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  1. I’m sorry the judgment didn’t go more in your favor but it sounds like it wasn’t bad, and most importantly it’s OVER. You’re free. And yeah. You’re probably traumatized and need therapy. No war is without wounds but you got out alive and I’m so happy for you!
  2. That’s where I am at. I don’t mind giving honest advice. And it’s okay to not share on the board. But this vague hypothetical that isn’t hypothetical is manipulative and mean. It’s just messing with people for validation. The better response is either messaging a few trusted people for some advice or commiseration, being a truth teller and actually engaging honestly, or just not saying anything at all. There are plenty of religious situations and choices I don’t talk about on here. Political ones too. Parenting and marriage stuff. It’s okay to be silent. But I don’t make a habit of posting leading questions to get a bunch of attention while refusing to actually give information.
  3. Okay I change my opinion based on my current confusion. If she didn’t attend his wedding even if it was in an allowable venue, that’s a jerk move. Unless it was completely disallowed by the religion I do think it’s the least damaging to make every effort to attend. I thought we were saying it was in a venue she couldn’t attend in good conscience, not that she was just being stubborn and disowning him for this or that reason. This whole thing is super super weird. What the heck? Gotta say Scarlett, I kind of feel like you lied to us to get comfort under false pretenses, to be validated in areas you know we wouldn’t have done so if we’d known all the facts. That’s deceptive and gross 😞
  4. But *persistent* and nosy clueless morons 🙌
  5. I’M SO CONFUSED! *stress eats more popcorn*
  6. Ooooooh? I was confused. So she didn’t attend because it was at another location? Meh. I mean, big meh. He knows her religious conviction on that, and choices with him and the bride were made. I can’t get too worked up on his behalf for this, but I had a second ceremony in a different state to appease my family over locations so I guess I fall firmly in the ‘make family happy’ camp 🤔
  7. *shares popcorn and chocolate*
  8. Is that what is actually is? I thought she said the wedding wasn’t a part of it earlier in the thread?
  9. I mean okay, if you’re dying of cancer and refusing IV chemo I could see his fury at you and asking you to turn on your convictions (out of fear of losing you) would make sense and be somewhat justified. Otherwise....? He sounds like an inflexible ass, but time helps cool that.
  10. I know, and I am just sick with stories like that. Yes, it’s dishonest and distorts funding, but when there are such massive disparities between zip codes with schools and the children have no good local options, no bussing, no lottery system, no good charter alternatives, and are staring down a life of entrenched inequality if they don’t have education to try and somewhat balance the scales? I get why parents do it. And that the underlying injustices need to be addressed, rather than throwing the book at the parent trying to make things better for their child. That argument has been made in the college case but it just doesn’t fly when there are other options available to these economically privileged families that they wouldn’t need to lie to admissions to obtain. It’s not the difference between being literate or safe during lunch.
  11. The other case was extremely unjust. Like, unconscionable for the scale of the ‘crime’. That has no bearing on whether Huffman was appropriately sentenced, that poor mom was NOT.
  12. Yeah I’m just not sure, she was doing a super job of being vague 🤣
  13. With JW? It could be transfusions or vaccines, though the latter seems to have been allowed in recent decades. There’s any number of smaller church polity things too. And, uh, the whole cult-y thing. I mean, potentially if her son converted to a mainline or evangelical Christianity there is much concern then for some of the doctrinal positions and eschatology of his Mom’s church. Without knowing more specifically what the concern is this is all just speculation of course.
  14. I’m so completely confused about this entire thing I can’t tell even the basic stuff of what might be going on. Your son is married?! Congratulations! I’m sorry you two aren’t speaking right now, I did get that part and it breaks my heart for you. I hope healing and reconciliation can happen 😞
  15. That’s one I have in my media library, the digital one, as well as the older DVD. It’s literally one of my top ten favorites of all time though 🙂
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