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  1. The Cascade Mountain carbon fiber poles (mentioned above, also at Amazon)are a good set. I used mine about 4 years and have several hundred miles on them before my husband surprised me with an upgrade this summer.

    I bought my kids the Cascade Mountain aluminum versions a couple years ago and they seem durable as well. I’ve only personally used them on a couple short hikes when I didn’t have poles and a kid got tired of using theirs. They are a little heavier than the carbon fiber, but not drastically heavier. This would likely be most noticeable on all day hikes vs an afternoon hike. 

    Watch a video on how to properly use them, I see lots of people with poles but not using them to maximize their potential. Leki has a good video on YouTube. 

    I use to hike with a single pole but have found I like 2 much better, but it’s probably personal preference. It definitely helps propel me up long hills and helps save my knees on down hills. It also makes creek crossings or rocky trails easier to handle. 

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  2. The ladies above give wise advice, pay attention to their posts. 

    I always tried to “fill the bucket” for my youngest before doing one on one work with my older kids. This usually meant reading books geared toward him or playing a game together. Before he was school aged, he usually sat in on morning times with us. Then he would either play in the room where we were, sit at the table with us, or go to his room to play. 

    At ages 3-5ish, he liked having activities that were for him such as Kumon maze books, Highlights Hidden Pictures, cutting activities, art supplies. Sometimes my youngest just needed one on one attention, so while I did math with one child, the other child played or read with youngest, then I switched. 

    Routines are definitely helpful. 

    I will say that personality plays a big role in this, and we had periods where things went very smoothly, and periods where days were quite challenging. You slowly learn to tweak and adjust so that most days go relatively smoothly.

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  3. My daughter 11yo, would like to learn to sew better. I used to sew a whole lot more than I do now but do consider myself an intermediate sewist. However, I’ve been doing it so long that sewing just comes naturally to me. She has done some small projects with my assistance, but I’m looking for something that is laid out that will help me take her logically through threading a machine, choosing fabric, needle types, etc. 

    It doesn’t necessarily need to be for middle schoolers.  Any recommendations? I would prefer a book over blogs and YouTube.

  4. Covid testing is free in my state, unless it’s a specific test for travel.

    For what it’s worth my SIL is an out of state resident and had to pay $150 for testing at the walk in clinic in my state. When I took my niece along with my kids to the drive up testing, it was free, but I didn’t volunteer that she was an out of state resident. 

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  5. I’ve never served at a shelter but I prepare dinner for the Ronald McDonald house and the Cancer Society house a few times every year. It seems weird as a side but applesauce, especially at the Cancer Society house is appreciated. We get so many comments that it’s nice to have something easy to swallow, apparently chemo makes it hard to swallow. With dental problems being common in shelters, maybe applesauce would be appreciated there too.  

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  6. Given how much more contagious this delta variant is, I strongly encourage getting tested, especially because you have a sore throat. 

    Please. Two of my kids, my niece, and our best family friends all have Covid because of someone thinking it was “just a cold”. 

    My daughter tested negative on her first pcr test despite showing symptoms and having a known exposure. Thankfully we kept her away from people she was retested again the next day. She only had symptoms for a total of 2 days and was still positive 8 days later. Her Covid looked completely different than mine did. It also looked different than her brother’s currently does.


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  7.  I would assume she has Covid. That is pretty much exactly what my 11 year old did last week, right down to the negative test. When we took her for a strep test the next day, they retested for Covid and she was positive. Her symptoms were completely different than mine back in February. Also, she is still positive on day 8 despite no symptoms in 6 days. She never lost smell but did smell burnt toast all one afternoon. 

    Our friend’s  daughter had the exact same symptoms on the same day, with the exception of testing positive when tested.  In this family all 5 got Covid. Mom was partially vaccinated (second dose day daughter was exposed), dad fully. The two older kids never ran a fever and only had 24 hours of mild symptoms. Mom and Dad are both pretty run down both have lost smell although mom’s seems to be coming back. Local health department is sending dad’s sample off to verify it is delta but everyone is assuming it is. 

    On the plus side both girls were really only sick for about 36 hours and then acting normal again. I hope it’s the same for your daughter!

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  8. 2 hours ago, Farrar said:

    That ghost ship is right up this kid's alley. Sigh. He'd be very happy with that side excursion, I think.

    ETA: "That looks dope," said Mushroom. So I guess that's our outing.

    Don’t you love it when kids are super into something and you want to support them, but you kind of don’t?


    1 hour ago, PeterPan said:

    Montgomery Inn has a bbq restaurant on the river that is very pleasant. If you like history stuff, the Freedom Center there is unusual and well done. The metro parks have trails to walk.


    What ages do you think the Freedom Center is appropriate for? It’s been on my to do list for awhile, but we haven’t made it up there yet. Specifically I’m thinking of my 9 year old.

