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  1. thank you so much! And thanks to the OP for starting this thread. We used Jacob's with Dr Callahan in Algebra 1 - found it rigorous and good but a little too teacher (me) intensive for grading and reteaching things that weren't clear to my DD. Used CTC for Geometry and found out after a school year that it was lacking (compared to another program my other dd was taking at the time). And now are having a struggle finding a fit for Algebra 2. We're looking at Unlock now, comparing it to Dive videos. Thank you! 🙂
  2. Hi, Bumping this up as I'm wondering too 🙂 Looking at Algebra 2. Thanks!
  3. I thought if I replied here maybe I would feel more organized. Or less ?: Math - Singapore 6 Science - Apologia Anatomy Writing - IEW Ancient Themed, mom-made writer's workshop, journal writing Phonics - Explode the Code, maybe some AAS review? Grammar - Rod and Staff 5 Reading - lots of read alouds and..... TBD? I need to reread TWTM for this Spelling - Sequential spelling, probably History - ancient history, MOH 1 French or Latin - ?? DuoLingo? BBLL? Now I think I need to go find a 'how to schedule it' thread ?
  4. Thanks for that reassurance TCB! ? What I had read a few months back on this forum made me excited for her class - I'm glad to know your experience was good, I'll go back to looking forward to it ?and hope Mallorie2245 has gotten her grade!
  5. Yikes. this makes me nervous. I don't have an answer to your question but rather am hoping you have received the grade. It makes me nervous because we are signed up for this course this fall.... have you been happy otherwise?
  6. I'm also planning to use it without the course this year. I did watch the DVDs 3 years ago but am not sure I remember any of it (; and don't want to invest in either the time or money to get them this year. I also question using it and WWS (I've used both but at different times with my olders) but it may depend on the child. One of mine who loves to write may have enjoyed doing them at the same time (or alternating days/weeks) but another one of mine who would rather do calculus (she's only in Geometry) than write would have been stretched too much to do both at the same time. Hope that helps.
  7. Thank you so much hollyhock2! I appreciate it, that helps a lot. Since I'm ordering the quiz book and the answer key for that I will call that enough ( :
  8. Hi I'd like to ask the same thing - I'm trying to order a Health Curriculum for my 9th grader. I had thought we'd order the video streaming health class from Abeka, but I am now looking at the much cheaper text alone. Has anyone used either? And if we go the book route alone, is the teacher guide necessary? Thanks ?
  9. Thank you so much!! I just stumbled upon this thread and am so glad I did. My oldest is starting 8th and I'm realizing how much I have to learn, so this is great. Thank you! :hurray:
  10. Thank you calbear! that's helpful :001_smile:
  11. Thank you EKS for that good advice - I hadn't thought of starting and reevaluating as need be :thumbup: and Julie of KY thanks too, that makes me think it is reasonable.
  12. Looking for suggestions for my DD (6th) - math seems to come naturally to her. I'm wondering what to do for 6th grade - last year she did Singapore 6 and Saxon 7/6. For this coming year I'm considering jumping her right into Jacobs Algebra w Dr Callahan. Has anyone else done this without doing Saxon 8/7 or some other pre-algebra course first? Thanks!
  13. I'm planning to use TWTM, and TOG year 3 this year (with MOH supplementing where possible). Our focus will be the 1800s, Using with grades: 8th, 6th, 4th, 1st Is anyone aware of a spreadsheet that lines up the literature/history reads for these programs? Thanks! :001_smile:
  14. It's simple, but I just read aloud a chapter (more or less) a day from anywhere in the Bible .. we've enjoyed reading through Daniel, Nehemiah, Matthew, Acts.. sometimes I literally just open and read. However, if you are looking for a "how to study the Bible guide" I've personally liked Kay Arthur and Beth Moore and Warren Weirsbe. Kay Arthur (precept ministries) does have some studies for kids (I haven't used them). I'm not sure about Beth Moore, but I think some of hers would be good for a 12yo. you can download her video lessons too I think. The Weirsbe book I read was on John (called Be Alive) and I myself read it years and years ago but it was helpful as he writes a chapter for each chapter in the book of John. I'm just now remembering your original post; I can't state on old earth, etc views of these authors, but if you are interested in general Bible study they will get you into the Bible; the studies I've done really focus on the Bible, how to study it, and not too much commentary, some good questions and cross references mainly. Another simple idea - first thing in the morning they read wherever they'd like in the Bible and write a verse or two down that stuck out to them in their reading, they each have a small spiral notebook for this. Illustrating optional. The Good News Bible is a translation we like for this. It's interesting to see where they go - one of my kids has spent the year in Proverbs. Ideally we'd discuss this every day, but I think we've done that once. :closedeyes: I didn't want to make Bible reading a "chore" and I think writing one verse has been simple and they are gaining independence in reading the Bible on their own. Hope that helps. :001_smile:
  15. Just chiming in to highly recommend the HIG!! They are wonderful. We've used them 1A-5B (standards edition). 6A ONLY has the Teachers Guide (as of last year anyway) .. and there is no comparison, the TG is not nearly as thorough or understandable. The HIG are complete and offer multiple layers of learning. For my oldest child we didn't start the HIG until 3B, thinking I didn't need them if I had the text and student book, the HIG offers SO MUCH MORE than the text.
