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  1. If I were still homeschooling I would choose one of each, the math for one kid and the science for the other, and I would choose synchronous (only because with asynchronous we would def fall behind). And I would choose a balance between writing and problem solving/ experiment. And now I am sad that I cannot sign up for this course!
  2. My daughter reads everything from Dr. Hallowell (Driven to Distraction is her favorite) and Dr. Barkley I think? And one of her favorites is by Dr. Tom Brown: Smart but Stuck. It focuses on how the emotions be just as much of an obstacle in executive functioning, but that so many of the strategies to over come EF deficits don't address emotions and their impact.
  3. Yeah, at our public school the students are allowed to pick a day up until March 26 (she will be inputting the choices April 1). My son hasn't decided yet whether to take the initial dates or move to the digital. Pros to digital are being able to take it at home, cons are the whole you can't go back to previous questions. yikes.
  4. My 21 yo daughter actually wrote out one time her thoughts as she was trying to do yoga -- often 40 minute yoga practices take her 2 hours, because she will get distracted by her thoughts and realize she isn't actually doing yoga. I think a lot of people might have these tangents if there is nothing going on (long car rides) or they might free associate, but then refocus if there is something they are supposed to be doing. [removed for personal details]
  5. I really don't think it's a male female difference. While I know my daughter (with adhd) thinks this way, my father (undiagnosed adhd) also thinks this way. I do not -- I think pretty slow and literally.
  6. I watched about 5 or 6 and I thought it was really interesting -- it would have been a lot MORE useful if my husband had the time to watch any of them, but his brain is full right now. It had a full presentation on PDA, so that was interesting too. And I had never heard any talks done but adult autistic ppl, and there were multiple. Most of the adhd stuff I knew already, but overall I think it was great for people starting out on their journey or needing encouragement to keep going. I probably wouldn't pay after the fact for the all access pass, but free is a good price:).
  7. My two cents are that at 18, everything related to romance is torturous, it's NOT going to be easy, and I would expect a lot of us didn't feel comfortable enough with our parents so that we would go to them about it - we just bottled it up inside or went to our friends. It's hard to see that as a parent who doesn't want their kid to go through these major mood swings, but it's really just part of life. And so is breaking up, even if it's not forever. My now husband and I started dating when we were 15. Things that we thought were deal breakers: 1) religion -- we eventually came to believe in the same thing (ok, belief in agnosticism) 2) prior boyfriend -- I had dated his brother before and he struggled with that for quite awhile and eventually it ceased to matter 3) military -- he was accepted to the Naval Academy and I realized that if we stayed together I would become part of that military life. That seemed crazy to me, as I knew no one who was in the military, and I told him straight out that he should only do the required 5 years and then get out after that. He just retired last year after 21 years. During the 8 years we dated before marriage we broke up 3 times. Once for a summer, once for a month and once for a day:). Those years are roller coasters for sure! Let her make her own choices. They are not irrevocable. And speaking as a mom with a kid with Adhd, it will require a special someone to be able to be a significant other to someone with adhd. I do not like spontaneity myself, and my daughter is very spontaneous. I find it often destabilizing. Maybe your daughter is sensing that as well, maybe she's using her intuition .... Most importantly she will learn more by making her own choices on her own timeline.
  8. My ds did not take Int C and P, but he did take Intermediate NT (8th). He is a slow processor and he really focused on literally JUST math and Connie's chem class that year! It was a bear. He had always gotten in the blue for literally everything up until then, and struggled to stay in the green in that class. I did read Lewlma's and Quark's posts so I was prepared, and I prepared him -- mainly helping him let go of his expectations that he would be able to answer every question. Thanks for jogging my memory about Codeforces though! He doubled back to it and has been working on problemsets here and there for fun.
  9. It sounds like his thoughts are slowing down enough for him to verbalize them. My 21 year old just discovered something about her thoughts and meds -- there's a certain rap song that is apparently the fastest rap song written. She says on days when it sounds fast to her, her brain is slower and less hyper (days where the meds are working) and she is able to work better. On days when it sounds slow, her brain is hyper and she is not able to work as well and is very distractible. She calls it her brain gauge.
  10. Just as an aside on bad floorplans, I lived in a tiny townhome (1100 sq feet) that was two story. There was no bathroom on the main floor. OMG. I was pregnant and then had twins and we lived there until they were 2 1/2. Everytime I had to run as fast as I could upstairs or lock them into a chair if I had to go to the bathroom.
  11. This one has a separate "water closet" with a door. Otherwise ewww. But the shower and bathtub are out in the open. I'm a pretty private person so it's driving me nuts.
  12. One of the kids in the family I mentioned went through AP Calc BC. In college she was up for hours and seeking her mom's help in trying to understand what fractional exponents were.
