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  1. I can relate with one of my children. I sent you a PM, since playing Mindcraft/Discord may be an option. 🙂
  2. Any ringworm we've had hasn't been itchy. And it hasn't spread that fast in our experience.
  3. I'll bite. 🙂 I LOVE nature and drag my camera around with me on the farm often. Here are a few from the last couple of weeks. A fox pup from this springs litter that I see wander through. A baby raccoon looking for food one evening. We're extra dry this year so the wildlife is out and about more than normal. A butterfly gracing a flower, a turtle soaking in the sun. A red squirrel chattering at me as I passed by.
  4. The way things work for the classes my kids take is that sick days are not reimbursed or made up. We follow the public school schedule so when they close for inclement weather, the kids classes do too. We are refunded for those days and rarely do they do a make up day. I believe I can remember one year where they offered a make up day for academic classes.
  5. I'm loving it. However, my life is different than most. We're currently in calving season which is a stressful busy time of year. Having almost everything cleared from our plate is wonderful! I think it depends on what your life typically looks like whether it's good or not. All but one in my family are introverts. We've played games, had deep conversations that likely wouldn't have happened and we are working many hours outside so it's all good.
  6. I went to my rural Aldi's this morning and so far they had no limit on number of people in the store. An employee was wiping down each shopping cart and you didn't have to pay a quarter to get one. One side was the disinfected carts and the other side was the returned ones that would get wiped down. They did have a plexiglass shield of sorts around the cashier/payment area. People were mostly in gloves & masks and it was all business. In and out.
  7. I found some on Amazon today. I’ve been checking multiple online sites several times daily.
  8. I read the latest blog post. I’m so very sorry. Continuing to cover you and your family in prayer.😥
  9. I don't remember the name brand we put in our kitchen but I love it. We are a busy household, live on a farm, and have a dog & cat inside. It's withstood very well, going on over 2 years now. I was concerned as we are hard on floors. It sweeps amazingly. I have mud season for a good chunk of the year and the reality is that mud from paws gets dragged into the kitchen. Love how it cleans. Would love to do it throughout the rest of the house.
  10. My favorite Christmas book is An Orange for Frankie by Patricia Polacco.
  11. Wonderful news, all the way around. Enjoy Holy Week and soak up every second of vacation!
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