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  1. Yep, that's where I'm at, but that's a whole 'nother discussion 😄
  2. He's been getting Tier 2 but I'm pretty disenchanted with Tier 2, and Tier 1 for that matter. Our Tier 1 literacy program is not bad as far as phonics goes, but like any program, it goes too fast for a certain percentage of kids. And then they're in Tier 2, but a 30 minute Tier 2 session, with two kids with different needs, goes by ridiculously fast and it's so difficult to get enough done for both kids' unique needs. This is my gripe about education in general. In the push to accelerate kids and raise the standard for everybody, the "basics" get glossed over and many kids just never get them. This sets them up for Tier 2 or possibly even Tier 3, when "the basics" would have prevented a lot of troubles. /rant
  3. I would love to do this... maybe if he enters SpEd after testing.
  4. He can blend most of the time, but he'll just blend with the wrong vowel. Mop = m - a - p, map. But sometimes he'll do the "m-o-p, pot" kinda thing.
  5. This is interesting! I'll have to digest it 🙂
  6. Ah, that's what I hope happens here. That would be awesome. That must be what happened with my 5th grader suddenly knowing ALL the vowel teams.
  7. Articulation is fine, it's just remembering which sound goes with which vowel.
  8. He had fun today running around the room between the two vowel cards I had on the wall. I say "spit," he runs to "i"! 🙂
  9. No, he wouldn't mind. And I totally agree with you about going as far back as necessary. I think a lot of teachers (myself included) can just feel that it's SO far to go back that it's just... too far. But if you don't go there, you can't move forward, and all of the "harder" stuff is just wasting their time.
  10. Yes, good idea. We're focusing on short o and short i right now, since they are so different. He also does better reading and spelling with me than with his classroom teacher. Distraction is also playing a role.
  11. And that's a whole different kettle of fish for me to think about!
  12. I agree with this in general, but if it is taking tons and tons of drilling to remember anything, I think it can help. We don't read words from the end, but it's helping him map the sound of "op" with the letters o and p, so he can see "op" and just say op rather than o-p. So in the word mop, he can sound it out as m-op rather than m-o-p. We still talk about all the sounds, but just practice reading common word parts over and over in addition.
  13. Good question, we'll know in a couple weeks after his testing! Can't wait!
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