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  1. Which level did you choose? I'm town between 2b and 3a. I'm thinking 2a would be the best place to start.
  2. We are fairly new to Singapore, what is CWP and FAN Process Skills?
  3. We are currently about 3/4 of the way through 2nd grade Abeka. We hate it. We are making it work for the time being, taking our time and doing our own thing with it but it's time to move on. He is good at math when he takes the time to slow down and think about it before getting all worked up and finding himself in a fit of rage. He finally said that the reason he isn't getting it is because there's not enough time spent on a certain topic. We need mastery, which I knew we would end up switching to. He does all his math sitting rightnexttome. Just knowing I am right there, even if he doesn't need me, helps him out. I'm okay with that, I just want him to be able to pull his math out and not completely dread it or get worked up before we even start. His brother, 7 years old, uses Singapore and he's mentioned that he wants to use the same thing but I don't know how that will work for a kid who isn't really a mathy person. He catches on quick, when he's not freaking out about the material, but I wouldn't say he's into math or math-minded. I've also been looking at BJU. We don't need anything with tons of manipulatives, he gets annoyed with those.
  4. You all are awesome!!! We are working on narration and comprehension with WWE2 so I know where he stands with comprehension. He is all wrapped up in those Magic Tree House books with their Fact Trackers right now. We just started a reading journal for this year. I am pretty lose about it, sometimes he writes his favorite part of the book, other times he draws a part from the story, sometimes he writes two or three sentences about what he's recently read. I don't make him do it for every book, or every day, just kind of when I think about it or if it's been a couple days.
  5. Love all the book lists! Such great suggestions! Do you just have our children read them as they or do you do any sort of quiz, comprehension stuff or anything?
  6. My ds is 8 but reads really well. I've just been having him read whatever he wants but I think we need.to.do a little structured reading. Nothing crazy as I don't want to hurt his love for reading. So do you have them read to you, just read whatever they want, read mom-assigned books, do something with tbe book after reading? Anything else?
  7. My suggestion isn't going to be the popular one, but we use Abeka for the 3rd grader with HFA and ODD. That's what we started with in first grade, after MM (nothing wrong with MM but I think he needed the spiral approach with more reviewing), and he just doesn't want to switch. His 1st grade ADHD brother, however, is getting ready to start Miquon once I get it ordered. He is finishing off the last several lessons of Abeka kindergarten (without the teacher manual) and we just modify things a bit. Today we worked with LEGOS, I made a little plus sign and put it in the middle. He then had set up an addition or subtraction problem. He had mostly the 2x2 square pieces but he also had a 2x4 rectangle piece. One problem he needed to have 4 pieces on one side of the plus sign. When *I* looked there were only three, two 2x2s and one 2x4. I told him that it wasn't right and then he pointed out that the 2x4 was just two of the 2x2 pieces joined together. That makes me feel better about my Miquon choice. The eight year old would NOT have put that together. ETA...when we finish up the tail end of our second grade Abeka we will likely be switching to CLE. He likes to get the lesson and get it done with very little playing. He doesn't even like the tiles on All About Spelling! (talking about the eight year old HFA and ODD child)
  8. He's in Level 2. We are a little behind since we took a semester off when we pulled out of ps in first grade. I will be using level 1 with the first grader in a couple weeks.
  9. I think we need a little something extra to make it really stick. Sometimes just having him read over it is all he needs and other times he needs a little more. I don't want to pair anything rigorous with it but am looking to see if anyone has any suggestions to make it stick.
  10. Someone please tell me that you, too, are teaching an ODD child. I am at my wits end. It's not as bad as I've seen others with ODD but it's still rough and challenging. Every.Single.Day is a struggle.
  11. I don't know what I was thinking but I actually need recs for FIRST GRADE!! I have no idea why I wrote kindergarten!!
