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  1. Listening in, I enjoy listening to her on the Circe podcast but hadn't decided on reading the book yet.
  2. We were gifted with a week of HelloFresh. The food was good, it was stuff I wouldn't normally make. The tomatoes, green onions, and cucumber all went bad before I used them. In fairness I didn't make the first meal the day it arrived, then skipped the second meal, perhaps if I had prepared everything right away the produce would have been fine. There was not much meat, but it was appropriate portion sizes so if you are trying to control portions, it would be good for that. I felt like it was really expensive for the quantity of food. The box I received would have been $69, I can make $69 stretch pretty far and even with young kids we could eat out 2-3 times at a decent place for that price. The packaging was ridiculous, even with most of it being recyclable, it was too much. I'm not overly obsessed with being green either. It was a nice change of pace and a way to try new foods so overall it was kind of a mixed bag. My sister in law works full time and has an hour commute daily, she loves it. She especially appreciates not having to plan meals. She lives in a much bigger city so her food may not ship as far either.
  3. My daughter has used Reading Eggs. Do a free trial and don't pay full price. I think it is an ok program if you are starting with a beginner. It moves too slowly once a child is reading ok though. Teach Your Monster to Read is free and works similarly.
  4. Has it turned up yet? My brother's missing iguana once turned up on my sister's headboard. I was so glad it went in her room and not mine! Another time it got outside the house and then it got cold overnight. It sort of froze (I'm sure there is an actual term for this) and fell out of a tree when my dad walked under it. Scared my dad pretty good, but once it got warmed up it was fine.
  5. I grew up in SD and loved watching the storms roll in. You can see them forming when they are still miles away.
  6. Poor Kansas! We drove through on the way to CO once and I never thought we would get to the mountains! The sunflower fields are beautiful but I wanted to see mountains. I will say that my cousin got married in Lawrence, KS and we had the best weekend with family there. We drove north to south through KS many times when I was a kid and I have seen some of the most spectacular thunder storms. It is a different kind of beauty than in other states for certain.
  7. I bet I know right where you are talking about in GA. . We visited the children's museum in Chatanooga about 5 years ago and I remember thinking we must have taken a wrong turn to be in GA, then a few miles later we were back in TN.
  8. My grandfather didn't have a passport until he was in his 70's and went to the Ukraine. I do think he has been to Mexico too. My grandmother has never had a passport but she has been to Mexico. I have 5 siblings. Two of my brothers enjoy traveling, one doesn't mind traveling but doesn't seek it out either. My sisters hate to travel.
  9. My husband has also been to 48 states, Hawaii and Maine are the two he hasn't visited. I told him he isn't allowed to go to Hawaii without me. His dad was a truck driver for a few years. When my husband was in college, he got his CDL and would drive with his dad on some school breaks which allowed him to see most of the continental US.
  10. My grandfather has probably been to 15 states at the most but I would bet it's closer to 10. His family has been in east Texas for 200+ years. I would say he knows a 100 mile radius extremely well having lived in that area his entire life. With the exception of my dad (and my dad's children/grandchildren) all his family has lived in that area too so he never felt the need to travel much. He was also a pastor so he didn't travel much for work either. My BIL has only left his home state 3 or 4 times in his life. He's a farmer with a lot of cattle and land so it's hard to get away. He's farming his grandparent's land, so again he has deep roots in the area. I bet he knows every person and business in his county and the counties surrounding his farm. I've been to 42 states. I've spent the night in all but a handful of those. I would say that other than the four states I have lived in, I have not travelled extensively in many of those states, but at least spent the day. Most of my travel has been to visit family or related to my husband's work.
  11. I tried to find out how many states the average American has visited, I came up with an article from 1988 stating that a study found the average is 20 states. I'm sure if I spent some time searching I could find a more current answer but that sounds about right in my circle of family and friends. I'm curious, if you have been to only a few states (around 10), have you traveled extensively within those states. If you have been to most of the states (35+), have you just driven through? Spent a few days there?
  12. Neither me nor my husband swear. If a certain word comes up in a book or they hear it somewhere, I explain that it isn't a polite word to use. With my 8 year old I would be more likely to explain the meaning behind it, but nothing has come up recently. I probably would just tell my 3 year old not to say the word. I wouldn't go out of my way to teach them certain words, but if it came up I wouldn't ignore the situation either. The only two words I can remember explaining why we don't use them are the n word and fag**t. My son had started referring to logs for a camp fire using that term and I explained that most people no longer remember the original meaning and would find the word offensive.
  13. I'm sorry! Thinking of those kids right now.
  14. I had a roommate in college who drove an older funeral limo. Her parents sold them and ambulances for a living. It always surprised me a bit when I saw it out front of our place.
  15. Oh and Memory is wonderful for little ones. I start out using just a few cards (maybe 10) until they get the hang of the game then start using more. My kids can legitimately beat me at this game now.
  16. Kerplunk, Jenga, and Fishing (not sure the actual name) were great early games at our house. All are at Walmart or Target. Mancala is a good early game too but I'm doubtful a 2 year old would understand what was happening, you could create your own game from the board and marbles though. While my children liked the idea of playing a game at 2 or 3 they really didn't appreciate them until they were a bit older. They did better with I Spy or Find the Button type games at the younger ages. Corrected grammar
  17. My Zip went kaput a few months ago, I just replaced it with a Charge so I haven't checked the group recently. I'm recovering from a foot injury and just in the past week back to regular exercise.
  18. Do a search for pre writing worksheets. My daughter used to love those. I also found cutting practice sheets. The Rod and Staff books are good too. My daughter went through the first one quickly so now I put them in a page protector and let her use it with a dry erase marker. The Early Bird or Essential Math books by Singapore could be a good beginning math. The Education Unboxed videos are great too.
  19. If you have time, the book "Kitchen Counter Cooking School" may be helpful. It isn't how to teach the class, but what the author did in teaching a similar class. Her class was not exclusively for low income families though.
  20. Have you all seen this:, and this? When Fitbitters who sign up burn 1 billion calories, Fitbit will donate 1.5 million meals to Feeding America. I'm not sure if those of you outside the US can participate or if they have similar programs in your country. ETA It looks like it only counts active calories, but it's still neat.
  21. I've never gotten 20k but I have gotten 15k a few times. This past week it happened twice; once when I ran 4 miles and another time when I ran 2 miles & also managed to go for a walk the same day. Prior to last week, I hadn't hit 15k since the end of October. I can't get over 10k unless I do some sort of exercise for at least 30 minutes, it's a lot more difficult for me to do that in the winter.
  22. I had my first 12,000 step day! A couple days ago I wasn't sure I'd make 9,000 in a day.
  23. I have a question about the "Very Active Minutes" on the leaderboard. After using my Zip for 2 days I have 82 very active minutes, then under that it says 7 avg. What does the 7 avg mean? Also, is there a way to see groups from the app?
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