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  1. Just a heads up that I had a negative antibody test during long Covid. Vaccination does not appear to have affected me either way, but since my infection was from March 2020, regardless of whether the antibody test was accurate, it's unlikely that I was still protected by the time I had access to the vaccine. I'm still masking indoors (along with many other vaccinated people around here) almost all the time, because... I have a kid who is not fully vaxed yet; Having it once has left me evidently permanently needing $50/month in prescriptions to walk and breathe at the same tim
  2. Do you know what's fun? Sometimes when we get bot/spam calls, I have time to answer. I have a better than 60% hangup rate for answering, "[School name] Academy, this is the principal's office." Also on my list to try: "[Neighborhood] Restaurant, where the menu is always gluten-free. Would you like to make a reservation?" "W[abbreviation for our street name] [our house number backwards with a decimal]: we rock with Kitty in the morning and [DS] through the workday! Do you know the phrase that pays?"
  3. Most Black people don't have any options about the visibility of their race, so I'm not sure the comparison holds.
  4. None of them that I know of. But there are some in my area, at least Mormons, JWs, and Christian Scientists. (I live in a good-sized metro area.) But for quite a while, I was a UU, and a fair number of people I encountered had never heard of the denomination at all. The largest numbers in my area appear to be Baptist (various affiliations, but often Southern Baptist), Methodist, Episcopalian, and nondenominational Christian. We also have significant numbers of other Christians (Catholic, etc.) and people who are Jewish, Muslim, or other world religions.
  5. I love this about Spanish. In the water, it's a fish; on the plate, it's a fished. Re: cattle, some ranchers refer to beef cattle as "beeves." So in the plural, they are either sex but distinguished by the intended end product.
  6. I don't have any big things I'd like from them right now. 3 things are on my list of rewards for myself in the near future, but they're not from Amazon. I might save all or some of it until Giving Week (August) and then use it for donations for charities with wish lists.
  7. That would work perfectly, I think, if we had birth announcements, birth certificates, and social expectations saying, "It's a Baby!" If there weren't girl names and boy names, girl clothes and boy clothes. If we used "they" in the singular for all minors. If we had a generic Child Haircut. But we don't. So adults pick a label and markers for kids--sometimes before they're even born, sometimes immediately after. We commit them one way or the other before they can raise an objection if they would be so inclined. When young people do object, they're not the ones committing themselves.
  8. I was not somebody who noticed a whole lot as a kid... I'm a late Gen X/borderline Millennial, but failed to notice a lot up until and to some extent even through college. I'm sure adult family members knew some LGBT people in the 20th century, but I never heard--they never said anything negative about homosexuality either, just really never mentioned that it was a thing. But I joined a UU church when I was about 22, and people there are comfortable being out. Now I attend a Baptist (Alliance of Baptists) church where there are also plenty of people out (including a minister), and indeed
  9. Not a chance. I want to buy exactly what I want.
  10. I moved to his hometown and started attending his high school. One day he called me and asked me to our senior prom. I was very surprised. Today is our wedding anniversary.
  11. Oh dear, I'm sure that stuff is in Beyond Meat products & the like, too. 😕 And probably the yogurt we've been buying--which I can make, but that's a lot more work (mostly to make sure we have milk). I hope it's not in the cheese I like.
  12. When I open my car door, I try to get in fast so that the pollen doesn't come in with me! It's a second round that's about as bad as the first round--which I don't particularly remember in past years, but also I've only had allergies since I caught Covid. DS and I both have sore throats now. I think the weather did it. It was a very warm winter, but then in spring it didn't warm up to the 80s as fast as usual, and it didn't rain as much as usual.
  13. Hi! Yes. We are GF 24/7 and eat vegetarian six nights a week. Also we hate bitter/spicy flavors and avoid alcohol and food coloring. Here are some options for flavors your family may like. Add/change ingredients to your preference. I'm only including here things that are vegan. Mexican... Or how about soup? Add cornbread? Mediterranean (I swear, it doesn't taste like eggplant.) Asian example; you can do a lot with Asian food because it already emphasizes rice and vegetables. This is an Italian stuffed tomato recipe I veganized, a bit time-consuming so we only do on
  14. Could this be part of why she's so far behind? Mom likes the idea of working to catch up in math but can't follow through on things? If the school expects parents to closely supervise/assist with homework (especially with Zoom school making it harder for a teacher to do one-on-one mini lessons with weaker students), and this child's parents don't, that would be part of the issue. Helping a kid understand math is easier than helping a parent to be consistent--but the firmer you can make the ground rules on showing up, the more structure you're providing for that to work.
  15. The book The Orchid and the Dandelion posits that some kids are naturally resilient and will pretty much turn out okay in a wide range of circumstances, while others have a much higher need for nurturing and will have difficulties unless (and perhaps even if) they are extremely well supported.
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