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  1. Thanks again for all the suggestions. The VP Omnibus 1 Secondary she is taking is self paced. So she can go at any speed that works for her. They read some great books in that class so we are hopeful she can read many of them but if not that is alright.
  2. My daughter mostly gets B's with an occasional A or C. We decided to home school her because we thought she needed more individual help and we wanted more control over what she is being taught. Where did you pursue these evaluations? We have started to plan for next year. We are planning to cut back on TPS classes. She is going to take the Omnibus 1 Secondary class. We are not sure if we should press on with Algebra or continue with pre-Algebra. We haven't made a decision on Science. For English we are considering having her take a class at a local private school or possible use the Biola program. My daught thinks she wants to work with Special Needs children in the future (she has a younger brother with special needs) so we are thinking of her taking a sign language class. She also will take a bible class. This will be a pretty big load for her. We are hoping she will have time for the reading in the Omnibus class but if not she may not read all the books. Thanks again for all the help and advice.
  3. My daughter struggles with most subjects. Reading is her strength but even that is a little slow. She must do a lot of math problems before she begins to understand the material. She also forgets things she previously learned so we need to make sure to go over previous material often. My daughter also struggles with English and we are spending a lot of time on writing and grammer. Writing is very difficult for her. She is taking classes through TPS. She is taking transitional math, writer's workshop, grammar, physical science, US history for jr high, and propositional logic and apologetics.
  4. Thank you all so much for all the information and advice. I will look more carefully into the requirements for the colleges my daughter might apply to. Looks like we will have to go at least through Algebra 2. I am not trying to make school easier for her. She works very hard and spends 8-10 hours per day most days working on her school work. We also want her involved with church and we like her to play a couple sports during the year as well. That pretty much takes up all of her time. She doesn't have time to read nearly as much as I would like. Also no time to learn to play a musical instrument. No time to volunteer or serve on a regular basis. She is just missing out on many things that I think are very important. I guess I have to do a lot more research to try to figure this all out. Thanks again for all your help and advice. I would appreciate any additional advice anyone has.
  5. We have home schooled our dd for 1 year (8th grade) and are planning for high school. We will continue home schooling through high school. My dd struggles with math and science. She works very hard at both and with enough work she gets by. She doesn't really enjoy either subject. She hopes to go to a christian college after graduation and someday teach elementy at a christian school. She is finishing up pre-algebra and we were planning to have her do algebra 1 in 9th grade, geometry in 10th, and the Algebra 2 in 11th grade. It is my understanding that most colleges want to see at least 3 years of math. I am now considering having her do pre-algebra again for 9th. She is making through but still doesn't have a real firm grasp of all the concepts. If should took pre-algebra in 9th, algebra1 in 10th, and geometry in 11th would that satisfy most christian colleges? I am not concerned about her taking anything further than algebra 1 as long as she really understands it. I think that would be enough to get her through college for an early education degree but I may be wrong. I would also like to take some emphasis off of science. I would still teach her some of the basics of Physics, Chemestry, and Biology but I am thinking of not following a complete curriculum for these three classes. Maybe focus on Biology and follow the complete curriculum for it so she is prepaired to take it in college but not teach all of Physics and Chemestry. If we math through Algebra 2 and cover the three sciences completely I don't think my dd will have time to do other things that I think will have a much greater impact on her life. I want to free up some of her time so that she can do other things (volunteer work, learn to play and instrument, read more, take bible classes, etc.) What do you all think? Is this a wise thing to do or will it cause problems with her getting into college. My dd will not be attending prestigious colleges. She is thinking of possibly Vangard in Costa Mesa, CA or something similar. I would appreciate any feedback. Matt
  6. Thank you for the help. I will definately do something for grammer and will look into the Grammer Girl. If the other is costly I will probably not do that one.
  7. My daughter is entering the 8th grade. She has been attending a public school but we have decided to begin home schooling her. We have decided to use The Potter's School for her curriculm. This will be our first experience with home schooling. She took a placement test for English and they say she needs to start with their Writer's Workshop class before she can begin with English 1. This puts her well behind. We would like to help her gain English skills as rapidly as possible to catch up. Does anyone have any advice on anything we could do to help her catch up? We would be interested in anything. It does not have to be through The Potter's School. Grammer is a real weakness. On the English 1 pre-test she scored 22 out of 70. The results of the composition section of the pretest were: Criteria Points Earned Possible Information/Elaboration 4 out of 4 Organization 2 out of 4 Word Choices/Descript 2 out of 4 Sentence Varieties 2 out of 4 Voice & Flow 2 out of 4 Grammar/Usage 2 out of 4 Punctuation/Spelling 2 out of 4 Neither her mother not I are very skilled at English so I am very concerned about our ability to help her grow in her skills. That is one of the main reasons we didn't home school her. But from the results of this pre-test it is obvious the public school hasn't been doing very well either. I would really appreciate any advice anyone can offer. Also any advice on how to find a good English tutor that could help my daughter would be appreciated. Regards, Matt
  8. Looking to take: Math (Algebra) with Sherry O' Hearn, Latin with Isabella Leake, English 2 with Courney Johnson, Bible (Propositional Logic and Apologetics) with Samuel Gray, and possibly Graphic Art Foundations: Adobe Photoshop with Magdalena Lezama-Escalante. If anyone wouldn't mind sharing any experience with these teachers I would appreciate it.
  9. I plan to sign my dd up for some 8th grade classes at TPS. This will be her first year being home schooled. I have done as much research on the available online courses available and found good and bad reviews for all of them. From what I have found I think TPS will be the best fit for my dd. From my research it appears a key to success with TPS is finding good teachers. I plan to sign my dd up for math, english, latin, and bible. If anyone can recommend any teachers your children have had that your really liked I would appreciate hearing who the teachers were. Either reply to this post or pm me. Thank you very much for any recommendations you can make.
  10. I plan to sign my dd for some 8th grade classes this year. Would really appriciate hearing some of the good teachers you have had for 8th grade classes. Thinking of signing dd up for math, english, latin, and bible. If anyone can recommend good teacher I would really appreciate the advice.
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