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  1. I discussed this with my husband and he laughed and thought we were all being a bit weird about the term - said as someone who parents and does the dad thing with a fair bit of aplomb that it was harmless and he didn’t see any point in taking offense or being touchy about it. But he did agree that him watching the kids and caring for them was different than the expectations of a guest/paid caregiver, as he is their father even though I’m the main person doing kid things each day. It was interesting to get his perspective on this. We are not particularly egalitarian, but childcare duties are assumed by either of us depending on the situation. I may inform him of what I’ve already done or my skeletal plan for the evening, but that’s as a courtesy to him as my partner and not because he isn’t competent. He seems to get this too, and isn’t particular about the language used. I’m still not sure I understand the OP’s angle on this.
  2. Careful, your eyes may permanently roll to the back of your head, a side effect I’m sure Quill is trying to avoid! (hence the request to permanently block the author recommendation)
  3. But is it Rachel Hollis? 🤣 She is literally all I can picture with the words “vapid drivel”!
  4. That’s literally my husband’s main kid related job - bath and bedtime! I am pretty much off duty after dinner and like it that way.
  5. So the ‘homeschooler’ asking advice wanted.... a private school that was free. Eyeroll. So hard. I’m sorry and I wish you were closer to here where there is more special needs support, activities, and some lone wolf homeschoolers left.
  6. Yeah. I’m still not cut out for that program in any way, shape, or form, then. I’m too busy, too much of a control freak, and value freedom with our academics and time way too much. Going to parks or on field trips with other homeschoolers is so much fun - and something a co op turned into work, when we did it. Nope. MedicMom, I still am crossing my fingers you can find some appropriately loose, low commitment rec activities or another local family or two to hang with. It’s hard to feel isolated 😞
  7. I GOT SO MANY BOOKMARKS AND POSTERS. And my favorite string game book that my kids have now. I also discovered one of my favorite YA fantasy series through it. Worth it, I’d say 😉
  8. The ones I know are mostly doing it in younger years and keep telling me how it doesn’t take much time and they have a lot of freedom, so I keep wondering if I’m just vastly misunderstanding what these definitions mean? Even our old non-academic fun co op, one day a week, took a fair bit of time. And it was WAY less commitment than CC??? Like, I have older-ish kids, I know how long this stuff takes to do well each day (3-6 hours per kid, for us, with reasonable potty breaks). We could NOT swap CC for our programs and get the depth of content or learning we want, and we couldn’t double up without the time sink eating our lives!
  9. Oh yeah, my kids would be so tempted. Even knowing it had chicken in it they wouldn’t care.
  10. Nope, it’s pretty much crocus yellow and I don’t think it’s derogatory to say so, maybe a bit rude? But women get their outfits commented on all the time!
  11. Yeah the Y might be an option too! We have both around here and I’ve hward good things about their programs.
  12. It’s a bit like that around here too. There is a Christian organization but even they tend pretty heavily CC. Does your community have a rec center with classes like kickball or rec soccer? Ours has one that is fully inclusive for special needs and siblings aged five and up, which is really perfect for us if we had the time to attend. The inclusive leagues and classes are where I’d search. Could there be a special needs group in the area you’re not aware of that night have some things available?
  13. I hear you, but I’m okay with the twaddle if it gives the kids a positive association/anticipation of reading. I don’t ever buy much from them when the fundraiser comes home from preschool, but I have such fond memories of the book fair. It was like Christmas! ETA - oh man, punked by the zombie thread. I was fooled by seeing a currently active poster as the source and didn’t check dates 😱
  14. Oh I’d eat it no prob. But I wouldn’t put it back in the fridge - consume it all/use it in this sitting or toss.
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