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  1. We don't use the subjunctive much in English at all--almost always the indicative. One way to see the subjunctive is in sentences starting, "If I were..." for impossibilities. "If I were the Queen of England, I'd have my shoes made to order." "If I were Steve, I'd redo the whole project." "If I were to go back in time and start over, I would...." Normally, we say, "I was." Changing to were is subjunctive.
  2. We're at the stage of The Pollening where it looks like somebody got loose outdoors with a sprayer full of watered-down chartreuse paint. Progress is being made on the bathroom. I'm really hoping it's done by the 19th, when we start standardized testing, & I can do a lot of cleaning and decluttering during our break the following week.
  3. The Autism Canada screening tool put me in the high risk category; I voted "adjacent." I'd say I'm the... least adjacent person in my household. 🙂 ETA: I'm an INFJ.
  4. I use (plain unsweetened) almond milk for baking. I usually use just a little less than the cow's milk called for. It can also be thickened on the stovetop.
  5. I like SoDelicious for both yogurt (especially raspberry) and ice cream (gluten.free.cookie.dough.).
  6. My island is too close to a wall and is not actually usable for seating. We therefore have a large wasted space in our kitchen. Measure enough room for people to walk by--even with nearby doors open, etc.
  7. One question to consider is, as the last unvaxed person, what happens with the rest of your family if you get sick? How much of a problem is it if you have to be isolated for a few weeks?
  8. DH and I got our first Moderna shots yesterday. Sore arm, that's it. Tip for anyone in central/northern NC or southern VA: Halifax County, NC will vaccinate anyone over 18, no residency requirement. It's easy to get a mid-afternoon appointment, as those are the least popular.
  9. https://glutenfreeonashoestring.com/homemade-vanilla-ice-cream/ Doesn't require an ice cream maker, just an electric mixer.
  10. Oh, wow, they've expanded fast. I had just read something from like 3 or 4 years ago and thought it would still be approximately accurate, but no, they're several times larger now!
  11. My browser (Firefox on a laptop, the only way I log in) is set to clear everything every time I close it, and I still have the Temporary Server Problem message about half the time when I try to go to the Gen Ed board or Ignore This Thread (so it works best if I leave a tab open with it, and then I only have trouble at the start of a new page). The Chat board works more reliably but was slower today than usual.
  12. https://www.plantoeat.com/recipes/15535091 You saute the mushrooms on the stovetop first and then use the oven, so cast iron is perfect to use only one pan.
  13. Facebook only has a few thousand employees IIRC. Do you by any chance have another email account you can switch to and start a new account?
  14. Yay! DH and I are scheduled for tomorrow. We'll have to drive more than an hour each way, but otherwise I think we'd be stuck waiting at least a few more weeks.
  15. One option for things you find yourself waffling about is to calculate the price per square foot of your new home that an object takes up plus the price per pound (or cubic foot of moving truck) to move it there. Now, if you didn't own this object, would you spend that much money or more to buy it today? If not, it's not worth keeping. This can be really helpful for things you were only keeping because they'd be a hassle to re-home, such as little-used furniture.
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