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  1. Gosh, we did the same thing for my dad's 90th a couple of years ago. His birthday is in September (coincidently, was also my nephew's 13th) and we gathered at the end of July. Everyone, EVERYONE, came. He loves that memory and speaks of it often. Was perhaps the best gift possible, to have all gathered together. We gave gifts here and there but they were low-key as he doesn't enjoy managing too much stuff these days. He was also in WWII- in the Army Air Corps. I hope the mini-reunion is wonderful and that all have a great time celebrating him!

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    My 13 year old is already growing a mustache. I wish he would shave it. It's disturbing to me. My baby cannot yet have a mustache. LOL

    My 13 year old shaved for the first time last week. It was overdue. And I'm still a little weepy about it.

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  3. Kirkland's from Costco. She eats the Salmon and Sweet Potato.

    This one is my dog's favorite as well. I really miss Costco, but I see he may miss it even more than I. I am not happy with the food choices we have here so right now my dog's favorite food is mommy's chicken livers with green beans, carrots, and a farm fresh raw egg.
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  4. I leash trained mine with a gentle leader, but that was because he's huge and very strong. It does put pressure on a different area though, and is far less stressful to them than tugging on their necks, so maybe it would work in this case. If you can find one small enough.

  5. We started with 15 but whittled them down to 11 at lockdown. Eight have hatched, one never made it out of the shell (I think it was just way too big and suffocated), and two are still just sitting there with no pips yet. The two that I smashed hatched just fine!


    (Edited to adjust starting quantity, per DS)

  6. Yay!!! We just tried our first batch and none hatched. :( I'm so excited for you!!!!


    Their first batch didn't hatch either. We eggtopsied a few to see what happened and they made some adjustments to the incubator.


    I actually dropped one of the eggs two days ago and while it didn't break, I did smash two others. Somehow their membranes didn't break and there was no blood, so I covered them with a damp paper towel and put them in lockdown half a day early. I can see one of them moving around through the membrane which is pretty amazing. I hope they both make it.

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  7. My kids have made a homemade incubator to hatch some of our chicken eggs. It's a little early (Day 19) but one has pipped, is unzipping, and is talking to us through the whole thing. DD9 is peeping right back at it, encouraging it to hurry up! Very eggsiting day at our house :)

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  8. I've had a window shatter and my insurance covered it with a deductible specific to glass breakage. $50 deductible rather than the $500 otherwise. Also, lawn mowers definitely do break car windows- DH busted his mom's while mowing our front yard. Nice full St. Augustine grass yard with nary a pebble im sight. Out of sight, though, there apparently was one. Her insurance covered that one, too.

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  9. My DD is headed with friends to a tkd competition in Mesquite. I know Duck Creek flash flooded last night but it's okay now. I'm going to be a little selfish right now and hope that the worst of the flooding stays west. This is her first time ever away from home without mom or dad. Thankfully, my bff lives in Mesquite and can help her if needed.

  10. Many manufacturers place the dry clean label in garments to protect themselves. It takes liability away from them and places it on the dry cleaner. If they say to hand wash something and it becomes damaged, a reputable store would replace the garment. Most stores do not feel comfortable enough with our collective skills in the laundry room to shoulder that responsibility.

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  11. If a garment is a natural fabric and doesn't have a lining, then you should be able to gently wash and flat-dry, taking care to block it (return it to the original measurements) so it retains its size and shape. I have no experience with rayon, but I suspect you should be able to do the same.

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