about our schedule :001_smile: We are all night owls, which is just one of the many reasons that homeschooling works for us.
  15. I have to get a mammogram and a breast MRI every year. I have "very dense breasts". I've had to do this since my first one 3 years ago. The first call back scared me to death, but now it's just routine. Good vibes sent your way :001_smile:
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