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  1. I agree that it's worth it, and that the program holds its value and is easy to resell if you take care of it. I've recouped almost my entire cost for every level we've used. There really are a lot of rules in levels 3 and 4 that help kids decode longer and more complicated words.
  2. AAR is phonics only. AAS is spelling only. There is some overlap between the two, but they teach different skills (decoding vs. encoding). There is very little overlap with the skills taught in WWE. AAS does include some dictation practice but it doesn't explicitly teach capitalization, punctuation, etc. The dictation is designed to practice spelling concepts. We use all three (AAR, AAS, and WWE), as well as R&S for grammar. Or we did -- we have since finished AAR and now just read and discuss for literature. IME, none of these takes more than 20-30 minutes/day MAX, so it's not a
  3. Some of this has probably been covered in the mega-threads, but I thought we could use this space to brainstorm ways we can help others while we are stuck in our homes. I'm thinking particularly of things kids/teens can participate in, so something other than donating money/resources (which is of course also a great thing to do for those who have the means!). Feeling lonely and isolated is starting to take its toll in our house, and I'd really like to have some ways we can reach out as a family to others who might be feeling that way too. One idea I've seen is to write encourag
  4. I hate those carousels too. I always make a point of asking the cashier if I got all my bags because I inevitably miss one. I'm sorry they didn't hold your purchase. That sucks. Could you ask that they reserve one for you on the next delivery?
  5. I know some people have said they see new families who have been forced into crisis schooling decide to take the plunge into homeschooling. I've seen that too. But I'm a little concerned that there will be a backlash against homeschooling when all this is over because so many families will have experience what they *think* is homeschooling in an environment of chaos and stress. I do think it's important offer support while reminding people that crisis schooling is not homeschooling.
  6. Do you happen to have a link to her article, or the title? I agree that it does seem weirdly limited. This is one reason why I don't think it is the threat some folks seem to think it is. If it does happen, and if you are able to go, I would love to hear a fly-on-the-wall report!
  7. We've enjoyed going back and binge watching old series: Frazier, Designing Women, Monk A newer show we like is Zoey's Extraordinary Playlist
  8. That group has been the topic of some discussion here in the past. While their experiences are certainly worthy of consideration, I would have hoped that most reasonable people would have agreed that they are unlikely to be the common homeschool experience. I am a bit dismayed to see that the conference appears to be extremely biased in one direction. I am not opposed to some regulation of homeschoolers.
  9. So I am seeing a ton of angst on Facebook over this homeschooling conference coming up at Harvard in June: Homeschooling Summit: Problems, Politics, and Prospects for Reform And frankly, I'm desperate to talk/think about pretty much anything that isn't virus-related at this point. So what's your take? Is this something to keep on our collective homeschooling radar? Cause for hue and cry and organized protest? A big, juicy nothingburger? Distract me with your opinion.
  10. I have seen a lot of unsolicited advice, most of which I think is extremely unhelpful. I have also seen a few requests for help, especially in state and local groups. I respond to those if I think I have something helpful to say, but most of the time I simply advise the asker to continue following the assignments set out for them by the school. At the end of the day, these kids are still public school students, and they need to do what their teachers are telling them to do. I don't feel like generalized advice about schedules and stuff is that helpful because situations vary so much. I don't k
  11. DD14 is a competitive rower. She just started last year and really got into it over the winter. She worked so hard in the off season to train for spring. And we just got word this afternoon that the spring season is canceled. It had been postponed but now there is no hope of getting things going again. She is completely bummed of course, but so are we because through this outlet she had just begun in the past month or so to overcome her anxiety, build confidence, and make friends. Her coach is allowing team members who can to borrow an erg for the remainder of the season, and he is work
  12. I didn't sleep well last night. Woke up at 4 and finally dozed back off around 5:30, got up for good at 7:30 but couldn't seem to get moving at all. School was bare minimum. I'm getting ready to take dd to her therapy appointment. We debated, but as there is never any other person there besides us and the therapist, we feel it's relatively low-risk. And very important for her continued mental health. So here we go. I haven't left the house since last Thursday. DH made one trip to the grocery store on Saturday. We've already got a pick-up order queued up so we don't have to do that anymor
  13. My dh is a former Charter Communications employee. He just got off the phone with a friend who is still there and was telling me about this story: https://techcrunch.com/2020/03/16/charter-coronavirus-work-home/ Ridiculous. His friend says that they have been told explicitly, "We are not a work-from-home company." Granted, their technicians must be on-site, but even their engineers, sales, and customer service people (whose jobs can be done 100% remotely) are being told to come into the office or use their one week of paid sick leave. No exceptions. Employees at two offices in our st
  14. Cabin fever is setting in around here. DD is moody and the quarantine has not been good for her anxiety, which she was just starting to make major headway against. Today we are going to ds' piano lesson, the only activity still running. His teacher is a friend with only a handful of students so we've decided that we will continue for the time being. I'm dragging dd with us even though she is balking because the timing messes with her school "schedule" (self-imposed -- there's the anxiety again) but she has to get out. After piano we are going to stop by to see my mom for a few minutes at
  15. Our pastor posted on Facebook last night that he is rethinking his position based on the most recent recommendations from the CDC and the president (by which I assume he means the 10-person rule). He says that we will continue to have services but that there will be more adjustments to how we conduct ourselves. Not sure what that means but I guess it's encouraging after the previous statements about obeying God and not man. I know that some in our denomination have gone to service sign-ups, offering multiple services with limited attendance each. I am not sure that really does it though,
  16. If TP doesn't come back into stock soon, I'm really going to regret having recycled that Rainbow Resource catalog!

