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  1. Happy Sunday, and hugs all around. But if you see me here again before Thursday, I need you to Laser Glare me. DS has gone to camp and this may be the only time this year I can Do All the Things. I am taking Thursday off if and only if I have behaved. We fetch him Saturday morning.
  2. HSBC has a Father's Day freebie (pick from the list). Go get something! 🙂

  3. That and the creamer are the ones that make it tolerable for me to be dairy-free. My BFF in Texas has approximately nothing from the list. But good to know the Midwest is an option. 🙂
  4. It would depend on what there was to eat where I went. Lots of tomato/thyme/lemon/mushroom/oregano would be nice. Looking in my kitchen right now, though... I might be a bit disappointed outside coastal metro areas even within the US. I buy Miyoko's products, Silk caramel almond creamer in my coffee, Siete almond flour tortillas, Dr. Praeger's various frozen veggie bits, Enjoy Life chocolate, Tinkyada pasta, Late July and Kettle chips, Sir Kensington and Organicville condiments. And I like the tap water here.
  5. Orthodontist has actually done 3 free consultations to counsel removal of baby teeth and then verify that all adult teeth were in before starting. Cost is $5,000. Our dental insurance requires them to knock it down a bit and then pays a good chunk. Our share will be $862 down and $85 a month for 20 months (estimated treatment time is 24 months), and that will cover x-rays, the retainer, re-checks, and everything. The same guy did mine almost 20 years ago, so I trust him.
  6. DH wears the postal version of New Balance, but they only go up to 14. These go to 18:
  7. Specifications on a model will tell you what range it's safe for. Look for a manual and find the installation instructions.
  8. I eventually left them over the hassle of signing in and going through multiple clicks to see anything, including my own pinned stuff on boards I had links directly to. It was supposed to be more convenient than using bookmarks but, with changes they made, became much more of a hassle.
  9. We have reached the "negotiating" stage of camp packing, in which there are requests for a really long extension cord, Daddy, Kitty, and kids he already knows.
  10. The less common his full name was, the less hassle for the future genealogist even if that date is wrong. "John James Jones," fix if it isn't complicated. "Otis Leland Boysenberry," shouldn't be hard to figure out.
  11. With regard to an older friend driving them home, check local laws before supposing it's an option. Some states have rules on how many unrelated teens can ride with a teen driver.
  12. The inept chocolate company has finally apologized and said they will give me a refund. Elephant Ninjas may stand down.
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