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  1. Can someone help me judge risk here, because it seems like the literature is all over the place. Say I eat a head or lettuce from Costco and don’t wash it first, is the risk primarily pesticides? Animal poop? Salmonella? What about berries eaten as we pick at a u-pick farm? Do we really need to not eat as we go and make sure it is washed properly at home? I never know how much to do, especially with my local and CSA produce. Help? Guidance?
  2. I found a great runner’s belt on amazon that holds my phone, keys, etc. Like a fanny pack but not, more sleek and close to the body. And it fits my fat frame 😽
  3. That’s kind of where my thoughts go. I got married and pregnant really fast, and couldn’t keep up with school and that. I wish I’d just sucked it up and finished so I didn’t have that hanging over my head later on. But I absolutely hate school and conforming to professorial deadlines, even though I love learning.
  4. Yeah, I had a bike on my birthday list, pretty much since November. Well my birthday was in May and... uh... no bike.
  5. I just hate stories like this, both because the poor children deserved so much better and because homeschooling is a complete red herring 😞
  6. Jerk boss deserves that sort of comment more than most, I’d say.
  7. Oh garage laundry is the pits, I’m so glad you have a new place (!!!) and a better setup, plus the capability to adjust it a bit as needed, @Lady Florida.
  8. The video looks terrible. I’m willing to reserve judgment until an investigation is concluded, but as it is it looks completely, utterly damning to have gone to that extent, once cuffs were on and he was subdued. I’m trying to be objective and think of the possible reasoning here but I’m not seeing anything convincing.
  9. That you got that from me being a good little citizen and wearing my little mask even better than the providers in the same facility, and wanting to show solidarity to the patients with full on respirators? I’m not the one who is the problem here??? The data is weak at best in the current set, or contraindicated depending on if the risk is more from facial touching or damp, moldy, particle laden air as opposed to possible open air spread of CV. That’s about as far as I’ll take it, because I have actual real problems to spend mental energy on and my mask sewing is complete for the next decade 🙂
  10. I grabbed that because it happened to be quickly available while I was eating. Appeals to authority are indeed weak, and anecdotes are many. In the end this comes down to individual choice no matter what is spouted on here or elsewhere on line to one side or the other. I’m wearing my mask, the medical teams are wearing theirs when in front of patients or passing in hallways, at least. A couple folks had their IV poles and N100s while walking, and they’re about the only ones I think are gleaning much benefit and get a wave and thumbs up from me when I pass. Please keep wearing masks if they make you feel better and safer and more considerate and morally upright and show love of neighbor etc etc etc. I am not stopping you, I will smile at you, and I will comply where required. You do you, and don’t be a dick when they do them. That’s really my only point I care about. This moral judgment about people who don’t wear masks for various reasons isn’t better than the judgments about those who do, no matter how much you (general you) insist that it is. Now, as someone who doesn’t really care except that I hope everyone keeps hand washing and doesn’t go into public when sick, I’m going to eat something so I don’t get even more hangry.
  11. There are an awful lot of coulds and mights and possiblies in that PDF, and the assertions are meta but extended quite beyond the referenced studies. The source control paragraphs are of the most value, but weaker in their conclusions than I’d like to see. That’s not surprising though. This hasn’t been peer reviewed and pre-clinical studies are of marginal value, but there were still a few useful nuggets in there. Especially for planes, I think continuing a mask push for those has enough evidence with cvs that it makes sense.
  12. See we know masks can reduce droplets (ha, somewhat) but if the wearer isn’t sick, the risk of a damp mask on the face and everything that can stick to it could outweigh the benefits. The droplets only matter if there is symptomatic or asymptomatic infection, and the transmission scenario is closer contact or prolonged contact. A healthy person wearing a mask provides no benefit, unless they are healthy but infected. It would be interesting to get some solid numbers about that too, because if enough people are healthy but infected then the entire discussion of actual public risk changes a bit.
  13. Would it matter if I recorded the surgeons talking about this two tables over instead? I mean I can stealth investigative video it at my next appointment if it would change anyone’s mind, but this isn’t something that is being decided primarily in the mind at this point, so much as a systematic belief system about safety that is meant to make people feel like they are helping their neighbor and doing The Right Thing. That evidence seems weaker in most scenarios at this point, with a few exceptions. But meh. Whatever. I have cute masks of varying types I’m wearing even when those around me aren’t and I don’t really care.
  14. I wouldn’t feel strongly one way or the other. But I somehow think the near religious fervency in belief that they just help some, and enough to justify their use in all public situations, isn’t something that is remedied by any amount of discussion of it not helping. That is, people are resistant to having any belief changed that they have bought into, and the stronger the belief, the greater the cognitive dissonance when presented with differing information. Me? I already am wearing a mask and have been for weeks and weeks. It’s a pain and I’ll be glad when it’s over with for numerous reasons, but I don’t have a dog in the race. I’m more interested in the fact that the staff at an extensive, renowned children’s hospital visibly do not buy into it and admit this is more of a ‘makes the parents feel better’ and ‘complies with policy’ move than that it helps much or at all. It has been interesting to listen to their thoughts and see their actions, which are sometimes contrary to what they have said. Don’t mistake me for someone who cares much at all, I was That Mom before this started, and I’ll be her after this blows over too. But not on masks, except where sterile protocol is enacted and we are suited up properly. That’s a completely different animal though.
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