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  1. Dude, we keep a toddler potty in the van and some toilet paper for just such times. I’ve used it more than once when pregnant and it’s snowing out, because that’s the only time squatting outdoors isn’t happening (in my defense it is both cold AND all the leaves fell off the cover trees so my pasty butt is visible for three miles on a clear day 😂). I cannot tell you how many times the kids have used it too. It never came much in handy for potty training compared to care emergencies. But I figure there are cheaper solutions for adults who probably don’t have toddler toilets on hand already.
  2. Signed up for MyPanera and the coffee club. It’s free for the first month and $9 monthly for unlimited drip and tea after that. My husband told me about it and I’m totally in the car enough for it to make sense. Woohoo! Not a big Panera person but that’s the cheapest on the go coffee by far and actually tastes good 😌 (sorry Speedway) I don’t know how long this has been a thing or if I’m the only person who missed the memo, but I thought I’d share!
  3. This is great! I’m so glad it’s not inspiring total dread this time. It’s amazing what some scale of “unpleasant” can do 😅 Never underestimate straightforward and easy to control when everything else sucks!
  4. And no, I have zero idea why my phones keeps capitalizing Pee. WTH...
  5. I HEARD THIS FROM A RELATIVE, I have not tested it out I promise. But when this relative was doing 10-12 hour drives down certain cross country highways and refusing to stop, he swore to me Gatorade bottles were the absolute best emergency receptacle. Very favorable mouth to container ratio. It is apparently crucially important to throw the bottles out right away though, because yellow Gatorade and Pee are identical from the outside of the bottle. I usually just do my business in a bush and call it good because who cares, but this person was an experienced moving vehicle Pee-er and I
  6. Ha! A very nice and accurate profile pic 😉. Needs photoshopped curls though!
  7. Hahaha, I had that stuck in my head earlier, just thinking about sharing level A with a friend who is homeschooling her bored preschooler. It sure beats a whiny hormonal mess, even if the latter is a much more thoughtful conversationalist 🤝
  8. Somehow I feel like the meat truck and Rural King connection may be a natural symbiotic relationship 👀
  9. That needs to be a shirt. “Not to brag, but I’m really good at naming cows” 😌
  10. Yeah, some years are slumpy, especially if it’s all whiny older kids and not the cute, enthusiastic little ones 🤭
  11. I unfollowed the state page. I literally cannot take the sheer volume of relaxed and unschooling families on there, and not ones who seem to be hitting it out of the park in terms of rigor and passion, either. It was making me unreasonably furious for their kids, so I came back here to bask in the comfort of a group that at least subscribes to similar levels of academic integrity and rigor as we do. My eyes needed a break from their bugging out and rolling.
  12. They’re where J’s are. I’m sure they ran off together to elope because those suckers certainly aren’t in this house anymore 😒
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