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  1. Hi, We are doing CAP's French For Children this year and after trying a couple others French programs that did not work for us, this one really does. We have the DVD set that goes with it, so we can watch the lesson on it, listen to the CD as much as we need to and dd can do the work in her student book. The CD has some fun chants and I like the instructor who does the instruction on the video. The course said it could be done in less than a year, but for us to really understand what we are doing, it is going to take us much longer. I would recommend this program if you get the DVD/CD

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    Just wondered if anyone might have the following that they wanted to sell: Singapore Earlybird Kindergarten Mathematics: Standards Edition Teachers Guide A Standards Edition Teachers Guide B Standards Edition Activity Book A Standards Edition Activity Book B Standards Edition Textbook A Standards Edition Textbook B Singapore Math Express Grades 1 - 6 Singapore Math Sprints Grades 1 - 6 Singapore Primary Mathematics US Edition Workbook 1 A and Workbook 1B I Can Do All Things (Barry Strebbing) Book and/or DVD's Beethoven Who? Family Fun With Music (Marcia K Washburn) Maps/Charts/Graphs Level A Horizons Health Grade 1 New England Primer of 1777 Reading Roadmaps 1 and/or 2 American Dictionary of the English Language (Noah Webster) IEW - SWI A Notebook/Packet only All Through The Ages (Christine Miller) Daily Reading Practice (Teachers guides and Student) Please let me know what you have and the condition and price. I am looking for any condition - even if it has been written in. I can pay with paypal. My address is in North Dakota. Thanks for taking the time to look. May


  3. Thanks for the link to the free Aududon coloring pages and the website from Sotori smiles looks great, too,
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