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  1. I feel ya! Yep, me too. DD diagnosed Wednesday w Flu A. I stayed home Wednesday and Thursday (2 of my 3 day work week) to take care of her. I’m hoping mine is minor and I can work. I had a flu shot which was mandatory at work (healthcare center). This flu season has been unpredictable to say the least!
  2. I saw that program. It was fascinating!
  3. I HAVEN’T VOTED OR LOOKED AT THE RESULTS I am a hygienist and I’m missing my LOWER lateral incisors. Due to my profile, I opted to make spaces, there was no space where the missing teeth were. (My bite was Class 2 division 2, deep overjet.) I had braces as an adult. After the braces I wore my lower retainer with 2 teeth on it until I worked in an office I wanted to do the permanent work. I had 2 Maryland bridges done. I don’t think they are as common today but mine are 25+ years and still going strong. I am not a candidate for implants due to not enough bone. My questions for you are: Is your son missing upper or lower lateral incisors? What does his profile look like? Does he need a fuller smile or can he just make do with missing the incisors and making the cuspids look like laterals? Why is 1 orthodontist recommending spaces and implants? I have seen successful ortho cases using the cuspids as laterals. (*I think* Michael Jordan is missing an upper lateral incisor and he has a cuspid in its place.) I’ve also seen spaces made and bridge work placed. The singer Shania Twain has *I think* missing upper lateral incisors and very nice bridgework done. It’s much easier to use the cuspids rather than do bridges or implants. It’s all done when the ortho is done, except for the slight shaping done to make the cuspid look more like an incisor. HTH I’ll go look at the voting results now. 😉
  4. My dress was $500. Alterations and the veil were extra, I can’t remember the total. The shopping experience wasn’t special. My friend and I stopped at a bridal store on a fluke and I fell in love with the dress. It was the 2nd one I tried on. The whole wedding, dress, flowers, church basement reception was around $2000. My parents reimbursed me (mostly) after I paid for things initially. They didn’t like my husband and didn’t think we would actually make it to the wedding day and/or stay married. We celebrated 30 years last May. They eventually changed their minds about him and he actually became their favorite SIL. 😉
  5. Globes, especially old metal bank ones.
  6. I’ve had one for over 2 years and I don’t see any benefit other than it is a nice glow for a night light. HTH
  7. Teeth can withstand perpendicular force. It happens all the time when you chew and clench.
  8. I just did a quickie volcano a few weeks ago in a co-op class. I used an empty plastic 12oz water bottle for the baking soda, vinegar, etc on an old cookie sheet. I secured it to the cookie sheet with clear packing tape. Then I covered the cookie sheet in parchment paper, using clear packing tape. (You could use newspaper for a lot of this but we didn’t have any. ) I put green plastic grocery bags around it, building it up to the top of the plastic bottle, then I used clear packing tape to keep it secure at the neck of the bottle. (Again, you could use newspaper to build it up to the top, then cover with green construction paper to make it look a little more real. )I taped the plastic bags to the cookie sheet using, you guessed it, clear packing tape. It worked fine, we did the experiment outside and I had a big garbage bag to keep the “lava†contained but the cookie sheet did ok. I just wrapped it all up after and threw it all away. You could use a big disposable aluminum foil pan if you want, too.
  9. Archery classes $150 for 16 weeks 1x week x2 kids=$300 All supplies are provided in their classes, although they will be getting bows for their big gift for Christmas.
  10. Roast turkey Mashed potatoes Gravy and more gravy Oyster dressing Green bean casserole ETA; rolls (like we don’t have enough carbs!) Pumpkin pie Not sure what else my BIL is bringing but I’m sure it will be yummy!
  11. Ah, that makes a huge difference. An example of why one needs to read the complete thread. 😮
  12. Lularoe’s leggings and tops are so comfortable. The leggings are colorful and fun, too. There are also dresses that have cute prints and are comfortable. (By the way, I am not a dealer, just a comfortable customer.) 😉
  13. We lived in a house that had that kind of ceiling and rafters. Air conditioning was crazy expensive because there was no insulation in a crawl space.
  14. I put peanut butter and bread on the table along with whatever meal I cooked. If they didn’t like what I made, the other choice was already on the table. They might have a vegetable and a PB sandwich if the protein didn’t appeal to them. Fortunately, they weren’t picky eaters because I didn’t want to battle with food. Both of my girls like a variety of foods now. I have one that is pickier with fruits; she’ll eat banana, apples, and watermelon only but that’s ok. She likes almost every kind of vegetable.
  15. My grandmother's oyster dressing and turkey. My husband smoked it on the grill last year. It was good, but I like my Alton Brown brined, moist turkey more.
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