  13. I know a family whose kids all too 12 AP's at their school, all graduated valedictorian or salutatorian, and struggled a lot when they got to college math and science. One in particular took honors chem and AP chem, failed the AP test (but got A's throughout the courses), and had to drop out of regular chem at college bc it was too hard. One of them who was really smart took the AP Calc exams (AB one year and BC the next) and failed both. They just weren't being taught, but they all assumed they were since they were getting straight A's. It is so sad.
  14. Did you try both Adderall and Ritalin? My daughter did terribly with Adderall, did ok with Ritalin, but is doing amazing on Vyvanse. She takes a combo of Vyvanse and Strattera (which helps her working memory). She kept going up on Ritalin and the side effects got too bad while the actual good periods, with the meds working, were too short. But she is older -- we didn't know she was ADHD until she was 18. Even now if she forgets her meds, she feels like her brain has blips, where it's just "broken". That's her phrase for it. When she was younger and unmedicated she really existed between two states -- extreme hyperfocus or complete disengagement and brain fog.
  15. Raised Southern Baptist. Around age 17 or 18 left the church. Attended a Unitarian Church a couple of times, but we are "nones" now. Church was a pretty bad experience for me. And we definitely saw the changes occur over my childhood -- we first attended a very old church with a very sedate and traditional pastor and congregation. Very formal. We changed churches and the pastor there was still very good -- very learned and he taught some very good sermons. He was very moderate. He left and a younger pastor came in and the whole church changed for the worse.
  16. The house we live in now (moved here last year) has no door to the bathroom. It's awful. My husband is going to be gutting and remodeling both bathrooms this summer and he will be adding a door.
  17. Ok I have to apologize. Last year we did the unthinkable and took out a beautiful, large, functional closet. I feel terrible now after reading this thread! However.... it was a basement closet, there was already another closet in the basement bedroom, a smaller closet, and a storage area for household paint, tiles, etc. We still had a coat closet on the main floor and a large closet on the top floor. We really never needed for space, and it made our finished basement look so much better! Here in our smaller house after moving.... space is at a premium. The upstairs linen cupboard is no longer a full size closet, the downstairs coat closet isn't as wide (though it is deep) and the closets are all weirdly shaped and hard to use. But mainly we are missing the extra rooms for our books, so they are overwhelming us at the moment. There are book cases everywhere, in every room. I will probably look for some type of coat rack with a few places for baskets. We only need a light jacket and shoes here, and no gloves or scarves or boots. So no mudroom for us.
  18. Online G3 is very low output -- one class meeting a week, forum posts, not too much writing. No grades, so charter would have to assign grades if needed.
  19. I will add SDSU to my list then. He's a public high school student and will only be taking the one math class. I will have to go over the options with him and see what he would prefer. I imagine he would go with whichever one is self paced as much as possible... especially since he will likely be in person next fall at school. It is nice to have so many options.
  20. What was even funnier about the bobcats -- I wasn't there initially. I was at a swim meet with my oldest while my husband was at home with the younger two (4 or 5 at the time). He called me, panicked, asking what he should do about the bobcats on the porch. He was very worried about the threat of the bobcat to the younger kids (who were safely locked inside playing video games at the time). My husband is a US Marine, I might add, who has been life or death situations before and has had to live in the woods for a week or two at a time during his career. But he'd never seen a bobcat before.
  21. Bobcats are usually VERY shy, and they really don't get bigger than 30 or 35 pounds. We had a momma bobcat get separated from her babies (who were on our front porch!) and while we were trying to game plan to get them reunited, she was just sitting up in the tree, worriedly trying to figure out what the heck we were going to do to her babies. But she didn't come near us. Mountain lions, on the other hand -- I don't want to run into one of those. We have them occasionally, but usually in the preserves rather than the neighborhoods. Coyotes we have all the time (and in fact there is a den right across the street and we hear them yipping almost every night). They are pretty brave and even calmly walk across the street in front of people.
  22. We did call the Fire Dept once when there was a cat stuck in a tree behind our house -- not our cat, but the darn thing wouldn't climb down and it had been up there for over 36 hours. And my kitchen looked right at the tree, and the cat was looking right at me.... ugh. The fire fighters couldn't reach it though-- the cat climbed higher and they apologized and then left. My husband ended up cutting the tree down - - while it was falling the cat finally jumped off and ran home.
  23. Thanks! We could always use the local CC, though I think they will still be online next year. I tried to apply to the Pre Collegiate Studies but the application was closed -- even though it seems to imply you can apply year round. Hoping that doesn't bode ill. The CC doesn't have the courses listed yet, so I guess we will just bide our time and figure it out later. There has been in the past a local 4 yr Uni professor who came to a local high school to teach linear algebra to our district students, but he did not offer it this year. That would be my first choice, as it would be all high schoolers AT a high school.
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