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  1. whitehawk

    So sad

    Hugs to you and your family. I know you did your best for her, and you gave her a good home.
  2. ALL the fun things happen in the bathroom. Favorite board books go in the drawer and you will read to him as soon as he sits! We bought a bottle of bubbles--the bathroom is the bubbles room! There's even a song! You might be able to decorate the window or shower door with a special window marker that is ONLY for here! In the bathroom, there are objects to investigate while you sit: empty tp tube to look through, hand mirror to make faces with, flashlight to laser beam at different surfaces... The bathroom is such a cool place, you'll probably want to visit several times a day! (I.e., Skinnerize him.) Also, I set a five-puddles-a-day cap and went back to lined training underwear if we went beyond it so as to preserve my brain, such as it is. Because of course we were doing this before sleeping through the night reliably.
  3. I'm fine with snakes, but moths and butterflies (like most songbirds) creep me out. In case you didn't already know I'm weird. :) Hopefully Mr. Buttermilk has a better sense of personal space than many of his kinfolk. DS is a bit cheerier but the coughing has resumed. I think this virus is going to be around for a while. I hope we can get back to normal on Monday or at least Tuesday.
  4. I think what the issue boils down to is the privilege to take what one likes without the negatives that the people in the original group have to deal with. Black women, for example, have had social, educational and professional consequences for their natural hair; I feel like it would be disrespectful for me, with slippery white-girl hair, to try that on as a style, when I don't have to deal with any down sides to it. OTOH, I do wear a kameez from India, which DH's co-worker's wife brought back for me as a souvenir: she's from there, and there doesn't seem to be any backlash against Indian women for wearing that style here. And I've sometimes used henna, applied by an Indian woman who makes her living that way. I occasionally use Indian recipes (but it would be weird and I think inappropriate if I tried to open an Indian restaurant, especially in an area where there are so many immigrants from there, even if I was good at it). But I'm not putting on bindi, which has a cultural significance that's not mine. Debbi, people do speak up against decorative uses of religious items, and the trends seldom get far. As they shouldn't--yuck.
  5. In bed listening to music, no fever, Rx successful at fighting nausea. We are quarantined for today and unless he's miraculously better in a couple of hours, also tomorrow. (Hence I will have to remove him from the list of scouts selling popcorn at the grocery store; given that we are not buying any ourselves this year, that doesn't bode well for him.) So yay for no need to go to the ER last night, which was looking like a possibility. Boo to the medicine company who can't/won't do better than "no gluten ingredients" & has nobody to answer phones after 5 PM, and also to the electrolyte companies who think it's fine to put in food coloring and/or mysterious "flavors." TL; DR: Better than yesterday. ETA: Now go take a shower. 🙂
  6. Start a load of laundry every morning. Get dressed, including shoes, even if I don't particularly plan to go anywhere early in the day (came in handy today when I needed to bring sick kid to the ped). Fill a quart jar of water and put it at my spot at the table so I drink throughout the day. Look at the calendar every morning.
  7. Aaand our week is officially shot. DS is negative for strep and flu but clearly has something viral. (Ear thermometer pegged him at 105.4 earlier. I brought him to the ped and theirs said 103.1 orally, but he'd been drinking some water in between.) No school today, no anything tomorrow; hopefully he'll be able to sell popcorn Saturday afternoon.
  8. He has turned the cartoons off and is just lying on the couch. :(
  9. Photographic evidence is required for this sort of assertion, ma'am.
  10. DS has a temperature of 100.8. No PE class for him today.
  11. I've had that same problem and mostly gone with Lands End pull-on shorts/pants and just letting shirts be too wide, because they all are. If clothing companies know kids need slim, regular or husky pants, and the shirt should go around the same waistline the pants go around, why do they not offer the same for shirts?? Let me get that polo shirt in a slim!
  12. Happy Nirthday to SuperDude! 🎉 We're just going along and doing our thing; school takes longer than DS wants, but he likes to take his time getting started and also to take breaks, so 🤷‍♀️. We're going to a climate strike event Friday; my sign will ask legislators, "Didn't your mom teach you not to leave a mess for someone else to clean up?" but I'm thinking of adding a second one: "Don't tell me your room is clean when you've been letting your friends leave coal ash on the floor." I missed the dinner posts last night. We had maple Dijon chicken (plain for DS), brown rice, and strawberry-spinach smoothies. Tonight will be a veggie Mexican thing (read: something to eat guacamole with 😉). Happy Wednesday, ITT!
  13. I'd say it looks like a well-tended garden. You're out there every day. You see what's going on, watering what looks too dry, shoring up fences so they don't fall, pulling weeds, noticing where there's shade and where there's sunshine, adding a little compost where it needs it, saving good seeds to replant for another harvest, thinking about what might work next season. You don't do all of it every day, and some days you might do only a bit, but the work is done steadily, mindfully, and with care. If other people look at it, they'll see some imperfections, but also it's evident that the work is done with love and attention. It's not really about the amount of time you spend or the weight of the harvest, but cultivating with intention.
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