  16. thank you Boscopup - I didn't realize there is a free download, I'll look for that. And swainsonshank thanks too, I'll check your link. Much appreciated.
  17. Thank you all so much for your time/response to this. I really appreciate it! :001_smile:
  18. Does anyone have any experience using Singapore Math 6B? If so, what did you use next? I was planning to do Jacob's Math (algebra) with Dr. Callahan because I have heard such great things. But when my dd did the 'are you ready' test on Dr. Callahan's site she missed more than I'm comfortable with. So now I'm revisiting the idea of a formal 'pre' algebra course. Singapore has hit on many of the concepts but I'm guessing not all (we've used their u.s. standards editions since first grade). Does anyone have a recommendation for what we should use prior to Dr. Callahan's Jacobs Math? Thanks so much!
  19. I think that if it is primarily election season that causes this turmoil it may be best to try to remember you love each other more than you love any candidate or political issue. This isn't to say that your views don't matter, or that his don't matter, or that politics doesn't reach so many aspects of our lives. It is to say that there are other topics in life (even if they are affected by politics indirectly) that you can continue to focus on. You have mentioned that he has made concessions to you and perhaps if you can acknowledge to him that you realize he isn't having as much political discourse as he may like but that you are having more political discourse than you would like ~ I know it's terribly simplistic, but two conflict resolution ideas: can you both agree during your morning hour that as soon as feelings start getting hurt or tempers start rising that political discussion instantly ends and the channel gets switched to the cooking shows? And, I also think if you can let him know (or keep reminding him) that you have heard his point (the sky is falling) and you appreciate his thoughtfulness (he's not apathetic) this may help him realize he doesn't have to 'yell so loudly' because you have heard him. ? hope it helps ? (:
  20. Thank you SevenDaisies! In all these years I never knew there was an optional answer key pamphlet (using the HIG I didn't need another key) but it didn't occur to me to scroll past the year we were on to see what else was offered. But since you said the teacher's guides don't look so bad maybe I'll just invest in those... nice to know I have an option. thanks again! :001_smile:
  21. thank you coffeemama! This is actually quite helpful. After reading TWTM I know I'd like a year of Geometry but wasn't sure how to fit it in the sequence. I'm so glad to hear the jr. high level books are so good - for some reason I have always assumed I'd need to switch to something else for jr high, but we've been so pleased with Singapore so far that the idea of keeping with it sounds wonderful! thanks again! :001_smile:
  22. My DD11 is starting Singapore Math 6A. We've been very happy with Singapore and have used it exclusively since 1st grade. My issue is that starting in 6A (standards) there is no Home Instructor Guide. I have found the HIG in previous years to really provide more depth and understanding in the program. The answer keys came in handy too to help me check work quickly. I don't have time to go through and work each problem in her assignments myself (even though it is only 6th grade math :001_rolleyes:). I'm now thinking without the HIG she may not get as much out of it and I may have to put more into it. Which causes me to question whether another math program would be better for us or even if I should do Singapore plus another? I'm considering Saxon (7/6?) and even wonder about Dr Callahans Jacobs math. Or perhaps I shell out the $$ and buy the Classroom Teacher Guide for 6A (106$ for the year)? But from the little I can tell online it doesn't look nearly as user friendly or useful. Have any of you found yourself in the same situation - loving Singapore but wondering what to do in 6th? switching from the HIG to the teacher's guide? Or have any of you done something completely different in 6th and you're glad you did? Thanks in advance!
  23. I got Singapore which I've used for years and love! Yay! Nice job(:
  24. :lurk5: wondering too... I'm trying to decide between BP, Mystery Of History v.1 (which we love and used 4 years ago), TOG, TruthQuest... which to use as a 'spine' that is the most chronological. Notgrass Adam to Us looks great but doesn't seem to be released yet? I think those are all of the options I've found so far that fits my hopes. Which is best for many kiddos at the same time (ages 11, 9,7,4) that also meets TWTM lists of great men and women and literature to cover for Ancients? I'd love to use all of them :drool: but realize we must also learn math etc. By any chance has anyone correlated a few of these?
  25. I've just come across Notgrass From Adam to Us, it looks exactly like what I'm looking for - so excited! But then I see it says available Spring 2016!?! Can you tell me please if you know of a place to get it in advance? :drool: thanks!
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