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  1. I've been on both sides of the CC fence. We did it a few years ago in our last location and left after a year because I needed my kids to be in a 2 day/week tutorial the next year (for my sanity!) We've since moved and CC is the only hs'ing outlet in my rural area and it's still 45 minutes away. Do I think it's the end all-be all of homeschooling? No way! But (and this is a huge BUT), it lets my daughters be around other kids and in a "safe" environment. The community is definitely worth it to me. I also think the Essentials program in the afternoon is really good and my girls love it. It gives us a way to do art projects, science experiments, field trips, etc. I also like that my girls get a public speaking opportunity each week. The Foundations memory work can be your spine or not and you can do as little or as much with it as you want. I find great freedom in that. We go over the memory work each day and if there's time, we'll watch science or history videos pertaining to our memory work. The first time we did it, I tried to do too much and got burned out. This time, I'm not stressing about it. It's only 24 weeks of our school year so there's plenty of other weeks to do other things if we need to. Again, for us, it's great for community, which we don't really have otherwise.
  2. Thanks everyone! Sorry I didn't get back sooner to reply (busy weekend). Lots of very good info here and definitely some things to consider if we decide to go forward with the testing this summer. My SIL is interested in in for her two HSers and we thought we could travel together to the testing site (since it's 5 hours from here). However, her oldest will be a senior next year so she'd probably at a good point for it whereas my son and the other cousin are both just going to be 10th graders. Maybe I'll see if she'll take her oldest and we can see how that goes before deciding on when to take our son.
  3. We are considering having our DS (9th grade) take an aptitude test at Johnson O'Connor Research in Atlanta this coming summer. We are hoping it will give us better clarity on what path we need to take with his homeschooling as well as illuminate him on careers that he is best wired for. However, my concern is whether or not these tests (or this particular test center) truly yield enough to justify the cost and travel expenses (it's 5 hours from here and would require and overnight stay). Has anyone done these tests with their children and did you feel like it was worth it? Did you or your child learn something valuable?
  4. After a 9th grade year of lots of "recalculations", we realize that online courses have not been a good fit for DS this past year. Plans for next year include: English 10 - American Lit taught at tutorial Algebra 2 - Teaching Textbooks (I have a love/hate relationship with TT but if it keeps me from ending up in jail, I'm willing to concede) Chemistry w/Lab - undecided (possibly at a tutorial or online with Homeschool Connections which definitely isn't my first choice 😏) U.S. History & Geography - tutorial Religion - tutorial Spanish II - Homeschool Connections 20th Century Art - tutorial We're basically in "just get through it" mode. I don't feel like it's an overly ambitious plan but DS will likely apply to regional university that's not that competitive. I'm learning to be okay with that 😣
  5. Thanks, everyone! I think we have figured out the plan for the rest of the school year and I'll re-evaluate course providers in the spring for next school year. I've learned the hard way that "homegrown courses" like history and literature do NOT work well for my son and certainly not for our relationship. While I think the American Literature course I had put together is superior to what I've seen in online providers, the reality of him doing the work and doing it well for me is non-existent so I'm enrolling him in an another lit course to finish the year. I'm also enrolling him in another Theology course in addition to the one he's doing because it's not requiring enough work to be considered a full credit, IMO. For history, HSC has multiple options (live and recorded) for American History with one class being considered a full semester credit; however, the class only has 12 sessions per class and the only work required is a quiz over each session. I'm going to require that he take 3 sections (recorded) as one year of American History instead of two and require a short writing assignment for each session. He's already doing the first one now (1492-1763), so, basically, he'll do three sessions every two weeks to finish 1763-1865 and 1865-2000 by the end of the school year. We may push into the summer a little bit 😉 That should keep him fairly busy. For technology, I just ordered the Disney Circle router to help better monitor and manage online accessibility. Our current router and process for controls is tedious and not necessarily fool-proof because it blocks by IP and not MAC address. Therefore, when devices get assigned a new IP (I'm not even sure how that's happening), they suddenly have access when they didn't before. One scenario is when a device connects to a wireless adapter versus a wired connection or when it attempts to connect to the booster. Again, not exactly certain how all that is happening but I know that despite my best attempts to strictly regulate, limits are being pushed and circumvented which is bringing down a whole new slew of tougher consequences for ALL my kids. Thanks again!
