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  1. 2 minutes ago, BaseballandHockey said:

    So, it sounds like your family's culture is like mine, in that we don't really assign.  Would it be easier if things were assigned? 

    I don't want to be like Marni with the "this kind of casserole, with this food that no one likes, and lid not tin foil".  But I am wondering if it would be easier if someone just said "Can you bring the hot dogs for the grill and the potato chips" or whatever.  There are lots of things that don't require culinary skills.

    I am definitely not the person in the position to be assigning anything, but I could put a bug in someone's ear. 

    I feel like "what can we bring" is what everyone always asks in my family/friend circle. If they don't ask and it's a common theme, I'd feel fine with suggesting - "would you like to bring an appetizer or a side dish?" and then suggest- cheese and crackers, hummus and veggies, salad, etc.

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  2. 35 minutes ago, SquirrellyMama said:

    I have a co-worker who was diagnosed with Covid last Thursday. I could tell she was coming down with something on Tuesday. 

    I have no symptoms and am vaccinated. I was planning on getting a flu shot today, but wonder if I should do a Covid test instead. 

    I have about 15 minutes of contact with her each day. And, the test is self administered. How far up do I need to get the swab, I'm afraid I won't get it in far enough to be accurate.

    ETA: We don't mask at work.


    I was in a very similar situation recently - I got tested to make sure I was negative. I didn't want to be an asymptomatic spreader. Good luck and I hope your co-worker feels better quickly! 

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  3. 4 minutes ago, PeterPan said:

    Oh my, such a short period of time the vax lasted. 😞 

    Total aside, but people are doing HBOT for after covid recovery. 

    Covid is so weird - I wrote about this in a different thread, but she's been super careful. Picked up takeout one night the week before she got sick and we're pretty sure that's where she was infected. She and I share a room and will take regular mask breaks in there. I had my second Moderna shot in Feb and did not get it, despite lesson planning with her while eating tortilla chips unmasked a couple of days before she started having symptoms. 

    Thanks for the HBOT tip - we have a place nearby and I'll let her know! https://www.hyperbaricvermont.org/

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  4. I've had to sit through many many very boring union meetings at school. They never talk about teaching or children. Building cleanliness seems to be a bit talking point. Contract stuff ALL.THE.TIME. All the things they feel the admin team is doing poorly. Leading questions trying to get us to say we're being treated badly and we have a hostile work environment (we don't). And many pleas to "wear red for Ed!" 

    I am pro-union in theory. I'm very happy we're not making widgets on an assembly line for 20 hrs a day and kids aren't sent to work at 10 to mine coal. But, I'm not a fan of the back and forth of the minutiae we have to listen to at least monthly. 

    They do not get into what to teach, how to teach, how to indoctrinate kids? or anything along those lines. Lots of "how are the bathroom sinks?" though or "has anyone asked you to work outside of contract hours?"

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  5. 1 hour ago, PeterPan said:

    Can I ask if she was vax or partial vax or no vax? That's kind of wild that it took 7 days to move into her lungs. 

    Well I did get a test scheduled for tomorrow. It's a bit of a hassle, but I can get it done. I just don't know what happens if I wake up tomorrow and I'm mack truck tired (ie. it has gone to infection). I guess at that point I'll just call the doctor and let them sort it out. I actually have one, lol. 

    She was fully vaccinated (Moderna)- I think she had her second in April? April or May. As of today she is winded quickly and really tired, but the cold type symptoms are abating.

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  6. I think it's really hard to distinguish right now. My coworker who is sick w/ Covid thought she had a cold. Headache, nose stuff, etc. It took a few days to move to her chest and she started experiencing shortness of breath at about the 7 day mark.

    Testing is the way to know - I'll keep my fingers crossed that you feel better soon!! 

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  7. Maybe it's because the school year has been so busy or because it seems that we're still waiting for fall to actually start (65 in mid october??) - but I seem to have forgotten about 90% of the things I like to cook during the fall/winter. 

    I wanted to start a meal sharing thread in case anyone wants to help me come up with new ideas or read for ideas! 

    I'll start: 

    Stuffed spaghetti squash (going to do italian sausage, spinach, marinara sauce and parmesan this week)

    Ditalini and bean soup

    Stir fry with lots of veggies and either tofu or chicken


    Root vegetable soups - I want to try this one but will tread carefully w/ the Allspice because a teaspoon seems like a lot! 

    On the heavier side, DH loves to make stuffed shells, lasagna, and eggplant parmesan

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  8. 8 minutes ago, hjffkj said:

    I would honestly make it a condition of you visiting and speaking to him that he consent to you being able to talk to his doctors.  You can not have any construction communication or any form of relationship if you are not in the loop with his medical care.  

