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  3. I forgot to add....we gave DS a little notebook. If we don't want him fogging up and forgetting, we tell him to write it down as soon as we tell him. then he is to go do it. If we find him wandering (my son will literally be walking in circles around the island in the kitchen LOL) or elsewhere or find it undone, we ask him to go get his notebook. It saves us from being exasperated AGAIN and saves him from being so frustrated with himself. Because even tho we fuss at him when he doesn't do what he's been asked to, or it seems like he's choosing to ignore us, many times he is as frustrated
  4. O..M...G.... I have one of those. He just turned 14 and the fog that I can almost see that surrounds him is thick thick thick! Sometimes I feel pretty bad for him although we stay super frustrated with him. On the days when this foggy stuff isn't so bad, he does REALLy good. But there are days that are just a major struggle. And argue! Oh man, he just argues about nothing and everything. Dh and I look at each other because we don't even know WHAT he's even arguing about. We cut him as much slack as possible b/c I know it's probably a hormonal thing. He got ALLLLL the puberty. DD16 ne
  5. This keeps happening. I post something, and might not make it back for a few days, so I search in "my content" and it doesn't list my last post. I even keep entering some keywords from the title and it isn't coming up. What am I doing wrong? Does it come up for you guys? Its the one about a cross country move on a budget.
  6. Any permanent or physical harm/safety issues, etc., I do step in on, like others said, it really depends on the situation. Other things like crappy essays and stuff I KNOW they can do better on, I may talk to them about their best and maybe just talk about those particular consequences. If they move forward anyway, they get the consequence that comes. Kids are different, too. DD(16) is cautious, thoughtful and really wants to discuss what might happen or get me to look at stuff. If I see her headed sideways, I'd most likely say something then step aside because I know she doesn'
  7. Out of curiosity I went to the site and requested a quote plugging in zip codes to/from and whether we would pack or need helpers. I chose that we'd do all the packing and unpacking. The quote came to $7900?! Does that sound right to you ladies who've used ABF? That is WAY more than I was ever expecting...
  8. and... I think everyone is very different so the blood test results are usually key to how it's taken. Mine was at a 1 and the doc wanted me to at least at a 15, whatever that means. lol So, I started taking it daily (orally) all month long and only coming off of it for 5 days once my period starts. That worked ok for the #'s in the blood test, but emotionally/mentally I would take a huge dive when I was off of it, so she added the lowest dose cream to use during that 5 days so my body didn't feel a full withdrawl. But I was still to omit the oral dose during that 5 days. I asked why I
  9. A city of around 85,000..I haven't checked for sure lately, but when we lived there before we saw the POD company there. Thank you. We've moved across the country 3 other times, all a variety of different ways...but every time we moved DH's covered trailer ourselves. His tbird is non insurable for a company to move. There is no category in their database for a car like that. lol That was a surprise to me years ago. This time, with only 2 drivers (me not being one of them) and even after reducing still cannot fit every thing into one Uhaul truck (even the largest), and with
  10. well they are supposed to have some very healthy and important oils in them that can go rancid easily so I've read to grind them up and eat them right away. They can be used as an egg replacement in recipes by allowing the ground seeds to absorb water/milk and I've had very good success using them this way. But, it sounds like that's what happened in your yogurt and that's not so good! lol Unless you eat it right away. Lately I"ve been grinding them up and using them in our pancake mix. Any flour type item you are making, they will blend right in with the batter/dough. I've also sprin
  11. bioidentical here b/c of extreme stress, my progesterone level went to zero and stayed there. It took a while to get the levels right but now that debilitating general anxiety disorder I had disappeared w/ the bio progesterone. It's SUCH a relief. But I would suggest using a knowledgeable dr for sure. My sister picked up the yam creams and other OTC stuff and used it for a couple years and in the end it made things much worse for her. The dr will keep tabs through blood tests and make sure things are right instead of self medicating. Not that you were thinking of doing that, but just sha
  12. I didn't expect much but loved it! I'm always surprised by her voice, too, but she is a classically trained singer so that makes sense, I guess.
  13. I have seriously considered selling a bunch of stuff, especially furniture, and rebuying in MT. But, when we moved here, we replaced everything so most all furniture is new so I'm thinking it would just cost us much more to sell it all and rebuy it. If it were all a few years old, I think it might be worth it. I can't be one of the drivers. We are paying our other driver (family friend) to come from MT to help drive us up. So we are already paying for a plane ticket down. It is FRIGHTFULLY expensive to fly out of Montana so I'm not sure about flying him out, then reflying him wit
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