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  1. If you're able to make a mask or get one custom-made, consider a fabric that the child will like, and then admire him in it and/or set other people up so they probably will. "A Spiderman mask--wow, look how handsome!" "Oh, I see you have a yellow mask to match your yellow shirt--is that your favorite color?" "You have your own dinosaur mask? That's the coolest!"
  2. What I remind DS, who gets anxious, is that your brain is very smart. Of course you are not supposed to want to allow your skin to be punctured with a sharp object, because normally that causes infection. It's a safety feature. We just have to override it for a few minutes, reminding ourselves that it is a quick pinch and over very quickly, and will prevent worse things like getting so sick we'd need an IV in the hospital. It's perfectly okay to be stressed. It's perfectly okay not to look. It's perfectly okay to plan a reward for yourself immediately afterward, like a piece of candy. You
  3. I would consider family health/age of mortality history seriously. Not that anybody has a guarantee of surviving or staying healthy till our kids are all grown, but I would prefer to minimize risk. My mom is in her early 60s and has significant health issues (as did her father before her, died age 62 IIRC). Miss Caboose (who is young enough to be my daughter) just started college, and a middle needs child care help at times, while I (oldest) am very far away and seldom see them; nobody is in a position to assist and I'm hoping MC is not going to have to bear the weight of difficult things
  4. My church is doing one via Signupgenius.com for young adults who recently aged out of foster care and moved out on their own, but it's already full. I know my county is doing something like it for low-income families that were referred. Maybe Google "angel tree" and your town? Or look at Family to Family. They have holiday or long-term options.
  5. I did not die of selecting bathroom remodeling bits. 🚿 DH did not die of writing the check for the deposit. DS did not die of being left alone for 6 hours (but he did call me about 8 times). That's good enough for a Friday.
  6. Keep up with what, though? Everybody should be in the same boat. Schools all over the world are going to need to set down their scripts, and that's only a problem if we try to pretend nothing happened. I'm assuming that nothing exists in person before summer, and next fall looks fairly good.
  7. This cast iron pan: https://www.lodgecastiron.com/product/cast-iron-covered-deep-skillet?sku=L10CF3
  8. In your shoes, I'd take it, and give the money it saved me to the food bank at the end of each month if I felt we were still "too well-off" for it.
  9. I'm reducetarian, eating meat about once a week, eggs (from local pasture-raised hens) once or twice a week, dairy occasionally. I have 💯% quit fish out of love of the ocean (a lot of that plastic is fishing gear, and I'm not okay with the overfishing), and decreased the rest because of greenhouse gas emissions. Especially when large-scale, systemic improvement is not happening at the rate it needs to, this is one of the few obvious responses for individuals. (Drawdown discusses the impacts of various options.) Re: the Bible, I was also going to refer folks to the Sixth Day in Genesis, wh
  10. I did Some of the Things. Living room curtains are clean. I made soup for dinner.
  11. I was searching for women's, but looks like yes: https://www.kohls.com/search.jsp?submit-search=web-regular&search=boys+coat&kls_sbp=51947234019924965859048023131168714365&PPP=48&S=7
  12. I bought a winter coat to donate from Kohls. They're on sale and then you can save more with the code THANKS. Other than that, I'm going to renew my Plan to Eat subscription while they're half off, and that may be it. I don't know what to buy DH and have already bought for others.
  13. What I ought to accomplish today: shower & dress buy a coat for the women's center while they're on sale renew PTE subscription veggie box order grocery order walk get DH to pull down curtains to wash text S get things ready to mail... Probably tomorrow. soup for dinner (start by 3) clean the kitchen... TBH I don't think this one is going to happen.
  14. Happy Pie for Breakfast Day to all who are observing. 🙂 Between lunch and dinner yesterday, we had a chicken, mashed potatoes, butternut squash, peas, the pie, cranberry sauce (we like canned), spinach and artichoke dip with veggies to dip in it, a not so impressive cider (I didn't go to the Farmers' Market, which is the only place to get the One True Cider), and grape juice.
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