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  1. has no food dyes & you can filter for allergens. I didn't order jellybeans this year, assuming I would find some in a store. I didn't. Poor kid got all chocolate. 😂
  2. Fortunately, meatloaf was not served very often. I have never made it as an adult.
  3. Happy Easter. We are peopling. Very Best Kitty is being brave and staying mostly on the couch, because Daddy is home during the day! After a puzzling test result, I have been told no caffeine and no sugar until at least Monday night. I'm finding it ... trying. No coffee. 😕
  4. If she's already getting an appropriate amount of sleep and exercise and a pretty good diet, I'd go to the doctor.
  5. I think punishment is not a helpful concept here. He needs to have a clear plan (generated by him) and support enacting it. First, if his plan is CC, he needs to make sure he actually qualifies to enroll there and get enrolled ASAP. Then I'd invite him to share his plan for before his classes start. Would he prefer to work full time than spend another two months on the two high school classes? I'd warn him of what will happen if he leaves CC with no degree/certification if he hasn't achieved a HS diploma. Would he like help finishing these last two pesky classes? What would actually help? I think I would decline to subsidize the car further unless he was either working FT or completing school as he was supposed to. I might, though, pay him minimum wage to do his schoolwork, if he'd be open to that. He does seem to be motivated to earn money. (ETA: Homeschooling would not have occurred to me as an option because my state doesn't allow you to start a homeschool with students outside the compulsory attendance age, which is 7-16, but it doesn't sound like he'd be on board anyway).
  6. I actually got an angry message recently from a local guy -- apparently they had used MY number and he called us! Nope, I don't sell a thing.
  7. Obvs between the whackings and smackings and the Laser Glare of Impending Certain Death, it was not going to stick around. No WaspVan for you!
  8. Stuffed tomato (with minced sauteed mushrooms, wilted chopped spinach, minced garlic, thyme, and lemon juice; you can fold in some ricotta if you like). Bake it ~35-40 minutes and it will be quite soft. (I like a melon baller for hollowing it out.) There's a dressing you can put on that makes it even better: mix the juice from the tomatoes, olive oil, a little white vinegar (or other vinegar if you want), a little Dijon, twist of pepper. Drizzle just before serving. And also many soups are nice. You can puree even some you might ordinarily not. I like the butternut squash idea above.
  9. Yeah, suspending a SSN is not a thing. Literally there is no mechanism for that.
  10. Hi, Heather! Welcome back. This was the last day for standardized testing, and Kitty had Had It with our conduct. At 8:30 she demanded to be read to. "But we do the bubble test thing at the school table." No, it's time to Read to Your Kitty, so you sit on the couch like Good Peoples who have had some Proper Training. So I sat in my assigned seat on the couch and picked up a book. She reminded us that DS also has an assigned seat. He joined me, and I read her a passage about genetics and cat breeding. Then we were allowed to go to the school table. #welltrainedpeople We finished the standardized test and mailed it back (along with the please-let-me-out-of-jury-duty letter) and hit the library and now I need to clean the house because company is coming, but hi, internet friends. Also DH texted me to say now he has to work next week. I.e., I get to entertain his parents (and DS, with no school to keep him busy) by myself. Fun times.
  11. I wonder if your state park services would have something that would suit him. That might be worth Googling.
  12. You're right. They're objects of the preposition. We'd say, "to me," so likewise "to Mom, Dad and me." It's a pronoun case booyah! ✉️
  13. It's completely okay to tell people, "Wait. I want to make sure I don't forget anything here. First, thank you for taking [DD] to ___. [DD], come over here and get your goodbye hug. Do you have everything you need? Let's check... Okay, thank you. Now, [friend] and I are about to move the furniture next, so we'd better get started. Going back to what you were saying, [last person], could we talk about that on the phone later?" Just bring your thoughts right out loud, even if they don't quite fit with what the previous speaker was saying, if you're at risk of losing an important thought. The relatives don't want DD to melt down because she didn't get a proper goodbye any more than you do.
  14. (((Jean))) DS is liking our new bedtime read-aloud: A Walk in the Woods by Bill Bryson. I still edit out the cussing (really because I believe he's fool enough to try it out when he gets mad).
  15. BCPs are the only way my periods have ever been less than 8 days. They seemed to help my complexion a little, but not as much as pregnancy. No weight gain, and possibly fewer headaches for me. I started taking them in college but had a body size comparable to many younger teens.
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