    I'll third or fourth this. Also, you should be able to talk to his doctors regardless of consent. The consent would come into play with what the Dr's are allowed to tell you. 

    And invite uncle to the soccer game. 💜 

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  9. 1 minute ago, Not_a_Number said:

    I actually think if you make an adjustable knot of some sort, the fit is VERY good. I used to do a cow's hitch behind my head and tighten it whenever it loosened. People said they used beads for that kind of thing as well, although in my experience, a cow's hitch holds better than most things. (I know how to do sliding knots due to memories of my babywearing days, lol.) 


    That sounds really hard and totally unfair. 

    Off to google cow's hitch! 

    And yep - it's so hard. I'll be so happy when/if Covid finally ends although at this point, I feel like I'll be masking forever. On the plus side, I haven't had a cold in over a year and a half, so that's something.

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  10. 2 minutes ago, Not_a_Number said:

    I can't fix most of those, but you could tie your mask behind your head. It really gives a break to the ears. 

    I may go back to that - I have headbands too with buttons I can loop the earloops around. I don't feel it gives me quite as good a fit around my nose/mouth, but ugh. I may have to. 


    I'm sorry to be a downer on here - I've never been quite so tired. Vermont did so well for so long w/ Covid guidance and now it feels that they are just saying "everyone's had a chance to be vaccinated - good luck to the rest of you." Which isn't fair to the under 12 set. The majority of our cases are now children/child care providers/school staff.




    Schools aren't getting any support from the department of ed or the department of health with contact tracing. We've also been told that if a whole school has to go remote, it won't count as a school day (even though we do live teaching online) and will have to be made up at the end of the year. Overall, it's really disheartening.

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  11. 1 hour ago, Not_a_Number said:

    Ugh. That is SUCH a short exposure. Was she masked? 

    Not for the pickup, no. She's been masking in grocery stores and places like that. We do not have a mask mandate right now so although she wasn't as careful as I would have been, she was almost definitely part of a large majority unmasked in the restaurant.

    43 minutes ago, Mom_to3 said:

    Yes, that would be very worrisome if masked. Then again, it looks like the colleague feels comfortable munching and doing lesson planning unmasked with a vaccinated person - so perhaps an exposure via an asymptomatic or low-symptomatic vaxxed person is possible as well?


    We've both been very careful overall, but it's honestly exhausting wearing a tight mask 8+ hrs a day without a break. (I probably sound like a baby to all the medical people here - sorry!!) Given that we're both vaccinated and there is no current mask mandate, we have taken an occasional opportunity to be unmasked while together. I know it's not strictly ideal, but sometimes I need 5-10 min without a mask when there are no students around. I won't take it off in the bathroom because I feel that less safe than my office with an air purifier running. 

    The area behind my ears hurts all the time, my face is broken out and teachers are getting so much pushback this year since the district mandated masking. Parents and kids both - "covid is fake", "you think we're sheep", "masks are harming the kids". It's exhausting. 

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  12. My vaccine got its first (that I know of) real test last week. My coworker who shares an office with me, tested positive for covid last week. We are generally masked, but there are definitely times during the day when we're alone in the office that we take mask breaks or are eating. A few days before she tested positive, we were munching on chips and salsa and making lesson plans together (unmasked). She has a breakthrough case and I got tested this week. My test came back negative yesterday. Between the vaccine, the air purifier in our room, and limiting mask-less time, I am very thankful. 

    We are fairly confident when/where she was exposed - she's a very cautious person and has been socializing almost 100% outdoors and with only vaccinated people. She had one 20 min window the week before she got sick when she could have been exposed. 

    So far this year, our school has had a number of cases - way more than last year when I think we had one. But there has yet to be any spread in school, which tells me that masks, even worn imperfectly, are doing an amazing job. We had 6 kids get sick from a birthday party, but there was no post-birthday, pre-remote learning spread in the school. We had to move 2 different grades remote last week for a similar situation and so far there have been no additional positive cases from school. Anecdotal, but it's a relief for me working in a school.

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  13. 26 minutes ago, madteaparty said:

    Oh wow. No way my 5th grader would deal. I mess about while ds/dh are watching and I can’t even bear the sounds coming out of that thing. 

    I'm pretty horrified - I had to send an email home to a parent of one of the kiddos on my caseload. This student has a very terrible trauma history and when they let me know they were watching the show, I reached out. Glad I did because they were sneaking it and the parent was on it. 

  14. 27 minutes ago, Harpymom said:

    Oh no.  That is a problem.  If I buy that I will eat it straight from the jar, the popcorn is just a crunchy vehicle.  I looked at the ingredients but the word heroin is just out of sight on the back, I'm pretty sure.

    OK - now I've got one in my amazon cart! Will report back!

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