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  1. Hi, I will be a brand new HSing mom in the fall with twin second graders (with a PS 9th grade daughter). I am so grateful to have these boards as such as great resource! Sara Twin 7.5 year olds ds and dd 13 year old dd
  2. We are about to have our first poetry tea today and the kids are so excited. Even my 13 year old is getting in on it- she is going to read her own poetry to us. The BW lifestyle is still hard for me to wrap my brain around as it is not a checklist ( and I like checklists) but it seems like it will bring much greater rewards. I am still on the fence about buying one of the writing programs - my twins are going into 2nd grade, and the advanced writer would need the Partnership writing probably, the struggling writer would prefer the Jot it down, and I don't want to buy two different programs! Though the promise of more structure is definitely alluring.... Sorry I have no signature - I guess I am not allowed to edit as I am so new? Though I've been a lurker for about a year! Sara
  3. If you have an assigned list of books, how do you discuss them? Do you use study guides, or come up with your own questions? I see such a large variety of study guides! Some that delve into themes, some that are just checking comprehension, some have a lot of output, some have very little... I am listening in as well -- mine will be in 2nd grade and while I have planned out everything else, literature and writing are still percolating in my brain! Sara
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