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  1. If TP doesn't come back into stock soon, I'm really going to regret having recycled that Rainbow Resource catalog!

    1. Lori D.

      Lori D.

      😂 -- Not laughing at your predicament -- it's your innovativeness... Did you find some TP??

    2. PeachyDoodle


      We did -- thank you!

    3. Lori D.

      Lori D.

      Whew! 😄 I was afraid you were going to have to start scouring your neighborhood for big, soft leaves! 😂

  2. You know it's a good trip when, mid-water slide, your 8yo screams, "I love spending time with yooouu!" 😂

  3. Well, I've finally reached veteran homeschooler status. I just bought a set of curricula that was already on my shelf. 😩

    1. MerryAtHope


      Aw! Can you return it?

    2. PeachyDoodle


      No, I bought it from a private seller. I'm sure I can resell it though. Can't believe I did that!

  4. It's three days to Christmas, and dh is vacuuming up all the ladybugs that have invaded our house...

    1. Monica_in_Switzerland


      My dad was looking at the Christmas tree one year, a few days post-Christmas. It appeared to be covered in bugs. Upon closer inspection, he saw it was actually COVERED IN TICKS!!! The heat had caused all the tick eggs (?) to hatch. Needless to say, he got the tree out of the house in less than a minute!

    2. PeachyDoodle


      Yuck!!! The ladybugs are our annual winter residents, not related to the tree. They are a nuisance, but fortunately they are not gross like ticks! Or the stinkbugs that were prevalent at our old house!

  5. So bummed. My grandma passed away this morning (long battle with dimensia, so a blessing in a way, but I'm still sad). To make matters worse, the funeral will be on the day of the Renaissance Festival. Kids have been working on their costumes for weeks. :(

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    2. MerryAtHope
    3. cintinative


      Our Ren Fest runs every weekend through the end of October if you aren't far from Ohio. So sorry about your grandma!

    4. HeWillSoar
  6. Ignore ALL the phone calls!

  7. 18 years ago today, he asked, and I said YES!

    1. Chelle in MO

      Chelle in MO

      What a fun memory!

    2. Brad S

      Brad S

      18 years ago (and 9 months) ago, I asked, and she said YES!

  8. Sick to death of being the only adult in the room. x-(

  9. Burnin' bridges like a mad woman...

    1. PeachyDoodle


      The faster I burn, the faster I get away!

  10. It appears that dh and I are in a standoff. Waiting to see which one of us caves and goes to make dinner first.

  11. DD just totally blew my Christmas gift from DH. Trying really hard not to be disappointed... :(

    1. Starr
    2. Kerileanne99


      Wrap up something totally ridiculous instead-like a large pack of toilet paper:) stash real present elsewhere and watch the expectant faces Christmas morning. At least you can have a bit of fun with it!

  12. You might be a homeschooler when you do spelling on the floor of the Y, followed by a classical music lesson in the car en route to a shopping spree at the old-fashioned candy store... Ask my kids today if they want to go back to public school!

  13. Didn't realize I haven't brushed my teeth today until I'm on my way HOME from Target. Yeah, it's been that kind of week.

    1. Tsuga


      Thanks for reminding me. Stayed home with a sick kid today, so, yeah.

  14. If this seller doesn't decide whether to accept our offer on his house soon, I'm going to pull my hair out!!!!

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    2. PeachyDoodle


      Thanks. He turned us down. He wants way too much for it. Oh well. :(

    3. idnib


      You'll find the right place, don't worry.

    4. PeachyDoodle


      Thanks. Having a hard time this afternoon but I will get over it.

  15. That glorious feeling when you're reading a book and you have to stop and take a deep breath because that. explains. EVERYTHING!

    1. fourisenough


      Ha! I know JUST what you mean. I hate it when someone in the room begs for an explanation for my big gasp!

    2. PeachyDoodle


      It's totally a "had to be there" moment! :)

  16. Well, dd9 finally asked. You can only read in the science encyclopedia about sex cells combining to form a zygote for so long before the inevitable happens...

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    2. PeachyDoodle


      DH laughed, and I told him to go ahead and enjoy himself. His turn's coming!

    3. EndOfOrdinary


      lol. I wonder if he will be laughing as much when she starts dating. You can only think sex is gross for so long before the inevitable happens.... :)

    4. PeachyDoodle


      Hahaha! That's what I told her. And SOME people ACTUALLY do this even if they're NOT trying to have a baby! ;)

  17. So Matthew left Downton Abbey to do... Night at the Museum 3? Yep, seems like a sound career move to me.

    1. melbotoast


      Yeah, I was wondering what he could be doing that would be better than Downton Abbey. Oh well.

  18. I won my first 5K today!

  19. Read Outlander. Wanted to like it. Couldn't finish it. Totally disappointed.

  20. First day of school... and Mom is down for the count with strep throat. Thank goodness for Nana!

    1. Chelle in MO

      Chelle in MO

      Hope you feel better soon! Yea, Nana!

  21. Why do I always feel the need for a shower after an encounter with a door-to-door salesman?

    1. Rebel Yell

      Rebel Yell

      Are they throwing sand and dirt on you to demonstrate their fabulous vacuum system? O.o


    2. PeachyDoodle


      Haha! I think I would feel less slimy if they did!

  22. Just implemented my first "from scratch" lesson plan on Shakespeare's "Sonnet 18" -- and dd loved it!

    1. Dana
    2. Kevin'sMom


      That's wonderful. My favorite kind of lesson.

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