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  2. We've really enjoyed using the Real World Math (a.k.a. Math Adventures) by Wendy and David Clemson. But I can't find anything as interesting for our middle-school boy. He's 11 and it'd be nice to have something fun like that to do just once a week to break the monotony for him. Any ideas?
  3. We don't use SOTW. It's honestly been a little tough to keep my confidence in my choices when others around me are all about SOTW or CHOW and memorizing all sorts of amazing stuff. That's awesome for them, but in the area of history, I'm a little more unschool-oriented. I don't know if you're coming at it from a Christian perspective or not, but what I've used with my 7 and 5-year olds for social studies this year (and will continue through next year) is God's World News. Here's a free download sample issue. It's not quite a magazine, not quite a newspaper. It looks at a variety of areas of s
  4. I love this job!

  5. Thanks, gals! You've given me some GREAT resources! If I ever go back to "big school" teaching (that's what my kids call it), I'll probably use more homeschool resources than "regular." I can't believe all the alternatives and great info! Example - I had never heard of Deconstructing Penguins until your posts, but it's being ordered now! And I don't know HOW in the world I forgot about my "Honey For a Child's Heart" resource. @Meena, thanks for the parent input. Having a "take-away" for the parents is definitely part of my plan, as is having at least a basic session outline. @underthebri
  6. I'm a former school teacher who misses classroom setting sometimes, but I LOVE homeschooling my littles. So, I am SUPER excited to be starting a book club for gr 1-3 homeschoolers at our local small-town (but chock-full of homeschool families) library, with full backing from our awesome children's librarian. Looking for input, advice, and ESPECIALLY book recommendations. Here are some things that might be helpful to know: -My hopes: 1. Build enthusiasm about reading and all that can be learned through a book's contents. 2. Encourage curiosity to turn into motivation for learning to read &
  7. Swam competitive, taught lessons, coached ages from 5-18 in summer rec leagues, year-round teams, and high school. But I can't give you some of the answers because there are variations in all those. For the details of age grouping and such, you'll want to ask your coach or someone who's been on the team a while. As for the basics of helping, usually volunteer timers are needed, helping kids be in the right places at the right time is awesome (love it when a little one starts from the wrong end of the pool with a passion!), and some teams have to set up and tear down their facility. I will sa
  8. Putting in my vote for MEP math, too. Loved it, for the most part. But oh my goodness, I'm adoring the Wee Folk Art deal, too. Thinking of ditching FIAR's overload of activities and going to Wee Folk. You know, even if you don't pull her out, just doing one activity each day with her can make such a world of difference, too. Just my 2 cents :)
  9. We're dairy-free too. My daughter is 5 and was just diagnosed with the allergy/sensitivity, and it's been an issue for me since childhood. My son & hubbie are dairy friendly :-) We're finding that using other things that are flavorful, such as hummus, can make a meal flavorful without the cheese. We're big fans of homemade almost anything, so that helps b/c we find substitutes to make a giant variety of our faves. Rice milk bakes super-well... We prefer it really. And if you miss ice cream & like bananas at all, peel and freeze some ripe (we prefer beginning to brown, but not mushy),
  10. Oh man, this is exactly the thread I needed to read! Thanks for all the input, despite the fact I didn't ask the original question! I think I'm going to go with Pursuits because I WANT to do this WITH the kids. I mean yippee for math and reading and everything, but art levels the playing field! It's just beautiful fun and I want to be part of that fun!
  11. I really want our kids to have a head start in Mandarin by starting young, but it is soooo intimidating! My handsome and I are going to use Rosetta Stone to learn it just for a mind challenge and the ability to support the kids as they learn. I'm not guessing that will be quite what our littles (5 & 3) need, though. The "Better Chinese" home school sets are an awfully big cost commitment... Then to add a tutor on top? Yikes. Going to have to do some serious praying over this!
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