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  1. OF COURSE we care! I keep checking this thread for updates 🤣 That’s such wonderful news, was it for a solid and fair price?
  2. Because, right or wrong, it would be considered disability discrimination. It’s legally akin to charging extra for a wheelchair user or an insulin pump, to charge someone with a seizure service dog or seeing eye dog extra for the animal. They’re protected by under housing discrimination laws. But this is why I’m no fan of ESAs. If there were a certification for service dogs and it was applied to a psychological disability as well - so your animal was a service animal, just with a different set of training - it would go a lot smoother I think. The real flaw is the lack of standardization and accreditation, so the laws have plenty of room for abuse (like the fake service animals biting children on planes and such). It’s not that ESAs aren’t justified, but that the oversight and training and legal allowances for them are grey or just plain absent. It’s frustrating for owners AND landlords.
  3. I am not in favor of ESAs as a category, actually. Because it is abused so heavily. But I do think there should be more uniform certification, or at least required testing to obtain papers and documents and a company or landlord being given freedom to make policy about animals if these documents aren’t produced.
  4. The reason service animals are allowed is that they are necessary medical devices/ability aids, that happen to be breathing and living creatures. They are not pets, first and foremost. And absolutely no, landlords should not be required to allow pets. They own the property, they make the rules. Renters may be extended a contractual privilege of living there, but the landlord is not subsumed to the demands and preferences of the renter, provided the home is in good working order and safe as the law requires.
  5. Hubby wants a basement shooting range/bullet trap. I’d just be happy with a little study/away room off the living area, a rec room/play room, craft room to store all the fiber arts, and a dedicated gym. Actually now that I lay it all out there my husband’s item does sound more reasonable 🤔
  6. You know even this isn’t necessary. I have three above grade level readers now (one who struggled a lot) and an emerging reader - I literally NEVER did anything formal with books or the alphabet in the early years. They got read some stories, and otherwise no work with the letters or phonogram sounds until they’re ready to begin reading practice at 5-7. And yet by 8 they’ve all been fluent.
  7. Here at least it flags them for additional intensives in small groups until they read well enough to pass the exam. However long it takes. No labels, just extra help as a pull out, I think.
  8. I honestly love the third grade gate - provided the school actually is serious about remediating (and teaching the teachers how to accomplish that) the outcomes long term are SO much better for the students. The poor performing districts they have instituted that in around here had a rough start but now, half a decade out, are seeing notable improvements in the higher grades. What is the downside to this that makes you sad for the kids? The higher standard is actually revealing the issues so they can be managed, instead of having the children and parents believe in a competence that isn’t actually there...?
  9. If you’re taking the train there then charter buses will usually do the excursions, or taxis. But to drive to Valdez or such yes you’d want to rent. You can definitely get by from all the major train stops without one though, and some of the train trips include bus charters if I recall.
  10. I’m so glad I’m not the only one, I actually had to leave Captain Marvel in the middle because I was too nauseous and let things settle before I came back, and my daughter had the same issue from sitting too close. I admit I do love reserving seats because then I can actually get the ones in the back I can tolerate. I agree it needs to be all reserved or all open, the mix is idiotic!
  11. I didn’t realize it was at Costco - that might make it an easier sell to hubby. It’s tough because the Oreck is a nice vacuum and it works, so replacing it is a tough choice in our current situation. But it keeps breaking and makes me hate vacuuming 😑
  12. Oh I definitely do, or a seam ripper, but it gets around the ends of the beater bar/brush bar and that area is impossible to access without unscrewing the faceplate. We have a mix of carpet and hard surfaces and it’s the couches/bedrooms that seem to have the most issue. Our roomba gets a lot of it, but not all, especially in the bedrooms on the carpet.
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