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  1. My daughter will not have Algebra II. Many of your statements about your daughter sound like you are talking about mine. She is currently doing DE at the community college. When she took the Accuplacer placement test, she tested that she needed one remedial class before she could take college level math. The local 4 year university requires one math class for her major. We are planning to have her take the remedial class in the spring and then take the ACT and her required college level class next year (She is currently a junior.). I am hoping that the combination of these will make up for not having that traditional math track. We will see what happens.
  2. Breakfast made for me by my uncle, which is the same as used to be made by my grandparents when I was a kid. Eggs over easy, pork chops, biscuits and gravy. I only get it about once a year. fortunately for me, that was just Monday morning. I have tried and I just can't duplicate it at home.
  3. I know mine and my husband's but I don't know my children's. I don't remember ever being told when they were babies.
  4. Was the paint disturbed? If it is just a dent with no scratching etc, it could be a matter of just pushing the dent back out which is not very expensive. If the paint was disrupted, the repair will be more costly.
  5. We went to the Poconos in Pennsylvania for our honeymoon and we loved it. It used to be Caesar's resorts but now called the cove haven resorts. They are all inclusive and have lots of activities. Of course, we went 19 years ago so don't know fully what it is like under new management and current condition.
  6. I would pay off debt and be able to pay for whatever college my kids want to go to. I would help friends and family members, particularly one family member who has two kids with profound special needs. I would set up a trust to make sure the kids were well taken care of for the rest of their lives. Dh and I would definitely quit our jobs because we both hate them and find something to do together. I would also want to invest money in my community. We would definitely do the anonymous thing though.
  7. We will be in the path of totality the next time. Looking forward to it.
  8. We are in a 90 % zone. We will be watching on TV and probably looking outside. I did not have the motivation to get the glasses and everyone here has been out of them for a while.
  9. We were just there a few weeks ago. I did not find it to be overly large but it was extremely crowded. We probably spent about 1.5 hours but I also had an extremely grumpy kid and we didn't stop for any of the feedings or anything like that. Didn't pay very close attention to the allergy options at restaurants because we don't have any in our family.
  10. St. Edward's is my alma mater. I was not Catholic when I attended and it never caused any problems. There is a strong focus on social justice. They were very generous with aid at the time as well. When I attended, they had a focus on a diverse student population so students from out of state were given pretty good aid packages. Not sure if this has changed at all in the time since I graduated. I thought Austin was wonderful and I really loved my time there.
  11. For the viewing, when my Dad passed, it was much cheaper for us to have a viewing for about 1-2 hours prior to the funeral on the same day. It would have been considerably more to have it on a separate day. I think my Dad's cost around 6-7 K. Also, we had to get a vault to put the coffin in and I remember that was pricey. So sorry for your loss. I know how hard it is to deal with worrying about funeral details on top of everything else.
  12. Dayton is in the middle of revitalization because as Arcticmama said, we were hit hard by the recession. Between General Motors leaving town along with NCR and some other corporations, the economy wasn't great for a while. The city itself is surrounded by many suburbs, all with better schools, so it hasn't attracted as many young families. Many areas of town are now considered historic districts and in those areas as well as a few others, housing is more expensive. From my experience also, the houses selling for these low prices likely need a lot of work on the inside.
  13. For Dayton, If you look at realtor.com and look up area code 45410, there are many houses that fit your price range. As far as neighborhoods demarcated within that, I would look at the ones in Linden Heights, Walnut Hills and South Park.
  14. I live in Dayton, OH and really like it here. The cost of living is quite low and you can find fixer uppers in the city for under $45. Many food pantries. I belong to an excellent secular homeschool group with many kids in the middle to high school age group. It definitely checks all of your boxes. My 13 year old is beginning DE classes at the local community college in the fall and much of it is either being paid for by the state or at a significant tuition discount. The downtown area is revitalizing and there are always things to do. We also have an excellent park system. Feel free to PM me if you have any questions. I will say though that the Dayton City Schools overall are not good. There is an excellent middle/high school for the creative and performing arts though.
  15. We did this all of the time when I was in college. A friend of mine and I would often go there for a little respite. Had some excellent conversations around that pond.
  16. I played Martha Jefferson once in a production of 1776. Dh was in that production as well so it gets quoted often.
  17. The endoscopy is super easy. I had one in december. I went out and it was over. No lasting effects. I am someone that often has difficulty with anesthesia and this was nothing.
  18. I have two but they mostly do their own thing. My youngest one however is in sync with me for a lot of things. When I go to the downstairs bathroom, he follows and sits by my feet like he is guarding me from something. If I go to use the upstairs bathroom, where he has a litter box, he follows me and will do his business in the litter box while I do my business. He follows me around the house like a dog. When I sleep, he sleeps. He is never far from me.
  19. If I am just reading the book for myself, I will stop if it doesn't grab my attention pretty quickly. If I am participating in a book club, however, I will finish the book, even if I hate it. I feel like it is part of my commitment to the book club.
  20. I have been to many zoos but STL is one of my favorites. I adore their hippos. Our favorite place for ice cream is Crown Candy Kitchen. The art museum is really lovely and my kids have always loved the science center.
  21. Praying for Jenna and your family. May you all find comfort, healing and peace.
  22. With facebook, I am casually connected to people I went to high school with. My best girl friend is from college and we have now been friends for 27 years, She now lives 6 hours from me but we are still in touch. I am still deeply connected to several people that I went to college with and we are spread all over the country now.
  23. I have two children both interested in artistic paths. I support both of them completely in whatever they want to do. I have a degree in theatre and no one could have persuaded me to do anything different either. The world needs artists and entertainers just as much as they need lawyers. It would be a pretty boring place without them. I have given them very realistic expectations. It is still theirs to pursue. Their life. Not mine. My husband has a degree in computer engineering. He has a well paying job in that field. He is miserable every day when he goes to work. He hates it so much but feels he has no options. Money doesn't guarantee happiness. Still to this day, theatre is what feeds my soul. It has been that way since I was 9 years old. I still define myself as an actor/director with a day job. That is who I am at heart. My children feel this drive and passion as well.
  24. My daughters know about it but when I spoke to them about it, neither expressed an interest in watching it. I told them that if they wanted to watch it, I would watch it with them but I did not want them watching it on their own. My older daughter is more emotionally fragile and my other daughter is very impressionable right now. I am very sensitive to the subject of suicide as I see its effects far to often as I work at a level one trauma hospital. It is something I talk to my children about often.
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