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  1. Depending on the layout of your house, you could leave hallways dark and only have lights in rooms to ToT to--and put glow necklaces on everybody. You would think I liked Halloween, lol!
  2. Behold, we have an art theme for October! Got posterboard? Higher-skilled artists can do skeletons and bats, lower-skilled more like pumpkins or a full moon in a dark sky. If candy is what they like, what about letting them ToT door-to-door within the house? You can have little containers of treats for family members to give out, and then they can switch. You could also do face painting, if that would appeal to them.
  3. Customized picture frame with their names and the date. https://www.shutterfly.com/home-decor/wedding--personalized-frames
  4. What's her personality like? A picture would definitely help as well. 🙂
  5. Aha! Suddenly, yesterday afternoon, USPS received the pantz, scanned them, and moved them in this direction. Pantzmakers had indeed failed to get them out the door in a timely fashion. I know you were all wondering. 🤣 School is done & dishes moved along; now I need to fold laundry and go buy groceries.
  6. In our house, each person has a separate snack shelf. DS really can't even see what Daddy has for himself, as his shelf is up high in a cabinet DS doesn't have a need to open. (While DH fills DS's snack shelf with cookies and whatnot, he also eats a lot of nutritious food during the day.) Other helpful strategies here: Every night, I make DS a smoothie to drink in the morning - typically a banana, strawberries, orange juice, almond milk, vanilla protein powder (Orgain), baby spinach, maybe some water. If Daddy lets him have pudding or something with it, I'm not going to fuss. We've f
  7. Alternately, if you made a fabric envelope (or one per set in a coordinating color), they would be stackable and washable.
  8. How to vacuum living room without waking Kitty: Receive phone call from BFF. Retreat to bedroom to talk. Kitty wakes and discerns that no adults remain on the couch with her. Kitty reports to the bedroom in order to Speak to a Manager. Throw pompom for kitty to play with. Come downstairs and vacuum.
  9. Is there anyone near you who would trade regular lids for your Tattlers? (I only use wide-mouth myself, but I think I'm an outlier.) Can you freeze tomato sauce while you wait for more supplies?
  10. (((Sfork))) Pantz people claim they have so given the package to USPS, and USPS hasn't done its scanning properly, and call back if we don't have them in another week. We got our flu shots. Dishwasher is swishing. I should Do Things. But how can I vacuum when it will disturb Kitty's afternoon nap (and I think DH is on a conference call)?
  11. (((Bookie))) Today is National Coffee Day, according to the Sandra Boynton calendar. I am observing. Today: school; pester the people who have not shipped the pantz after proudly printing the shipping label last Friday (order was placed the previous Friday); figure out where to get flu shots; whatever else I get to.
  12. I don't know if it would work for him, but maybe an analogy to costumes/performance would help? "If I dressed up in a princess costume, I'd still be me and not really a princess... If you watch the Pokemon cartoon, the voice for Pikachu is done by an actor pretending to be a Pikachu, while another person pretends to be Ash, and somebody else pretends to be Meowth. Those characters are drawings, and they're not really alive. Sometimes people pretend for fun to be someone else, or something that's not even real, and that's okay. It's just a story we like. But other times, a person
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