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  1. DS7, after our first Latin lesson yesterday said he wants to write a movie called "Discipulus Me". He said it would have little minions speaking Latin.
  2. When I took my son for his K physical, he asked the doctor so many questions about what he was doing (blood pressure, listening to his heart and lungs, etc.), and how it all worked, that the doctor finally took his pencil and drew a human body on the paper sheet and proceeded to explain anatomy to my son. After a 20 minute human anatomy lesson, the doctor proclaimed my son was definitely beyond K and that I should plan on looking into medical school.
  3. I helped out often in my sons class last year. Once while they were supposed to be reading quietly, he came up to me with a note folded up into a little square. I unfolded it and it said: "Mom, will you please summer school me in negative numbers? Pppllllleeeeaaassseeee!!" I think I have the only child who begged to be summer school in negative numbers.
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