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      Lori D.

      😂 -- Not laughing at your predicament -- it's your innovativeness... Did you find some TP??

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      We did -- thank you!

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      Whew! 😄 I was afraid you were going to have to start scouring your neighborhood for big, soft leaves! 😂

  17. I'm sorry your brother is being such a pain. I suppose it's normal for conspiracy theories to abound over something like this, but I just don't get it. In my religious community I keep hearing about how the big, scary government has banned church services and we have to refuse. No, the government has asked people to refrain from gathering in large groups in order to flatten the curve and protect the vulnerable. Big difference. And then there's people like my parents, who aren't conspiracy theorists but just think the whole thing is blown out of proportion and have no plans to alter anythi
  18. Okay, I know I am harping here, so y'all feel free to put me on Ignore (temporarily or otherwise 😄 ). I just don't have anywhere else I feel I can say these things right now. Now the argument I'm seeing everywhere is "we have to obey God rather than man." Which I don't get AT. ALL. In my state at least, we haven't been ordered not to worship God, or to do or not do anything else. The governor has ASKED us to refrain from gathering in large groups in order to protect the most vulnerable among us. It's called a ban, but I mean really, it's not like the SWAT team is going to bust through the
  19. The governor of NC has just closed public schools for at least two weeks. Measures being taken to help families with childcare and students who need food.
  20. I think I'm being over-sensitive. I am sure our pastor meant to comforting, not judgmental. But I do think there is a lot of this going on too. I suppose it's human nature to want to be the one who is strong and brave and bold. And sometimes that is the right thing to do. I think of the stories of clergy and people of faith in past pandemics who nursed the sick and cared for the dying and bereaved spiritually without a thought for their own well-being. And that is truly admirable. But those were times when people did not have the knowledge and capacity to prevent those people from becoming sic
  21. Our services are definitely still on. Not sure how I feel about that. We are 100% on board with self-isolating in the interest of protecting those around us. But what good does that do if a large percentage of the community isn't participating? It's the same with things like the TP shortage: we purposely didn't buy TP early in the week when we shopped because we didn't need any at the moment and didn't want to contribute to causing a shortage. But now, although we are still fine for the time being, there isn't a square to spare in our town. Hopefully a shipment arrives before we run out.
  22. Charter/Spectrum is offering free internet service and wifi as well.
  23. Good idea. Ours is still showing on the school calendar, with no indication there's been a change, so fingers crossed. Of course, all the athletic events are still up too, and those were suspended yesterday by the state athletic association so...
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