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  1. Our family is a bit lost now. We left our church. We moved here for work and our families don't live close. Our social lives revolved around church and work. DD is fine. Thankfully she still has friends from when she was in school. I realized that here I am, middle-aged in the middle of a pandemic and I have no idea how anyone even goes around finding non-work related friends. Working and homeschooling take just about everything out of me so there isn't much bandwidth for volunteering or things like that. And to add it, I think I have a bit of PTSD from how everything went do
  2. Unity is just a buzzword if it's not reciprocal. The fact the protests are called "riots" in your church demonstrates that unity is not what they are actually striving for. Often when the word "unity" is used in a church setting, what is actually meant is "conformity."
  3. If anyone was officially tracking the deaths of healthcare workers related to COVID, it would make this distinction. The point of the article is that no one is tracking this. Our government is certainly not tracking it. So Rezba and people like her are doing this informally by looking at Twitter and obituaries.
  4. This is a good article in Pro-Publica about an anesthesiologist who began tracking the COVID related deaths of healthcare workers. Nobody Accurately Tracks Health Care Workers Lost to COVID-19. So She Stays Up At Night Cataloging the Dead.
  5. We are still social distancing. We live in a hotspot. My husband is having surgery at the end of the month and we want to ensure that his pre-surgery COVID test is negative to avoid having to push back his surgery. ETA that we consistently gone to the grocery store and Target wearing masks since this began. We do takeout a few times a month. DH and are I still working from home.
  6. She wrote the book Real Learning about 20 years ago. It's out of print now. I think it was one of the early Charlotte Mason HSing books and probably the first one directed towards Catholic homeschoolers. She founded a forum for Catholic homeschoolers. I don't think it exists anymore. She has a blog, In the Heart of my Home. She stopped writing about homeschooling about 10 years ago. You probably remember her name from when she was a big name in the Catholic homeschooling world.
  7. I'm better with small changes. I've identified that one of my work strengths was the ability to break a big job into small pieces and start with the first small step. I didn't realize this until I became a boss and had employees who would become paralyzed and not know how to begin a big job.
  8. I think it's absolutely selfishness. When I was chastised for being "judgmental" for not trusting that someone who believed that COVID was a hoax would take proper precautions against COVID, I asked about seatbelts and drunk drivers. This person just brushed it off. I wouldn't be at all surprised if some of these people stopped buckling up and using carseats next. Yes, and the people in my life who throw about "faith not fear" are also afraid to get the flu shot or have their kids vaccinated for the measles.
  9. I'm right there with you. One of the things I really appreciated in the first Elizabeth Foss video was her admission that when things went wrong in her homeschool, it was usually because she lacked discipline. That really hit home for me. Screens are a big problem here for all of us. One thing that has helped me recently was committing to Angelina Stafford's 2020 reading challenge. What I've tried to do lately is work on some little things. Years ago, I read a tip about keeping a clean house that I always remember. Commit to small things that you do every day. For me, it's keeping
  10. The sex trafficking and pedophile stuff is coming from the Qanon world. The QAnon Anonymous podcast is really interesting. They dig into all of the whacky stuff coming out of that world.
  11. Every HSer I follow talks about how much they were inspired by Sally Clarkson but I've never read her. I liked the first video better than the second video but that's probably because my DD is already past the learning to read phase. You should check out Bonnie Landry's videos. She discusses the importance of relationships in HSing. She sounds very Canadian and is sometimes sipping wine during her videos which is adorable.
  12. These were just released by an African American Charlotte Mason homeschooler. Her blog is a great resource for finding children's books about African American heritage and history. Heritage Packs: Multicultural Lesson Guides
  13. "Fearful power grab" - sounds like a good description of what is going on. That's terrible. It sounds like a manipulative loyalty test. He's telling everyone else not to be afraid but he's probably the one who is the most driven by fear. It's like a fear of losing control. Someone should lecture him on "not living in fear." The fact that few see what pastors like yours are doing as fear based says so much about the voices that are privileged in our churches.
