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  1. WWS is a great curriculum but IMO better if you are committed to homeschooling long-term, as I think you really need all three levels to get the most benefit from it. It's also incredibly intense and even SWB says that most 5th graders aren't ready for it. I did use it in 5th with my gifted oldest, and it went fine but we still went at half-pace. I wouldn't start that early with my younger kiddo, if I use WWS with him. Welcome to the club! 🙂
  2. 🙂 But how many people claimed to have found the unicorn??
  3. I feel like there's two conversations going on here: one about the experiences of the characters in the film and what that experience says about our society -- and one about the making of the film, including the use of real tween girls who are really acting out the scenes depicted, and what that says about our society. It's a really interesting display of the phenomenon Scott Adams calls "two movies, one screen." I wonder what THAT says about our society? 🤨
  4. This is me. I've gotten so I don't really care; I'm just brutally honest in these threads. Do I think it's possible to school 6-12 (especially 9-12) well in 2-3 hours/day? I mean, I guess so. If you have a highly motivated student. Or more likely, if you have a student who isn't that academically inclined and spends the bare minimum on academic work but lots of time doing things that many people wouldn't consider school (learning a trade, etc.). I do happen to consider that school myself, but I can understand how sometimes in these discussions people can talk past one another. But I do al
  5. Put me in the "over the advice to finish school in two hours or less" camp. I just had a conversation today with a mom who was concerned because her third-grader is taking three hours to do his work. Like, three hours a day is COMPLETELY reasonable for a third-grader. But she keeps hearing all this tripe so she thinks she's doing something wrong. And don't even get me started on the insistence that high schoolers should be able to finish in a couple hours a day because "changing classes and lunch" or something.
  6. DD15 I'd say an average of 7 hours per day. Work on the weekends -- probably most of the time, but not more than a couple of hours any given weekend. She tends to read at breakfast and lunch so she doesn't really take a break during the day. She prefers to focus until things are done.
  7. We used it in middle school, but if I were using it for high school I'd probably skip the lit sections IF my student already had a pretty good foundation in basic literary analysis. I'd want to spend time putting those skills to use on longer pieces, especially in grades 10-12. If my student didn't have much/any experience with literary analysis, I might consider using WWS, but since those sections are spread out across all three levels (IIRC), I'd still be inclined to find a different resource to do a crash course in the basics instead. (IEW's Windows to the World does a pretty good job
  8. Thanks for the suggestions! I'll check them out. It's so hard for me to find the right intensity level. I tried one of these this morning and really enjoyed it: https://www.youtube.com/c/BodyProjectchallenge
  9. Are there other YouTube workout channels you also enjoy? I find Jessica Smith's style to be just the right length and intensity level to fit into my morning and give me a boost for the day. But having done most everything on her channel, I'd like to branch out and add a couple of new but similar options. Suggestions?
  10. Our high school is bigger but not by a whole lot. We haven't called them yet because we haven't had good experiences trying to work with them before and now they are in chaos due to Covid. We do have dd scheduled to take the AP exam this spring at one of the private schools. I have not pressed the issue with the coordinator there, even though they won't let her take the PSAT this fall. I'm hoping that either things will be a heck of a lot better by May, or they'll let her come anyway since she's registered.
  11. Yep. We've been turned down at two private schools already. Both are generally very homeschool friendly but aren't allowing any visitors on campus right now. Fortunately dd is only a sophomore but she's hoping to qualify for National Merit next year and wanted the practice.
  12. This is the church I used to work for. They have been doing a virtual Children's Chapel video (although in the past they have sometimes taken August off for some services so I am not positive what they will be doing this weekend). They are Episcopal and use the RCL. Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/HolyTrinityGreensboro/ YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCnvvjkntdschHggM55QfKDA
  13. You could try Memoria Press, Schole Academy, or Veritas Press. Wittenberg Academy might also be an option, although I think a lot of their offerings are geared toward high school. (I have no idea what the availability is at any of these schools.)
  14. Right? That's what I was thinking too. I literally cannot think of a single possible FERPA violation that would be made via video but not if a parent happened to stop by the classroom one day. Okay, that's just insane. Some poor angry parent on FB earlier today was complaining because her kid had trouble with the submission form to document his attendance and the teacher is insisting on counting him absent because his notice came through after midnight. It was the FIRST DAY of school. Cue long line of fed-up-but-ill-prepared parents who have decided homeschooling is easier than th
  15. No snark intended here: What could they possibly do online that would violate FERPA if they are doing the same things they do in the classroom? This is a genuine question. Can anyone think of some examples? Is it just using students' likenesses on camera? Or something else?
  16. The more I think about this, the less surprising it is to me, really. Even our small rural elementary school had a holier-than-thou attitude towards parents when my dd went there. One of the big reasons we pulled her was their constant meddling in stuff that wasn't at all related to her education, while completely ignoring her as she sat at her desk with a book, bored to tears, waiting for other kids to finish their work. Yes, I am well aware that fruit or veggies make a healthier snack for my kid. And yes, I'll damn well send her a cookie for snack on occasion if I so choose! My kid, my
  17. Aw... I love A Tree Grows in Brooklyn I'll add: The Great Gatsby Rebecca Something by Lee Smith (my favorites are The Devil's Dream and The Last Girls)
  18. My oldest has a desk but almost always works on her bed. Youngest works on the floor or the coffee table. We've never used desks much at all. The olders may get more used to the noise after awhile. If not, noise cancelling headphones for Christmas! Would it be possible to combine some bedrooms and make one bedroom into a study or playroom?
  19. For me I think it is key to understand that the other person does not see them as oppressive and hurtful and wouldn't hold them if she did. My friend holds some ideas that I believe are downright dangerous. I understand that she doesn't see them that way. And it's possible that I'm entirely wrong and she is entirely right. So I don't find it incongruous to believe that she is still a good person, even though I also think she's misguided and doesn't understand the potential impact of her ideas. A little humility goes a long way. I obviously think my beliefs are correct, or I wouldn't hold
  20. That seems strange... our notary had no problem witnessing dd's signature on the SAT form when she was 14. Maybe it's a state thing? It's very likely that the proctors on exam day won't look that closely at it or bother questioning it. Is the seal over the photo? If so they should clearly be able to see that he's the same kid. But I would be nervous to risk it too!
  21. I get the concept of the line in the sand. I suppose I've reached my own line in the sand with my friend. I do, however, think that anyone can be misguided in some of their beliefs and remain a decent human being. I have a hard time dismissing someone as evil because they disagree with me. I believe that having a free society means living peacefully with those who hold different beliefs from me and allowing them to hold their beliefs, however misguided. Once we descend into calling others "evil," we are well on our way to dehumanizing those people, and that never ends well. My line i
  22. I'm confused. Are you confusing me of being these things? Because I'm not sure what I've said here or elsewhere that would have given you that impression.
  23. If it were a group of people and it was relegated to social media, I might agree with you. As it is, it feels as though I am on constant eggshells and it's all related to a single person.
  24. Sure, I know. But that really doesn't address the problem. If I have to censor every word I say, even when I'm not talking directly to her and she should know it, I think that's an indication that our relationship is officially toxic.
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