  12. Love this list so far! Such great suggestions!! Keeping the load light has always been the plan! This is actually the first year that the eight year old is doing any formal history/geography and science, so little brother will tag along with that as well, SOTW 1 and activity guide.
  13. I don't know WHAT I was thinking but we are done with Abeka kindergarten and are moving on to FIRST GRADE! We made it through Abeka with a lot of modifications and we are ready to break away from the box and find something that works better for us!! Title says it all!! I need some suggestions that have worked well for you all. So far he's been fairly easy to teach, just trying to find the right fit. We are in the process of looking at Miquon but I haven't fully settled on it just yet. We are starting Teach Your Child to Read in 100 Easy Lessons today (he can read but not fluently so we are working on it some more). What else can you all suggest? Nothing too teacher intensive as I have an eight year old third grader and a two and a half year old! And GO!
  14. So if I went this route, what would you suggest I purchase from Singapore? I would get all three books and the c-rods for Miquon but would I need the textbook from Singapore or just the workbook?
  15. I have the PDF version of MM (light blue, I think) that I have totally forgotten about. We might give that a try!
  16. WHOA! Thanks for all the help! I never would have thought to pair anything with it. So is there anything in Singapore that is not covered in Miquon that I would still have to teach? Or just kind of take a worksheet out and let him go at it? I feel like I need some hand-holding while I move away from Abeka!
  17. What does your Type A child use for math?
  18. YES! That actually helps a ton. My oldest (8) is the same as your Type A child. I don't think the open-ended-ness of Miquon will appeal to him at all. He does Abeka and he is quite content with it. I make modifications but he likes it. He has to have a very clear picture where as I think the clear picture fogs the mind of my chaotic child!
  19. We are switching math up this year and moving away from Abeka for the adhd kinder boy. He has learned quite a bit but he's bored with it. I try not to give him any worksheets because when I do you can see his love for kindergarten just fade away. He HATES it. It doesn't help that he struggles with handwriting and writing things backwards, either. I think he just needs something a little more hands on but nothing crazy. This looks like it might be a good fit, but I want you all to tell me more about it!
  20. I'm getting ready to order Teach Your Child to Read in 100 Easy Lessons but I have a chance to get the older version for about $5 cheaper. I can't figure out what the different is between the two other than the look on the cover. IS there a difference?
  21. I'm glad I did a TT search! Abeka has served us well and my eight year old has actually said no to switching it to anything else but the idea of TT is very appealing. He is my electronics obsessed child. He's like an alcoholic with electronics, one sip and it's all downhill from here. So any way that he can use electronics in a healthy way and learn a little while doing so is perfect in my book. Compared to Abeka it seems a little behind but that's like comparing apples to oranges there. If TT can free up some of my time to work with the others, keep the eight year old engaged, build his confidence, feed his addiction to screen time, AND get him somewhere with math then sign me up!
  22. My eight year old reads his First Language Lessons lesson from time to time if I need to help or work with his brother or (two year old) sister. He has taught himself many lessons that way. Of course, I go over it with him some when I'm done helping the others but he just reads the teacher and student texts and does what the directions tell him to. He's also read a story or two to himself in his Writing With Ease book. Just a thought. I heard that Rod & Staff can be self taught but I've not looked at it to know firsthand.
  23. Which notebook would you all recommend for my six and eight year old boys who have never done note booking before? (1st & 3rd grade)
  24. I am looking at getting Apologia Zoology 1 to use this year. We are just going to wing it with our own note booking but I was looking the the ChristianBook website and I noticed that you can buy the lab kit for about $90. It comes with everything you need for all the experiments. I was curious to see if anyone has bought the lab kits for zoology 1 yet and if it's worth it. I kind of like the idea of having it all in one place and not having to go looking for it on a daily/weekly basis but I'm just not sure I want to pay the $90 for it. Also, has anyone bought the Daily Lesson plans? Those are about $7 and it just breaks it all down for you suggesting where to start and stop for each day.
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