  14. The human brain is so amazing. My mother says she sees words in her mind when she's trying to spell a word. She claims this is because she was taught to read using the look-say method which is the complete opposite of phonics. It was essentially memorization of words. I don't see words in my head. When I try to spell a word, I type it out with my fingers. It's like I learned the spelling by knowing the rhythm of the word.
  15. I just finished re-reading her book. It was a quick read. Like I wrote above, there isn't that much to it. I would like to read an update now that she has adult children. I'm curious how faithful she was to this method as her kids got older. I believe her oldest was about 11 when she wrote the book. I know she went through a Waldorf phase. Then there was the blow-up with a bunch of other Catholic HSers over Waldorf and she stopped writing about HSing online. I remember a blog post where she wrote about how hurt she was by how she was treated. Her book includes a few quotes from Michele Q
  16. There is a movement in schools to teach what they call structured word inquiry. I did some of this with my daughter last year. You make a chart showing the pre-fixes and suffixes for a base word. It's interesting although I'm not sure it helps with spelling. It does help to explain why a word is spelled like it is. This is a link to the blog of a teacher who does a lot of this work in her elementary school classroom.
  17. I bought it years ago. I brought it out again after watching her video. It's okay but there isn't that much to it. I wonder if she is going to update it? It's also very Catholic which some people might find off-putting.
  18. Yes, but I'm thinking of the conventions. Didn't GHC disinvite both Julie Bogart and SWB several years ago? Julie Bogart because she stopped being an Evangelical Christian (or got divorced?) and SWB because she's old earth?
  19. I really don't think it's weird that the big draws are male. Standard disclaimer that HSers don't fit in a box and there are all different kinds - but the 'official' (if that is even a thing) HSing movement comes from certain religious traditions and those traditions are generally patriarchal. Most of the women attending those conventions are accustomed to listening to male authority figures. I think there is a kind of implicit assumption that the men are more important. BTW, I believe you are thinking of the Schole Sisters. That's the one with the Afterthoughts blog lady (CM bootcamp) a
  20. I totally understand. We also have an only daughter so I understand the friendship dynamic. I hope everything works out for for the best. You're probably right that your daughter's friendships would be affected if you left. It's a shame but it is what it is. We left our church and our daughter lost one of her friends.
  21. There's been so much manipulation too just like in the other thread. It's exposed so much ugliness. Lack of leadership is also a huge problem. Our old church now requires masks because the bishop put his foot down. When people ask why they must wear masks, the answer is, "because the bishop said so." That's not the response a real leader makes. I've managed a lot of people in my career and sometimes I pass along unpopular mandates from the top. I don't tell people, "it's because so and so said so." ETA, a few months ago, the pope said that priests who tried to get around restrictio
  22. It's bad all around. It's a real indictment of American Christianity, in my opinion. This is what happens when you subvert your mission to a political end. I see so many grifters too. They're driving people away. I think some of them don't care because the people who are leaving are the "wrong kind." They don't realize what they are losing. In the Orthodox Church, we have a real problem with inexperienced priests. I think that plays a big part in what happened at our old church. These guys come out of seminary and are put immediately in a parish. There is little to no oversig
  23. I kind of hated to go there since it's about politics. But I think there is more to it than that. There is something about risk and religion. Perhaps this is due to the religious circles that I was in. The people I knew were very cavalier about risks. It was like they didn't believe that bad things could actually happen. This didn't just come from nowhere. Why so much skepticism towards scientists? I suspect it has something to do with the nearly culture way that so many churches approach 'science' issues like the age of the Earth and climate change. These churches are aliena
  24. Why are so many churches blowing this? What does this say about American Christianity? Maybe this is a problem in other countries too. I'm not sure about that. IMHO, this is really bad. I don't think these people realize that there will be long term consequences from their behavior.
  25. If he says you will be allowed to require masks will he back you up if you must follow through and refuse to allow a child to be in class? I don't know your church but I'm sure that would be a disaster. Parents will be very upset and they will run to him. Will he have your back? I don't know how but based on what you've written, I don't think he will. And then you will be left high and dry. Those parents will think they beat you because the authority figure (pastor) backed them up. You'll have been betrayed by this pastor who will likely keep trying to manipulate you to keep you in line.
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