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  1. If you can swing it, that space is begging for a light neutral area rug. One with cream, blue, and maybe some burnt orange or coral tone. But pale to lighten up the carpet and couches. I don’t mind those curtains, but some big wall art or several grouped smaller pieces (to add texture and pattern) might work better, and just keep the curtains solid? Decorating is hard. Especially your own space. I see issues in other people’s much easier than I do in my own. If you’ve never read it, though, I HIGHLY recommend Lauri Ward’s book for learning how to decorate with a plan and without spending a bundle. She helps so much with the balance/composition issues that many of us struggle with. I think I got mine used for two dollars through amazon but the library should have it as well. Use What You Have Decorating
  2. That’s what we are doing. Big rectangle soaker with a surround.
  3. What she said. Much tougher to clean and more area to have to do so.
  4. We did a combo of Burlington, Old Navy, and Once Upon a Child 🙂. I use Walmart primarily for undies and socks though.
  5. I pretty much just let us have a field trip or two but otherwise stayed buckled down. I feel it, but we missed too much time for me to let anything crazy change. Regaining stability has been hard enough. I completely understand the twitch to change things up though!
  6. I’ve used Thredup before, it’s been awhile though 🙂
  7. We haven’t had a ton of luck with the quality of Old Navy, but I do get some pieces there.
  8. I’m just itching to make a Chibiusa joke here...
  9. Yeah we are hitting OUAC for the little guys, but it’s the teens that are tougher! @happysmileylady Village Thrift is good if one has time, I’ve shopped there before with good deals but Tuesday and Wednesday are the best for markdowns as far as I can tell.
  10. Looking for decent quality clothes for the kids and teens, but I usually shop online at places like Lands End. With our current family budgetary crisis I’m looking to find which bargain retailer is better but I don’t want to have to trawl through both and try to figure it out. Opinions from anyone who is a better shopper than me?
  11. We have huge appointment blocks with long commutes, and bringing along all six kids is boring for them and makes it very stressful and disruptive for me, and the school schedule. I get the people who need direct teaching done before I go, but let the bigger kids finish up some independent work and put on a movie for the smaller people who are home. I’ve been letting the bigger girls babysit for these appointments for almost a year, so they were 6th and 7th graders. We have a home phone and they can text me through the home WiFi with their own devices, so they have communication, and emergency numbers and plans are in place. Basically I try to keep the appointments in the afternoon, give them a schedule and meal they can easily make with no cooking or chopping, and head on out. Longest day has been maybe 8 hours because of multiple appointments at a decent distance and it’s been fine. They’re fairly responsible and mature and the little kids know that disobeying and making trouble for their older siblings while mommy isn’t home is dealt with severely, though. Just leaving the big kids alone? I’ve been fine with that for two or three years, honestly. They do just fine on their own for short stretches. That depends on each kid and their maturity, but I wouldn’t have worried overly much about leaving a fifth grader home while I ran to the pharmacy or what have you. In our case though that never happened because there are younger siblings, so the babysitting/supervising was kind of the threshold here rather than their individual ability to stay.
  12. I’d pick an older machine any day, there are tons of reliable models. I’ve been sewing on the same one my whole life for garments (it was my grandmother’s and the one I learned on) and my quilting treadle is from 1917. Soooo.... I find the older machines hold up much better to a wide variety of frequent sewing tasks, they were designed for that as normal duty use. The more modern machines have more features and a bit more plug and play on some things like threading and tension, but the price point and durability are not where I’d like them. They’re also louder and have much worse in the way of vibrations because of the plastic housing. There are still good new machines available, if that’s what you want. But don’t feel like you have to. Of the older machines Singer isn’t a brand I’d buy newer than 1955, though 🙂 But a Japanese zigzagger from the 60’s-late 70’s will do everything you could possibly need with incredible smooth operating and durability, along with easily available and inexpensive parts. And even my less favorite singers like the Slant needle models (touch and sews, mainly) are still just fine, just not my absolute favorites for performance.
  13. I absolutely hate days that feel like that. Big hugs! It’s like you work your butt off to exhaustion and achieve nothing that feels like it sticks.
  14. Yes, get it dried out immediately, even while the plumber is coming too. Timely treatment will prevent most of the worst complications of the water like warping, mildew, and mold.
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