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  1. Can I count this as Honors level on a trascript? We are using the 2 Apologia texts, doing labs at home and will also attend the Landry 2 day Lab Intensive class. Also thinking of having someone grade her lab reports... Thanks!
  2. The Book of Totally Irresponsible Science: 64 Daring Experiments for Young Scientists on Amazon looks great, too! My rising 7th grader will also do chemistry this year and wants to "blow things up". We'll do physical science for 8th grade. Happy chemistry!
  3. Sorry to jump in in the middle, but... Morning Glory, what did you use after that? We, too, will finish up BJU Life Science at the end of 6th grade. It's been a good challenge, but I am at a loss where to go next. Physical in 7th, Biology in 8th?
  4. Thank you all so much!! I hate buying sight unseen, but this makes me sure about it! I want him to LOVE science and BJU has about killed it this year. He wants to do 1/2 year A&P, as well. So if you have any suggestions, I'm all ears! I am thinking that's what it will look like, but not sure. I cannot take an entire year of earth and space-neither could he. :) I'm trying to follow his interests and let him go until high school.
  5. My 6th grader will finish BJU Life Science this year (it's been a longgg year!). I'd like him to have a good generaly science experiance in 7th grade - fun, challenging (but not too much)- and that gets him ready for high school. I was thinking of Rainbow, but afraid it's not meaty enough. Any thoughts?
  6. I looked at the Advanced Chem and it looks great! But, ds wants to "blow things up, not cook" for experiments. I've looked At Rainbow, as well, but hesitate b/c of the $$ and not being able to see it before I buy it. BJU is too dry and intense for us next year ( and I can't take a full year of earth and space).
  7. I am looking at this for my rising 7th grader. We are finishing up BJU Life science this year. Mr. Q's looks good, but I am wondering if maybe too light? What if we double timed it and did Elem. Chem and Physics in one year? How does it compare with Rainbow? Which would get him ready for Conceptual Physics, CPO, or another strong Physical science in 8th?
  8. __________________ This looks wonderful!!! Anyone used it?
  9. I do not presume to tell you what to do, but I was in a similar situation with my 2 boys. They are 2 years/grades apart and were doing the same math program and level. I had to do a different math curriculum with the younger one because my older son began comparing himself to his younger brother. This brought on sooo much self doubt for older son since he struggled to keep up and younger son was breezing through. It was much more work for me, but I am glad we switched to 2 different curriculums. Blessings to you as you find what fits your family.
  10. Thank you for your insight!! My ds who's doing BJU Life Science this year is bored with it, but when he looked at the Apologia text decided he didn't like the wordiness. So... now it's between Rainbow and PH with the AW. I've not seen the new BJU - but the thought of an entire year of earth and space makes me want to :banghead:. But, I'll look :)
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