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  1. Hunter's point was a warning not to use any supplemental teaching aid (DVDs, CD-Roms, etc.) in LIEU of Saxon's text. You wrote that you are using Reed's DVDs "in addition to" the textbook, so you too aren't ditching the textbook. Thanks for letting me know about the Reed DVDs. I too will consider supplemental DVDs, CD-ROMs, but plan to still use the textbook/Saxon's instruction as my not-to-be-missed primary source of instruction.
  2. This has been so very helpful! Thank you all very very much, esp Hunter!
  3. We've never done Saxon. When you say "read the books" do you mean the Saxon Math books themselves as in the actual lesson text itself, or are there additional books that Saxon has written?
  4. I'm trying to decide between these 3 to supplement Saxon 5/4. Any advice/thoughts you can share? Here are the 3 choices that I'm debating. I don't see many reviews/additional information describing them and their similarities and differences: (They're also on
  5. Does a person who is interested in tutoring Challenge A have to have tutored Essentials beforehand? I heard that Essentials was a prerequisite but didn't understand if the leader meant attendance or tutor of Essentials. What are the requirements for one to be considered for this tutoring role?
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