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  1. I would get both and alternate them. K II will probably prep them for CLE better. hth ~Bethany
  2. We have had good luck using Go For the Code and ETC. I didn't do that much with the twins before then. They are now 7yo and can read (really well) and write. We do use CLE. My 7yo twins are going through ETC and CLE Language Arts 100 right now.
  3. I don't want to purchase a curriculum for history for my 7th graders. Any good book lists that have some sort of historical flow that I can get online? I've tried Trushquest. My 13 yo daughter reads a book a day, so I think using the library verses purchasing a ton of books (Sonlight) is the way to go for us. She'll have them read in no time. Fiction Missionaries Biographies
  4. Anyone who visits can complete up to 20 questions each day and view local academic standards.
  5. Just wanted to share. Good site for extra practice in math. http://www.ixl.com/promo?partner=google&phrase=Display%20-%20General%20-%20Image%20Ad&gclid=CIqR__-43KwCFcjb4Aodvw5ArQ
  6. I am looking for a unit study on American government branches, Supreme Court, etc. Can anyone recommend one you've liked? Thanks!
  7. Wow, the dot maps had me stumped!! :D I'll get the TM. He's reading so we started in the middle at 105 to go with LA 101. We'll see if it works out.
  8. I've always wanted to give Beautiful Feet books a try. My daughter reads mostly historical fiction and we do MOH. bfbooks.com
  9. My six year old started with LTR 105 and Language Arts 101 today. I did not buy the Teacher's Guide as I never use them with my older students. But, there are these little dot graphs that he is suppose to copy on page 5. Is he just suppose to visualize and copy the graph beneath with all the dots filled in or what?? Like here on pg. 14 of this sample. I feel sill =y for asking. Should I get the TG?
  10. Yes, I do. But, we do it together and if they are burned out, I usually let them correct their mistakes the next day before they start their lesson.
  11. LOVE Fulbright's Exploring Creation Swimming Creatures. We're using it third through sixth grade and they are learning so much!! My sixth grader is teaching, but really they are doing it together. :001_smile: Land Animals is next-can't wait!
  12. We went from Rod and Staff to CLE (clp.org) and it was an easy transition. My kids love it! My third grader is using math, language arts, social studies, and reading. My kids enjoy going through a Light Unit which takes them a few weeks and then they get a fresh new one. It's a challenge for them. :001_smile: And it's cheap!
  13. It will pass. One of my sons was like that...and OPGTR can be a bit much. With this son we did Explode the Code and got him some Calvin and Hobbes comics and he wanted to read those...so it worked! My current six year old loves Explode the Code. The reading is silly and lightens things up a bit. His twin hates to do any work and will barely grip the pencil. :tongue_smilie: But, he can read.
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