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  1. All right, it's time for me to behave. Screen rules for myself in Lent: Games deleted from phone, no re-installs unless we're in an emergency room or something. Use any time: email, charity websites, planners (homeschool and meals), productivity app, weather app. Other internet use, such as news and social media: Monday - allowed minute for minute with bathroom cleaning (after, not before). Tuesday - Nah, read a book or clean your room. Wednesday - sure, after the laundry is all put away (including anything that was on top of the dryer). Thursday - after all downstairs floors and dusting. Friday - nope. Saturday - after kitchen is clean. Sunday - 10 minutes per act/hour/$20 of generosity this week.
  2. Slache, please tell us you made the phone call. That way I can give you a trophy.
  3. That's why it's good that there are lots of days. So many days go like this. It was the same when I was teaching school... there were just those days when my computer was down, and morning meeting ran long so we started period 1 late, and my planning period got eaten by a meeting, and it was community service day so we missed period 5, and there was a fire drill in period 7 and... yeah.
  4. Slache, I bet they called the wrong number and some woman was annoyed at getting their "sales pitch." Do make direct contact. We have a new plan for DS's breakfast (I make him a smoothie the night before and put it in the fridge in case he's up first) and morning snack (planned and balanced like a mini lunch). I hope I can stick with it. I like that the nutritionist (unlike either doc) inquired, "How tall are mom and dad?" to see whether DS's height corresponds, instead of assuming that 50th percentile or better means it must be fine. (Just like you can't judge DS's spelling ability by his scores on the ITBS, which only asks you to identify which of the four words is wrong.)
  5. Just FYI, I've been told that because Anxiety Not Otherwise Explained is a component of an ASD diagnosis, they will need to treat OCD (an anxiety disorder) before addressing potential ASD anyway. So I would focus on the OCD symptoms for now. You and your DD might like the book What to Do When Your Brain Gets Stuck, although it's written for slightly younger kids.
  6. Food report: This was an amazing main dish. (I went easy on the spices and served with peas, mashed potatoes, and cranberry sauce.) I'm going to make it again when ILs come in April. Pet report: Kitty is tolerating small amounts of her new food mixed in with the old food. 🙀 It's the little things....
  7. I was thinking this was not so bad (I already only eat meat on Mondays and avoid fish, dairy and alcohol entirely, for instance) until I saw olive oil. 😟 And then the not eating at all for two consecutive days. Wow, that's intense. I'm already on a shower-minutes budget (150-minute cap for the month--If I run out of minutes, no more showering) and will likely continue. I might want to cap my internet minutes as well, but that's trickier.
  8. The Complaint-Free World method? Wear a bracelet every day. When you catch yourself, you have to switch it to the other wrist. The goal is that by the end, you seldom have to do it. You could invite your teens to point quietly at your wrist if you remind unnecessarily.
  9. Got DH to help me clean the ceiling fans/light fixtures. And I ordered some long shirts for DS online. #tallness Now dinner's almost ready. Roasted pineapple is a wonderful thing.
  10. The harm was built into the items' production. You're just putting things where they go. Your home is not a landfill. 💚
  11. Some people are tweakers and second-guessers. Is this somebody who also keeps rearranging her furniture? Switching her diet? I'd be annoyed with her, too, and probably ask her not to ask me about something again until she's tried it for forty school days. That's a decent length of time to see if something works or not, and then she can reflect on how it's going for her. If she brings it up again, ask how many days into it she is. Under 40? Well, keep going, dear, and let's talk when you get to 40.
  12. DS got interested ~17 months. Apparently around 18 months is a really good time to try.
  13. We got a dusting. DS is outside reveling. ❄️ Coffee!
  14. Here are ours at this point. Hits Math Mammoth 6 Moving Beyond the Page's online spelling (I don't think they're offering it any more; I've bought a subscription to Touch Type Read and Spell for next year.) Taking handwriting out of the equation made such a difference for this kid. switching from piano to drums Misses: Oak Meadow English 6. There are only three problems: the handbook is full of errors that make me want to set it on fire; it wants us to suddenly be reading books that are not in my possession; it's not a good fit for my kid. We're also using their history, which is just okay. I'll use Human Odyssey the next couple of years. Big Book of Lively Latin. We just don't get to it--we need to either commit to doing it pretty much every day (unlikely right now) or give it up. Duolingo now has Latin, though, and we do that some.
  15. I also want to say, Mercy, that whatever you want to pursue, it's nice to have built-in encouragement. So thinking about your goal, follow relevant people/organizations on any social media you might use, join groups, listen to inspirational music, whatever, for support in your efforts. I changed churches last year and joined a congregation in which loving one's neighbor is not merely talk, not a side thing, but the entire point. It's so helpful and keeps giving me the push I need. This helps sustain my efforts and reminds me that I'm not alone in what I'm trying to do.
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