  6. I will check on the DO flash drive for classes. I just looked and was surprised/excited to see that the Roman Roads history curriculum is by Dave Raymond. He was my son's live Latin teacher a couple of years ago at a tutorial my son was in before we moved. Great guy! I'll definitely check it out further.
  7. Well, I wasn't sure what they were called but after googling those terms, then, yes, Synchronous is what I would desire for him or at least something more than a once weekly class. Maybe I just need to find better providers 😕
  8. I feel like I'm at my wit's end with my DS15 (9th grade). We moved recently from an urban area with lots of outside homeschool opportunities (tutorials, friends, etc.) to a rural area where DS is doing most of his classes online through Homeschool Connections with weekly class meetings. Honestly, I don't feel like enough work is being required in most classes. I'm particularly frustrated that the grades are coming from online quizzes that allow multiple attempts and are open book/open note. I've even posted before on how to handle grades like this when I don't necessarily feel like his grades showing accurately reflect his true knowledge and retention. He maybe, MAYBE spends one hour a week outside of his class on his assignments (except for Derek Owens Geometry, which he does daily). The rest of the time, he dilly dallies around claiming to be reading through his books, notes, etc. but he drags everything out and at the end of the day, doesn't have all his assignments I planned out for him done. I'm ready to send him to public school but DH is adamant about not doing so because the local school system sucks and there are terrible influences (drugs, sex, bullying, etc.) that we hear our friends and family talk about. It's also a lower socio-economic status area so there's not as much motivation among his peers for higher education. I hate feeling like I have to sit on top of DS allllll day loooooonnnngggg for him to get his work done, done well, and with diligence. It's been affecting our relationship for a long time and I feel angry all the time, which spills over into homeschooling my daughters (5th grade). I also feel like DS needs more social interaction because he's pretty introverted naturally. I know he misses his friends that he left, too, so that plays a part in it all. And it's not like this is the first time I've had issues with homeschooling him because even when he did go to tutorials, it was a daily battle for him to work hard and get it done. That being said, I'm wanting to look at online resources for next semester/next year that is basically an online public/private high school that requires him to "attend" classes every day, not just one day per week. Basically, I'm need him to be busy during the day and not messing around picking at his sisters, trying to sneak and play video games, and being taught by someone other than myself. I want/need to be more hands off to foster more independence and hopefully, self motivation. I can't coddle him any longer, both for my own sanity and for our relationship. I need the joy back in our house and I need him to be required to be busy. I'm not sure I can accomplish all this and still keep him at home, though. I'm open to any and all suggestions regarding online high school and about structure/discipline for him in particular so that our day isn't so disruptive. Thanks!
  9. That actually makes a lot of sense to me as I don't feel like I'm fully abdicating each course to online class alone and in subjects like English where DS is taking multiple online/home-based classes (literature, writing, grammar, etc.), giving a weighted % to each part of the whole definitely makes the most sense.
  10. Good info! I looked at my own ACT score (22 years ago) of 29 and it converted to a 3.97 GPA. I ended up with a 3.98 GPA because my pesky AP History teacher wouldn't round up an 89.4 to a So, I'd say the chart converts pretty well. Not sure how my son's will all play out, though, because I still feel like I'm having to do a lot of hand holding.
  11. Yes, that's another thing as well about taking additional classes. My state only requires 22 credits but a lot of PS kids get their electives at the attached vocational school, which I know from teaching at the PS for two years ages ago, easily and readily hands out 100% averages to kids, which further inflates their GPA's ? I'm not dogging vocational training but my son will likely have 27-28 credits by the time he finishes high school in more rigorous and harshly graded courses. So I guess maybe I should just let the grades stay but require additional work to prove retention of knowledge. I keep reminding myself that I want my kids to actually LEARN and not just parrot back enough info to pass a chapter test and move on ?‍♀️
  12. Yes, that's really is the crux of my dilemma - punishing my son because mom's academic grading was way harsher than most public schools. Thanks for the info about transcripts.
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