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  1. We actually did some hands on science today. Thank you TOPS!

  2. Movers are here today. I'm very excited about moving to WA!

    1. idnib


      How'd it go?

    2. Aras


      It went well, everything is loaded onto the truck and the house is empty and ready for cleaning. How did my house get this dusty??

    3. idnib


      I know what you mean about dust. I'm glad things went well!

  3. Today in latin, my kids started singing "nos agricolae sumus" to the Farmer's Insurance jingle. At least they are engaged :-P

    1. FairProspects


      My kids totally did that too when we hit that part of the book! Too funny!

    2. umsami


      LOL :) That is hilarious.

    3. Aras


      They crack me up all the time.

  4. Commotion in the schoolroom. I walk in and ask, "What's going on?" Kids reply, "Oh... just throwing hundreds and tens blocks at each other." At least they are made of foam...

  5. I'm back after a much needed road trip. North shore of Lake Superior, Black Hills of SD, Denver CO. Epic, but it is good to be home.

  6. Tween girl slumber party at my house. Why did I agree to this??

    1. Renai


      Temporary insanity?

    2. Aras


      Yes, I think after about six months I forget and then I agree to another one.


  7. My husband came home from work and said, "I come bearing gifts." My son replied, "Math manipulatives??" That's my kid.

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    2. Aras


      No, they were pastries. My son was still excited.

    3. melbotoast


      Those are good for division, subtraction, fractions... :)

    4. Woodland Mist Academy

      Woodland Mist Academy

      1 for you, 2 for me... ;)

  8. I love that my hometown library offers free and reduced passes to local museums. Yet another reason to have a library card!

  9. While packing for a cross-country road trip this week, I sent the kids to do Khan Academy instead of teaching their usual math lessons. Ds said he would rather learn his math from me. Like the Grinch, I think my heart grew 3 sizes today.

    1. mathmarm


      :). What a wonderful feeling!

    2. melbotoast
    3. Aras


      It was a great feeling! Sometimes… I wonder if what I do matters. I guess it does :)

  10. We got a real piano today and Dd is ecstatic!

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    2. Tsuga


      Oh my gosh, that is thrilling. Congrats.

    3. 4ofus


      That is SO exciting!!

    4. Aras


      I'm so thankful I can fulfill this wish for my daughter. I wanted a piano so badly when I was a child. It sounds so beautiful to hear her play randomly throughout the day :)

  11. Today ds learned poetry memorization is more fun when it is done in a Donald Duck voice.

    1. ScoutTN


      Haha! My Ds does his in

      yoda voice lately!

    2. Aras
  12. I feel so light and free today!

  13. I'm sorry to say, dd, that you will have to change out of your pajamas for your Friday afternoon play date.

    1. M.A.


      or you could just change into YOUR pj's and have a daytime pajama party! ;)

    2. KathyBC


      I've had that conversation. :D

  14. I feel like a crumpled piece of paper after last weekend's Girl Scout camp out!

  15. I should find out today if we are going to Okinawa or not. I'm excited and bewildered at the same time!

    1. GailV


      That DOES sound exciting! Hope it all works out for the best!

  16. Finally added a profile pic!

  17. First day of coop tomorrow, and I'm teaching map coloring. I hope there is at least one kid who likes discrete math as much as I do.

  18. Dd to Ds: Three dots are supposed to be a dramatic pause. You paused but it wasn't very dramatic.

    1. Chrysalis Academy

      Chrysalis Academy

      Everybody's a critic!!! LOL!

  19. Ds is learning the theme from Ode to Joy for the guitar. I played a Youtube clip of it and he said, "That's my slow jam." Lol!

    1. mlbuchina


      that is awesome lol

    2. Laura's Haven

      Laura's Haven

      That's fantastic! I bet it sounds great on guitar.


  20. I went to the Revolutionary War reenactment at Old Sturbridge Village last weekend. It was so much fun!

  21. Last year my printer broke right before we started school, my replacement printer just broke. Dejá vu all over again!

    1. mama25angels


      Oh my goodness! I'm so sorry, I know that frustration all to well

  22. I just picked up a copy of Britton's Polyhedra Pastimes. I hope it is good!

  23. My family finally went on one of those famous Missouri float trips. I have a sunburn, sore shoulders and my kids heard quite a lot of cussing on the river. Overall it was a great experience!

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    2. Kevin'sMom


      I have lived in Missouri since 2002, but we have NEVER done a float trip. Maybe we should try it?


    3. regentrude


      Kevin's Mom: you absolutely should! It is a lot of fun. Try to avoid Saturdays; that's when most people go whose idea of fun involves alcohol and loud obnoxious behavior. Sundays are the best days to have peace and quiet on the river.

  24. You know it is the night before the last day of coop when your model pasta bridge won't stay together and your printer stops working!

  25. I rearranged my homeschool room. Does that mean I am a "real" homeschooler now?

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