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  1. I'm going crazy over chemistry for my 10th gr son. I'm now on plan D...because all former plans/arrangements have fallen apart...and we're starting in 6 weeks! Here are my constraints/criteria: 1) Budget tight this year. I currently own Apologia Exploring Creation with Chem Curriculum 2)Son is very bright but doesn't know/think he is. Not a teachable sort. Usually balks at "curveballs". Much talking, powwowing, lecturing & correcting & then he breezes through. Lather. Rinse. Repeat. Sigh. 3)Using Singapore Math--integrated curriculum. Has completed Alg 1, Geo A, and some Alg 2a content. 4) I have 5 kiddos--he's the oldest, youngest is 4yo. I have to be very wise with my time--not interested in a curriculum that will require lots of "intervention". 5) Chemistry is so far down on his list of things he likes, it is probably in the negative range. 6)He will be taking an online World Hist college course--a first for us so that will be a new challenge this year. Don't want to overwhelm. My ideal that I'm considering: DIVE with EC Chem and Advanced Chem. Since I often dream bigger than is realistic I'm wondering if it's possible to do the DIVE with just the EC Chem? I don't think we would really purse the AP option (though maybe) and he is not truly interested in the subject (history or geography and he'd be all over it!). I like the idea of the DIVE video lectures & labs but not sure if it would work w/out the Advanced Chem text. Thoughts? Or other suggestions?
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