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  1. Thanks for these thoughts/ideas. Another thing I just realized I should consider: We currently live overseas. But during his 3rd grade year we will be transitioning back to the States. We will spend most of the year in Brazil, but we will be in the USA for about 6 weeks of that fall and then in the spring we will be back in Brazil but slowly selling everything until we are living out of a hotel. So it will be a year of a LOT of transition. So I really need something low maintenance - digital materials that are easy to travel with, open and go type stuff, not a bunch of different books/materials, etc. But I don't want to skimp on academics...b/c a lot of his 4th grade year will be transitional too. So with that in mind....any other thoughts? Or any confirmation of what you suggested?
  2. I'm trying to decide what language arts program(s) to use with my 3rd grade son next year. We have done Logic of English Foundations and Essentials from K - 2nd. I have LOVED it!! But they don't have anything past Essentials. I'm trying to figure out what to do next. He hates handwriting. But he can tell stories orally all day long. Spelling has been a struggle for him, but he's starting to come around and do okay with it. He is reading at or above grade level (is there a way to check that?). He is learning a lot of grammar in Essentials right now and is doing very well with it as well as the vocabulary sections. I was looking at Institute for Excellence in Writing and WriteShop (as those are suggested by LOE), but I know nothing of either. I know WTM suggests Rod and Staff or FLL 3 and 4. I"m wondering what anyone's experiences are with any of the above. I'd also like to find a good spelling program that focuses on Latin and Greek roots. Thoughts? Suggestions?
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