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  9. If he’s at all interested there is a Gap Clearance center in Hebron, KY. It’s super hit or miss but on a good day it’s totally worth it. They sell all the Gap brands, some is overstocks, some are returns. 

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  10. I haven’t been to Cincinatti since Covid started but Jungle Jim’s is quirky and fun. Cincinatti Museum Center was the inspiration for the Hall of Justice. 

    My husband and I enjoy Trio Bistro near Kenwood and also a Lebanese restaurant near IKEA in West Chester  I’m having difficulty finding it on the map so it may have been a casualty of Covid.

    In northern KY, across the river you might enjoy Rabbit Hash

    Full disclosure, I’ve never been here but supposedly you can kayak to it. I would look to see if you can find more recent info: Ghost Ship. This is also in  northern KY  

    Have a good trip!

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  11. 3 hours ago, Ottakee said:

    I have the zenbivy light bed system.  It was not cheap but the sheet and quilt pack down very small.  I am liking it so far as you can clip it likes mummy bag, a regular bag, a top quilt or anything between.

    I’ve never seen that! I can see that it eliminates the problem of a sleeping bag slipping around on a pad. The flexibility seems nice too. Honestly for a pad and down bag the price isn’t so bad. 

  12. Sounds like a great deal on the tent!

    I haven’t tried a quilt. I think in the winter I would get too cold, even though down compresses, being inside the bag at least holds in my body heat. I know people seem to either love or hate them. 

  13. You can definitely over inflate, I prefer to slightly under inflate my pad and then it’s perfect when I lay on it.  I’ve never heard of an inflatable pad being too hot, but I have heard of the sleeping bags being that way. 

    As a fellow side sleeper, I have tried the z-lite (foam), prolight (foam/inflatable combo), Klymit Static knock-off, Kylmit Static, and now a Nemo Tensor wide. Only the Tensor is thick (3.5”!) enough that my hips don’t sink to the ground. It’s an expensive pad though and I never would have bought it for myself if my friends hadn’t given me a gift card that covered most of the cost. The Thermorest Neoair has a similar amount of thickness and one of my good friends swears by it, but I’ve never tried it. 

    Since the z-lite and equivalent knockoffs are very light and not too expensive, you could lay one on the ground with your Klymit over it. If you have a sit pad, you could put the sit pad under the Klymit where your hips would hit the ground for extra cushioning too. 

    I have spent a pretty penny on getting the right pad for backpacking for me.  If I had to do it all over, and knew I was going to backpack as often as I do, I would have started with a more expensive pad. However, the ones I own that I don’t like work well for my kids. I am fortunate that I was able to borrow gear to try out as well. 

    If stores are open near you, go to your local outfitter or REI and test out sleeping pads to figure out what you like. 

    I discovered a pillow makes a big difference for me. I had an inflatable pillow that just didn’t work for me, I switched to a Thermorest compressible pillow. It is heavier, but sleeps much more like my pillow at home. Oh and I have to have earplugs too. 

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  14. You only need to purchase a copy of the game. It’s $30 for a Switch and $5 for iPad. If you have family sharing on the iPad you only need to purchase one copy of the app.

    I’m not exactly sure how it works but my kids play together on different devices in the same world. Sometimes at the same time, sometimes separately.  My son also plays with a couple friends he invited to play in his world. I believe if you create an account you can play across platforms (ie Kindle to iPad). I “think” my nephew plays on his Xbox with my son on his iPod, but my nephew has multiple devices so I’m not certain. 

    For what it’s worth, my kids have never played on a pc and Minecraft is still by far their favorite game. They have said it’s better on an iPod/iPad than the kindle. 

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  15. Do you have Walgreens? They have a pcr test for travel, you do the nose swab yourself. The results are available the next day at the latest. 

    In the past year my kids have been Covid tested 4-6 times, every single time was a nose swab. They all preferred doing it themselves. None would say it was fun, but having control of your own swab you don’t hit anything painful.  

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  16. 2 hours ago, Pam in CT said:

    Awwwwww.  Draw Me a Star when you get there, Mr Carle.  What a life well lived.


    If anyone has a chance to visit the Eric Carle museum in Amherst MA... it's a wonder. With or without kids.  In addition to great gobs of Carle's original collages for all the books, there are traveling exhibits of other children's illustrators and a wonderful open studio with materials for particular projects kinda-sorta loosely based on one of the current exhibits.  And a wonderful children's bookstore.

    Next door to a yuge apple farm/farmers market with cider donuts and a great cafe.

    I was going to post about the museum as well. It is really wonderful! We got to see the Paddington Bear exhibit when we were there a couple years ago, including the original bear! 

    May you Rest In Peace Mr. Carle. 

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