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    <p>This is a place to learn more about essential oils, recipes and different uses. </p>
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    <p>Do the words "Here I stand. I cannot do otherwise," still give you a chill? Do you love the Sola's? Does "By grace, through faith, and that not of yourselves; it is the gift of God; not of works--lest any man should boast" epitomize your Faith? And are you homeschooling your child as a Lutheran WTMer? Then please join us here! No attacks, please--we want to get all cozy here.</p>
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    <p>Here is a place for everyone interested in foster care and/or adoption--whether it is adoption through foster care, infant domestic, international. Issues, questions, vents, reading recommendations, etc.</p>
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    <p>This group is for anyone currently eating or wanting to try eating Paleo or any of the other forms there of. Please feel free to ask questions or share recipes. </p>
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