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  1. Where do we submit a request to delay The Pollening? I'm sure we could get a lot of signatures!
  2. Don't worry, says the HVAC guy, we just need to cut a small hole in your house. Okay.
  3. Sure, but then we're just waiting to get money back that we would have already had on hand. It makes more sense to only stock as much food as we anticipate would cover the time frame before food could be bought again. How much that is depends on how localized disasters are likely to be, how far apart and how far from home stores are, etc. If we were low on food, even if I had no utilities or contact with neighbors who knew how things were outside the neighborhood, I could walk less than a mile to a store; if they were closed, I could walk two miles in another direction to a different one
  4. Ah, see, my typical natural disaster is a tornado/wind damage or localized flooding, so yes, cash is still going to be valuable--maybe not that first week, but pretty soon after, and probably closer than the county line. We've only ever had very mild earthquakes there, and few of those. I know people whose neighborhood was brushed by a not-too-big tornado. Their car (parked in the driveway) was picked up, smashed against their garage (destabilizing their second floor), then picked up again and smashed against the neighbors' house. Power out for I think weeks, garage inaccessible and conte
  5. We have no basement or garage. We have some meals in square food-grade buckets stacked in a closet. Much smaller footprint than trying to find shelf space.
  6. I meant also that a stockpile would be terrible to try to move, even if it survived the event, and could keep you from taking someone else in/renting to someone if it occupies what could be livable space. And yes, everybody wants the kids fed, but the kids won't have utilities if your utilities don't get paid (for many of us, this includes water), and getting help for food is probably the easiest kind available (meal trains, food pantry, SNAP, etc.) unless you have food allergies or similar.
  7. I think I'm looking at more like 3-6 months for me to get a vaccine and beyond that for my child. We quit the gym in September and aren't considering rejoining any time soon. We have hand weights and walking shoes and that's about it. Likely homeschool groups will be a higher priority to resume in person for us than the gym.
  8. On the other hand, two fairly common difficulties are house fires and job loss. In the event of a house fire, a stockpile may be destroyed. In the event of a job loss, we might prefer to have the cash: we can't pay the bills in Spam, and canned goods are unwieldy if we wanted to do something like reconfigure our housing. So while I agree with two weeks' worth, I cringe a bit when I see people doing six months' worth in the garage and very little in the bank.
  9. I don't expect ever to need a month's worth of food on hand, but I do think keeping above a week's worth (i.e., don't get lower than that before buying more) is reasonable. What's more important to me is not to put all my eggs in one basket--I have some food in the freezer, but also some non-perishables in the cabinet; I buy from stores but also the local produce delivery box; etc. We're a small household, so that's not a lot--but like a PP, we can't safely switch brands or expect to eat what neighbors or the Red Cross would bring. If there's an indication that an extensive power out
  10. It's renovation day 2 + compost day + veggie box day + the leafsucker truck + another delivery + DH had to leave for the eye doctor for a while and Kitty does not approve of ANYFING.
  11. Turns out we hate renovations. Surprise! Probably worse next week, because rain.
  12. Good morning. Susan, go to the thrift store. Bathroom renovation begins today. Yesterday I was doing all the things. Today should be easier.
  13. We have no choice of company, and if we choose "balanced billing," they actually charge extra for that service. 🙄 The Texas state government throws residents under the bus all the time, so the electricity issues are not, if you will forgive the phrasing, a shock.
  14. Up to 10 minutes (masked) in the library; brief stops (masked) in the post office when necessary (maybe once a month). Volunteering/socializing only when both outdoors and masked Medical appointments, masked unless dental/orthodontic We will have to have workers in the house starting Monday and plan to mask and open windows when reasonable. ETA: and run an air purifier. Ironically, this is a result of my previous infection (I'm now allergic to mold, among other things, and this is a bathroom renovation to mitigate symptoms), yet represents a significant risk point. And we wil
  15. Happy Friday. Let's see what I can get done. It's just above freezing and pouring as usual, so very dark and gray. school kitchen: make crumpets, feed sourdough, make smoothies, make coffee, put food away when it's delivered (including prepping yogurt for DS), prep dinner (DH will make black bean soup) veggie order for next week library & gas station promote the general neatness (dishwasher, kitty litter et al.) Okay, I'm not doing the smoothies. There's other stuff for breakfast.
  16. We had pancakes with lemon curd Sunday, and DS is having the leftovers today. I would think apples and honey would be a tradition, as neither lemons nor maple syrup would have been easy to get in northern Europe when something pancake-like became popular.
  17. It warmed up today--almost 50F (still drizzly, because NC). We are jealous of snow. Back from an appointment, now breakfast and school. Birdie: squillion points Booksquisher Machine: zero points (even though they recently changed their name to something that includes a kind of bird and the word "points"--sorry, no.)
  18. To me it matters not just whether or not it's windy, but whether it's wet or dry. 33F and pouring rain feels a lot worse than a dry, sunny 10F. Sometimes it feels a lot colder in NC than it does if we travel to NH.
  19. Don't you have a regular cello?? Monday. *le sigh* Bathroom renovation has been pushed back one more week.
  20. Have the warmest-handed person pet her and see if it helps? And/or offer a hot water bottle wrapped in a towel? Mine will announce that she is a Forlorn and Neglected Animal until DH pets her, and give Scornful Looks if I try.
  21. As someone who really needs to stay somewhere smoke-free & with a kitchen, and who ❤️s peace and quiet, I wish you only travelers like us when the home is rented.
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