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  1. This is interesting... I just looked at the preview on Amazon, and it looks a lot like the book I love, The Writing Revolution. I was always wishing there was a workbook to go along with TWR, and this looks similar! Yay. Thanks. Ordered it!!
  2. Ooh. Great idea! Oh yeah, prefixes and suffixes are going to happen soon. Will be a nice break from keeping all the vowel combinations straight! They'll also be so excited to read longer words. This is a nice reassurance. Thank you for reminding me of this!
  3. Aww. That's so nice. I'll do my darndest! 🙂
  4. In that case, you could do some data collection. Give her a math test, a writing prompt (write a paragraph about X - does she use a topic sentence, details, concluding sentence?), give her some reading comprehension worksheets, etc. It sounds like you could use some baseline data so you know where you should go 🙂
  5. I was thinking of typing as a way to give one kid something to do independently while I worked with the other, since they're not in exactly the same place. I think I'll hold off on that for now, and see how things go without typing. They won't have a typing class in 5th per se, which is one of my beefs... kids are expected to produce typed material, but they don't really get taught how to type before that time. I was concerned about the program loading slowly and losing instructional time, so we'll just have to see how things pan out. As for LiPS... they still need it. Even though vowel sounds have improved a whole lot over the last year, there are still times when they forget. Plus, like PeterPan said, I do both at the same time. LiPS strategies and tiles with the Wilson words. I'm actually surprised that LMB doesn't make a program that's branded as a phonemic awareness + decoding/spelling program, but maybe they're making the big bucks as it is! We do have Lexia, but I can't pick the skills the kids work on. It's adaptive, so the computer decides when to move kids on, and to what skill. So the Lexia progression doesn't match the progression of the intervention. It's too bad, because otherwise it would be great. We have Raz-Kids, which I use more. I do have to address writing, although they do it in their regular ed class as well. I report on IEP goals three times per year. I can use classwork as evidence, but I need to be actively teaching to the goals as well. Sometimes I use a read-aloud as a way to teach writing... kids answering/reacting to the read aloud. The read-aloud is a nice break between the decoding/spelling work and writing. See, this is why I asked. I had all these possibilities floating around, and now they've been pared down a lot. We will see how expectations match up to reality in a few weeks!! 🙂
  6. I haven't been, but I could. We do lots with naming/writing things in categories, taking two things and naming the categories, etc. I guess that would technically be a SLP goal, but they need it. Have you heard of Pickles to Penguins? It's a really fun naming/categorizing/describing game that uses picture cards, AND really stretches their language abilities. Could be great for your DS! You could simplify by picking pictures with really obvious links to each other (dog, cat, hamster, all animals!, or, all blue things, or...etc.) and go from there. I'll have to investigate Mindwings more!! And yes, I really love those Step Into books. I buy them on eBay because you can't buy them new anywhere!
  7. Yes! I agree with this. Even with the hour a day, there isn't enough time spent reading. I'm trying to get some more adult volunteers to just read with the kids as much possible. We have a couple volunteers that do this, and it's great for everyone. Your plan for workshops with your DS sounds great!!
  8. The IEP goals are quite simple (to understand... not to accomplish 😛 ); decoding, spelling, and for writing, writing a basic paragraph with graphic organizer support.
  9. Changing IEPs is a possibility. The teachers are really good about adapting classwork, very open to suggestions 🙂 Keyboarding could happen at home, but I doubt it would happen with enough regularity to make it stick.
  10. I had a student last year with autism. She was very extroverted, loved talking to people, and was also extremely sweet, loving, and empathetic. She also had extremely rigid thinking. We had a tiff because I called the putty "silly putty" (what it was called when I was a kid) and she was like, "IT'S JUST CALLED PUTTY!!!!!" We had to talk through things like that all the time, and generalizing things was really challenging for her. She could shut down if she got too stressed out with language. She missed things in movies and books because they weren't explicitly shown/explained. But yeah, she was super social. And wonderful 🙂 Edited to add: She also had really great language skills in some areas, and scored in the above-average range on lots of academic testing. When you averaged all her skills together, she was above average, but that included many high scores, and a couple rock-bottom scores.
  11. I KNOW, time is over before I get to half of what I want to do! HELP! All right, y'all have convinced me to bump up the Wilson and bump down the other stuff 😄
  12. Good question. They have IEP goals for writing. At my school, if they qualify for SpEd and they scored below a certain number on academic testing (WIAT-III), they have to have an IEP goal for it. I've got mixed feelings about writing. On the one hand, like you said, it's so important. They also have really heavy writing requirements at my school. Too heavy, for EVERYONE, in my opinion, but oh well. I work with the teachers to modify assignments. Perhaps I'll have certain days to work on writing, not every day.
  13. Definitely, lots of things need to happen quickly to keep attention. It's like being a magician on stage! Yes, definitely, there are a lot of discrete pieces in Wilson. From what I can tell, it's similar to Barton. I think I'll bump keyboarding down, particularly since it can take a few minutes to get computers up and running.
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