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  1. Do or do not. There is no try.

    1. Angie in VA

      Angie in VA

      Our saying: Try so hard you DO IT!

    2. houseofkids&pets


      Okay Katie, my ds would love you. Any adult who can quote Yoda is awesome to him!!

  2. Two weeks in and I'm already yelling at my textbook.

  3. Sunbutter is a fab pb sub. i feel for people who have to deal with us food-allergic. Even my mom was a little skeptical until this summer when all those kids got sick/died in quick succession. Now she's almost more vigilant than I am. That said, your inconvenience, un-food-allergic-lady? Does not come close to not being able to breathe and hoping your epi works. (this, and the smokers whining about not being allowed to smoke on campus pisses me off. sorry that you can't pollute, stink, litter, give yourself or others cancer, and make it impossible for me to breathe, in public. only not.)
  4. Defintely don't worry about what other people are doing. I had to do this stupid assignment once too, about "life-changing experiences," and my idiot instructor put the guy who broke up with his GF to spend $75k at a private US school (and not a good one)instead of a free one in his country in the same group with a kid who escaped Sudan, a kid who watched his mom get murdered, and a couple of death/depression/abuse stories. Said she tried to group serious-nesses together. They're dumb and cheap assignments. Your kid changed your life, probably positively, right? Write about her. Write about the day you decided to go on your first date with DH. Pick an event and write about the positive of it, even if there is a negative, too.
  5. they see me rollin' my backpack, they hatin'

  6. your personality flaws are not reflective of me. nor are they my responsibility.

  7. yay homework? yay homework. yay homework!

  8. google to the rescue! http://www.tinareale.com/1215/100-motivational-workout-songs/ TobyMac tends to that sort of rhythm.
  9. I still don't like it. What if your needs are completely unmet by those areas? What about fostering community?
  10. I hate it when I have to correct an instructor.

  11. What kind of heart disease runs in his family? Like coronary disease or like hypertrophic cardiomyopathy? Either way, I'd think asking about basic physical (with a good cardiac exam, not just the oh-yeah-I-hear-a-heart-beat kind), bloods (CBC, CMP, lipid profile), resting EKG... the performing facility might give you a discount on the initial testing if you don't have insurance and are able to pay up front.
  12. I'd be thinking it's time for me to find a new church. Weird, creepy and a jerk move.
  13. STOP TRASHING GEDs. It makes you look like a tacky fool.

  14. Shoutout to my mom, who gets that it wasn't easy growing up one of the super-smart kids, and that being an adult doesn't make it any better. Especially when you're going back to school. Again.

  15. I might start working on some knitting. Just some rows, maybe for a scarf or blanket panels. I'm a lefty and not very good. (What is AMDG?)
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