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  1. whitehawk

    Ignore this thread!

    I did the email. ✅ ✉️
  2. whitehawk

    Ignore this thread!

    I made a phone call! ✅ ☎️ Now I have to do an email, which I cannot do to my satisfaction because nobody wants to tell my group anything, but the deadline is tomorrow, so whatever. I am going to send an email to someone who is very detail-oriented saying I don't know exactly what we want, but we want something, because it's very important. *sigh*
  3. whitehawk

    Ignore this thread!

    I believe we are entitled to photographic evidence.
  4. whitehawk

    Ignore this thread!

    But this whole thread... *shrugs* We scouted. I unloaded some free samples from DH's work, so that was good. I need to get so much done tomorrow!
  5. whitehawk

    Ignore this thread!

    *slowly backs away from Laser Glare of Certain Impending Death* Is it with your jewelry or travel-sized toiletries, by any chance? We dentisted. My church fired a minister, and I'm feeling much better, but a lot of people aren't. (Having learned some things about state laws, I'm not going to elaborate.) DH is slowly getting better.
  6. whitehawk

    Ignore this thread!

    DH has the flu. 😕
  7. whitehawk

    Free Spelling program for 3rd/4th Graders?

    Thanks for mentioning this--I'd never heard of it. It's accessible via the Wayback Machine.
  8. whitehawk

    Free Spelling program for 3rd/4th Graders?

    Wheeler's Elementary Speller is a free PDF. It groups words by families.
  9. whitehawk

    Daily Grammar Warm up?

    You might like the Daily Grammar Practice series. It's one sentence a week, and students do a different quick activity with the sentence each day--label parts of speech, identify subjects and predicates, correct spelling and punctuation, etc. The higher levels have diagramming. We just use the student workbook.
  10. whitehawk

    s/o measles- skepticism and lifestyles

    IDK, watching my 6-month-old lean forward in a shopping cart so he could suck on the handle cured any concerns I may have had about exposing his little immune system to multiple vaccines at once. I lean pretty crunchy--that straw bale house and growing your own veggies lifestyle sounds great--but I consider the scientific consensus on vaccines robust enough. I wonder how survey results would look if we asked populations about a cross-section of topics such as enthusiasm for science, household members' health, beliefs about vaccines, beliefs about climate change (probably 40-50 years ago, plate tectonics would've been a similar question), behaviors like screening food labels for wanted or unwanted ingredients, behaviors like homeschooling one's children, habits of media use (print/broadcast/online), and household income. Would any kind of patterns emerge?
  11. whitehawk

    movies that count as school?

    The whole Amoeba Sisters Youtube channel is good if they like science.
  12. whitehawk

    Plans vs reality

    I'd said
  13. whitehawk

    Ignore this thread!

    It wasn't mine! He was eating a mango. Krissi, I think Cage Fights: Real Estate Edition should be the next HGTV series. Obviously JJM is going to head up the fan club. I got the feedback from DS's evals, and we have a plan, but there's one aspect of the DSM that is just ridiculous (Surprise! It doesn't take into account that the parent might be a highly qualified tutor). Whatever. We'll make it go. Even if I have to pay somebody to do once a week for six months what I've been doing every weekday for six years. 🙄 Thankfully, we can make that work.
  14. whitehawk

    Ignore this thread!

    Better do a spreadsheet, too, just in case.
  15. I only know of a friend of a friend (not local). Oh, and cousins of DH's, whom I met only once. I forgot to include that in my poll answer.
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