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  1. Wonderful news, all the way around. Enjoy Holy Week and soak up every second of vacation!
  2. In my state the rule is that the cat would need to be quarantined for ten days.
  3. We are dealing with similar with my mom. Currently, I have a sibling that lives close to her and that sibling is on her accounts. My mom's short term memory is gone and it became very apparent making change, knowing what bills were what, and writing checks were no longer a skill she could do, so my sibling went to the bank with my mom and was put on all the accounts with her. I'm not sure what the best route of action is since you live so far away. I'm guessing you would need to call the financial institution and then have your mom give permission for you to be added. It gets sticky because often the dementia person still wants to purchase/pay for things but has no clue what they are doing. I don't have much wisdom but know you aren't alone in dealing with this.
  4. My understanding from the animal side of medicine is that rabies is confirmed only upon death where you can access the brain. In animals it can present in many different ways until the very end. In other words he could have been admitted initially for something that didn't resemble a communicable disease. In regard to your cat, I'd get the rabies vaccine boostered.
  5. Be a safe place for her to vent, cry, etc. Show you care by listening, bringing her a meal from time to time, offer to clean her home, etc. My dm is located miles and miles from me but it's been emotionally challenging as I see her pack boxes of her memory and move them to heaven, knowing another part of her is gone...and eventually she herself will move there. Never thought some of the simplest things would hit me so hard.
  6. Can you tape it and show it to them? I'm so sorry! Your concerns need to be heard.
  7. My whole family uses Working Hands.
  8. I had to go to an ENT with my ds after multiple ear infections that would partly clear up but never truly. It turned out to be a yeast infection that the antibiotics he had been given wouldn't touch.
  9. Hang on for the ride! It has the potential of being a true rollercoaster, if you are a Type A, which I am. Feast and famine may be your reality. My kids were little when my dh started his own business. It. was. stressful. I was in survival mode for literally years. Still am in ways. Yet, there are blessings mixed in and I try to focus on those. It will be important to find ways to take time for yourself. I say that but rarely did it. I literally made a menu for the entire year and pretty much stuck to it. I had to become insanely organized. I'm thankful I was young and had the energy required. I had a couple of very good friends that were safe to fall apart on from time to time. I learned to work and homeschool and juggle interruptions simultaneously. Did I mention it was stressful?! 🙂
  10. I'm so excited for your dd. Please update after Christmas her reaction. 🙂
  11. For me, it's not predictable. at. all.!! In the last twelve months of cycles, I've had a 65 day down to a 17 day. Nothing is predictable anymore. I've learned to carry supplies with me constantly.
  12. Agreeing with PP....likely peri-menopause. Welcome to the party.
  13. This year my ds is getting: ~Extra warm leather gloves for outside work ~A super soft fleece blanket ~Flannel lined jeans...he's always cold ~A set of books ~Three bags of his favorite chips which I never buy And a stocking filled with socks, deodorant, shaving cream, razors, favorite gum, new toothbrush, etc.
  14. Well, I happen to believe my girlfriend. It was told directly to her by the labor & delivery nurse. The spelling may not be exactly right but the L was missing from the alphabet.
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