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  1. Renai, is Dancer baking a surprise for the ITT aunties? It's a baking booyah. 🍰
  2. Congratulations, Spudz! 💞 To coffee: I coffee. I coffeed, I will coffee. Time to do the things.
  3. May she receive excellent care and return quickly to good health. May you have reassurance and peace. Amen.
  4. I remember it from the end of Taxi. I outdoorsed. That is all.
  5. In NC, grade placement in PS is at the discretion of the principal, but you can't legally register as a homeschool once the student turns 16--so the limits can go the other way, too. Good luck to all with students in that age range. It's hard having everything up in the air right now.
  6. They've been through this before, with MERS in 2015. They knew it would happen again. They didn't blow it off until it was a big problem--they tackled it immediately.
  7. Sit, babies! Hugs to you and your DD. As a mom to a 34w baby, I recommend that she read a book on preemies. (I can't recommend a specific one, as I had no forewarning and no access to one.) I already knew how to care for standard infants, and hospital staff gave no help on what differences to expect.
  8. I was intending to cultivate generosity. We've not been able to do any volunteering, but I've kept up financial giving, including sending more things to the Box Project family I sponsor in Mississippi. (Their schools closed and provided only a few worksheets, and no meals.) ETA: OP, courage includes feeling your fear and doing what you can. It's not contingent on the outcome.
  9. Can't use the top allergens (milk, eggs, shellfish, peanuts, tree nuts, wheat, soy). They can use other things that people are allergic to. People with corn allergies are going to be very alarmed at this.
  10. Two things will muddy the waters on the extent to which reopening causes more cases, even if testing is done well: "Reopening" means different things in different places. (Bars? Churches? Salons? As usual, or with caps on capacity? If capped, 25% or 50%? Masks required, or not? So many combinations are going on in different states, counties, and cities.) Some people in "open" areas will still only go to essential locations. Higher risk and/or more cautious people will not go back to optional places as soon as it's legal, and they'll be wearing masks if possible when they do. That will make it look like the increase in cases is not much of a risk with reopening, when actually fewer people are being exposed because they're still staying home. Contact tracing should've started in earnest around March 1st; it's going to be very hard to make effective use of it now. ETA: Oh, a third thing! Not everybody who attends an event is local. If people are driving in from assorted locations up to a few hours away, their infections will be attached to their homes instead of where they caught it, and it won't look like a spike in the town/county where the event happened. This will be especially a thing in areas where a metro area crosses state lines.
  11. In addition to looking at Florida's numbers, remember to look at those from the home locations of everyone arriving. It does you no good to be safe from Floridians if someone staying in the house with you brought it.
  12. Maybe a non-custodial parent kidnapping, and the suspect might be there with the child(ren)?
  13. Do you have an out of state license plate? Were the cars photographed a similar model?
  14. My first thoughts were contact tracing because of potential superspreader events at churches, church accused of exceeding capacity, or trying to track a stolen car or a criminal suspect who reportedly attends there sometimes.
  15. Thank you. Yeah, no, there was no talk of rolling numbers with regard to that slide, and that would not have been how to show it--it would've been better to omit the two center bars, if no better information was available. But I would have more confidence (for example, that the dates weren't cherry-picked from a time numbers were actually fluctuating up and down) if the bars showed circa March 1 through last week, each starting on the same day of the week. (The bar graph, which she moves quickly past, is at 3:10.)
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