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  1. I love this thread! I need to make some more things for my 3yo She loves the rice/bean box!!
  2. Sure! :) Can you give me an idea of what all is in it?
  3. What is in it? I've just taught from the textbook so far so I'm wondering how necessary it is. So, I was hoping someone could tell me what exactly is in the TM?
  4. We used Sound and Structure this year --- are you saying you're using both?
  5. Thank you all so much, this is an amazingly helpful thread! Talking about things doesn't work well with him in the back of the van where I can't really hear him, esp. with two little girls trying to talk over him! lol But I've gotten some great ideas here, keep 'em coming!
  6. Up until now we've just skipped school if we weren't going to be home but with DS being in 3rd grade next year that's not going to fly anymore. Those of you who school in the car, chime in? How do you do it? I'm at a complete loss here!
  7. I feel like a moron reading this thread. I thought WWE was just the workbooks, I didn't know there was a teachers book with it? Crap.
  8. I ran a search but didn't see a thread with reviews. We are using MFW and for 3rd grade they recommend Spelling Power. For 2nd we used Spelling by Sound and Structure and liked it. I'm looking for reviews about SP and whether or not there's something better...
  9. Fiction books that aren't crap. LOL No "Diary of a Wimpy Kid", etc. I want good books, preferably some Christian ones... any suggestions?
  10. Anyone used this? http://patternbasedwriting.com/
  11. I haven't kept up with this since the second week but I read THREE books last week so that should count for SOMETHING, right? LOL This week I'm reading "Perfect Madness."
  12. And here I thought I was a freak for dreading it so! I refuse to take the kids and most of the time beg DH to stop on his way home!
  13. Never heard of it before but a quick google search came up with this: http://forum.rickross.com/read.php?14,15330 Btw, I am a Christian. Not all "Christians" are truly following Jesus.
  14. What is LOF? And MM for that matter? LOL
  15. Our church is struggling financially and still doesn't charge.
  16. One I loved as a kid, may have been a made-for-tv, was Lonesome Dove. Oh and Mac and Me. Rain Man
  17. Have you posted that, too? If not, will you? :) Fave!!! Hmm, now we need to take this whole thread and compile it by age appropriateness.
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