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  1. I feel like this comes so naturally to some people (like my husband) and I still struggle with it and procrastination/task avoidance. But I’m a functional adult and he is too, even though he works a bit smarter than me still 😆
  2. OH it is bitter out this morning. My poor skin!
  3. I admit this has me cringing since I consider Osteen a total heretic, but I’m hooooping it goes better than most or what happens at that building. *shudder* You’re right it’s going to be totally packed out though!
  4. Ha, it’s about 20f here, which isn’t too bad, but the wind is very biting when it gusts. My kids are all whiny it is cold while simultaneously being excited the snow fell and is sticking. They’re very mixed depending on the moment.
  5. Ah see we view the cards as our family newsletter to people who know us, especially those who we don’t have nearby anymore. Since I don’t use Facebook that way and don’t send our anything else it’s where kid updates, birth announcements, etc happen. A good chunk of our friends also do Christmas cards, which I love, but I don’t think we would stop the letter and card even if nobody reciprocated because I always hear from them how much they enjoyed reading our updates. So they’re grateful, even if they don’t send out one, themselves. We basically type a letter with pictures up and fold it into a standard card of our choice 🙂
  6. I love the ease, definitely. I really worry about the security aspect when combined with tech, though. But no doubt or was much easier in the ER yesterday to have all my providers there on the records and all imaging and such available immediately.
  7. Oh that’s tough. I’d talk to the director and see if there is anything that can be done. Maybe the lady needs to be down lower - I used to be a first soprano and now my range is better in second, and I’m only in my mid thirties. Sometimes our range and abilities change. That is something the director would need to handle; though. Also, consider wearing one ear plug on the side she is on so you can both hear yourself better AND block her sound out a bit.
  8. I’m glad he at least got the money, but I’m sorry he is soured on competitions now 😞
  9. Us too. It’s inside the bird and side dish because of the amount, but the inside the bird stuffing is always better - it absorbs all the day and juices 😋
  10. That is only marginally less horrifying, but I admit the shellfish allergy has soured me on oysters, I used to love them smoked.
  11. Sounds like good counsel, to be honest.
  12. OKAY WAIT. Somebody explain this to me. Is it like inside-the-Turkey stuffing with oysters?! That’s horrific and I don’t understand.
  13. It won’t let me do the test because I am on my phone, but I have an excellent memory for faces and usually the names that go with them. I’m very visual though.
  14. Uh... why would you do that? Seriously, what is the thought process that leads to that sort of behavior. It would have never, ever occurred to me. The worst I did was break into the cooking chocolate chips and eat some. And read some saucy fanfiction when I was a bit older. I admit I don’t get why some kids do bad, crazy, destructive crap. It would have never even crossed my mind, and the consequences my mom would deal out if I actually decided to try anything on that scale would not have been worth experiencing for the... whatever emotional satisfaction ones gains from it.... would be. We didn’t have neighborhood kids, it was a private drive with only old people around. But even when I was in high school and started hanging out with my (also latchkey) friend we just tended to watch Rocky Horror or anime or bike around. Neither of us would have done anything against the rules or against any laws, never destroyed someone else’s property (we were the kids knocking on doors letting the neighbors know that other kids were stealing their pomegranates), etc.
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